How to fix “HBO Max can’t verify your subscription” issue

Updated: April 05, 2023
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How to fix “HBO Max can’t verify your subscription” issue
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Streaming services have become an essential part of our lives. And HBO Max is highly popular today. It has iconic series such as Game of Thrones, Last of Us, Pretty Little Liars, and more. But sometimes it may start glitching, so you can't connect to HBO Max.

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If you've arrived here, it means you're having troubles with this service, which either the service can’t recognize the membership or does not allow you to sign in using your credentials. The Howly team has prepared you on how to solve the situation when HBO Max is not recognizing a subscription.

Why can't you sign in to HBO Max?

It’s a common glitch that HBO developers still can’t fix even in 2023. Users claim that even after paying for the Unlimited Elite plan and verifying their eligibility via email for the HBO subscription, the service doesn’t let them log in. Users allege they receive a notice "HBO Max is not authorized to view this page" or “Can't verify a subscription to HBO Max” after typing credentials.

The point is that HBO Max can’t authenticate your membership since it was obtained from a third party. It can be an Internet or cable provider such as AT&T or Xfinity. Those providers allow their clients to get an HBO Max membership as part of the ISP subscription. But when they attempt to log in using their own login info (where they had a long watch history), it might provoke an error.

The reason for this glitch is that subscriptions given by providers are valid for new accounts only. If you have an existing HBO account and now try to log in with provider credentials, it can be a reason why you can't log into HBO Max.

On the other hand, many customers said that they can’t sign in even using the provider's credentials on specific devices or with mobile data. So, when they try to use this streaming service over Wi-Fi, they get a notice with "HBO can't verify subscription” or something similar.

If you are using VPN or proxy, it also could trigger the issue. However, HBO official support usually denies it. You may try to contact HBO Max customer service. But first, try to use those hacks to restore access.

How to fix HBO Max login issues: 2 user-friendly ways

We've already discussed the reasons why your HBO Max subscription is not working. This problem mostly impacts users who signed up through a third-party service or when they are using a VPN. Now that you know the reasons for this problem, we’ll give you two working solutions.

First way: link your HBO account with the provider’s account

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If HBO Max can't verify your subscription, get to know a few things from your provider, like your access ID, credentials, and other account details that are recorded in their database. Once you've got this data from your provider, you may either link your HBO account to your provider.

After that, you can log in to HBO with those credentials on any device. The overall processes vary depending on the provider, such as AT&T, Xfinity, Optimum, etc.

Second way: more universal

Another simple yet universal solution:

  1. Make sure that you turn off a VPN and that you're connected to your TV provider's Wi-Fi.
  2. Visit the HBO main page and create a new HBO account.
  3. After picking a solo plan, click on the Cancel button when it asks for payment.
  4. When you go to watch a video after that, it will ask you to subscribe.
  5. A link that reads "already subscribed" or anything similar should be included.
  6. After selecting this option, you'll be sent to a website where you may link your HBO account to your service provider (AT&T, Xfinity, etc).

Alternative method how to solve the HBO Max subscription issue

If your HBO Max sign-in is still not working even after those steps, try the next alternative and sign in through your provider.

This strategy requires users to obtain access to their account credentials from their providers manually.

Guide for AT&T

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NOTE: Check to see that the USER ID you're using is accurate, as the login data you use on your or another provider’s account may be different. Where it states User ID, HBO MAX asks you to input your AT&T Access ID (Provider's ID).

Here's how to solve issues when HBO Max can't verify the subscription on at&t:

  1. Visit AT& and ensure that you're not logged in.
  2. From the Login Screen, select "Forgot your user ID?".
  3. Fill in your account's email.
  4. In the email that is given to you, write down your AT&T Access ID (Which should appear in blue text.

Your AT&T Access ID can now be used on the HBO MAX as an AT&T User ID.

Instructions for other providers

To troubleshoot this problem with other service providers, use this guide:

  1. Select Sign in from the HBO Max menu on your TV.
  2. Sign in with a provider.
  3. Choose the Allow access option. It means that HBO Max will now be able to access your TV provider data from TV Settings.
  4. Navigate to TV Settings and Choose your provider.
  5. Follow the procedures in the Other TV device section.
  6. You're ready to broadcast!

Quick Tip: Another option for resolving this problem is to integrate your existing HBO account given by your ISP by contacting the provider's support team. While this may take some time, your account will eventually be linked and synced.

Other known issues:

HBO Max is unable to sign in with a provider

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  • Visit your provider's webpage and log in: First and foremost, ensure that you can access your account. Your provider is the one who connected you up for HBO Max or who charges you for it.
  • Provider of television or cable: Check that HBO Max is in your TV plan.
  • iOS gadgets: Delete the provider from the Settings menu. Go to Settings → Users and Accounts → TV Provider → Remove. Log back again.

“We need to reconnect you” issue on Xfinity

When watching a video or attempting to log into the HBO Max application on your Xfinity TV boxes, you may see a “We Need to Reconnect You” notice. This is likely to happen when the Xfinity password is reset, or HBO is disabled via Parental Controls. That's how you can fix the “HBO Max can't verify subscription” on Xfinity:

  1. Use your primary Xfinity ID to log in to
  2. Go to
  • Sign out first if you've already logged in.
  • Install the HBO Max app on your phone.
  1. Choose Sign in. Select SIGN IN WITH A PROVIDER.
  2. From the list of providers, select XFINITY. At this point, it should automatically sign you in.
  3. Sign out from Xfinity TV and use the SIGN IN WITH A PROVIDER option to sign back. From now on both phone and TV versions should be synced.

Cannot verify the email

Email confirmation is one of the main steps to activate your HBO account. It will also let you get messages with promotional materials directly from HBO. However, it is quite a common issue when a user can`t verify the HBO Max email. If you did not receive a “Please Verify Your Email Account” email, try the following:

  • Look through your whole inbox and find the email from HBO (including the Promo and Spam folders).
  • Repeat the verification processes.
  • Examine the email address displayed on the Account page.
  • If none of these helps, try to change your password or email address.
  • Please contact HBO support team for additional assistance if you are still unable to verify the linked email.


What does "HBO Max can't verify your subscription" mean?

It shows that the system can’t see that you pay for a membership. It mostly happens when the service provider offers you HBO Max access under your tariff with ISP.

I just subscribed to HBO Max, why am I getting this error?

If you got your subscription as a bonus from your service provider, it can be a credential glitch. It often happens when you have your own account, but now try to switch to those which are paid by the provider. The other common issue source is VPN and active Proxy.

I'm using the same login information as before, why is this error appearing now?

Turn off the VPN and Proxy settings. It’s the most common issue why HBO Max doesn’t allow you to use the streaming. It can be a system glitch or a problem with your provider (if you use an account from your internet or cable service provider).


When your HBO Max account is not connected to your provider's credentials or when you use a VPN to check-in for the first time, your subscription will not be verified.

What you can do to fix it:

  1. Turn off the VPN and try again;
  2. Check that the login information is correct and linked to your provider;
  3. Create a new account and link it to your provider manually;
  4. Contact your provider and present them with your HBO Max login ID, and they will link it for you.

We hope this guide was helpful, and you will be able to resolve this problem and resume your HBO Max streaming. Please let us know in the comments if you run across any issues or have alternative solutions to offer. As always, we'll keep an eye on the situation and provide any updates as soon as new information becomes available.

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