How to stop WW subscription

How to cancel WeightWatchers subscription: 4 efficient methods

Updated: January 6, 2023

WW is a service that promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps people to create a personalized diet based on their preferences and the physical parameters of their bodies.  But after paying for a while, most users try to stop the Weight Watchers subscription. Some have reached their perfect weight, while others understand their ideal diet. Maybe they will try to stop the Weight Watchers membership because they don’t spend their money on digital recommendations.

There can be various reasons for this bold decision. But they all have one in common: you, the user who desires to cancel your Weight Watchers account. And we at Howly can help you with this task! Check this guide to find a method that suits you!

How to cancel Weight Watchers online: 4 options

You, as the user, have 4 options to stop your Weight Watchers membership. You should cancel it the same way as you have launched the subscription.

Android owners can withdraw their membership from Google Play. It has a subscription manager synced with all devices under the same Google Account. 

If you subscribed from an Apple device and paid for your membership with Apple Pay, you can cancel Weight Watchers on the app manager. Moreover, you can stop the subscription made on iPad or MacBook: just ensure those gadgets have identical Apple ID.

You can stop your WW journey on the website or the WW app. Go to the account settings and withdraw your membership. It automatically removes your subscriptions on all linked devices. But if you prefer a traditional way, call its customer support hotline. Tell the agent that you want to stop the membership and provide them with information about your account: email, full name, etc.

How to cancel Weight Watchers on the website or official appHow to stop WW membership online

This is the most common way to stop your membership in this service from the browser or official app. With these user-friendly guidelines, you can cancel Weight Watchers in less than 5 minutes: 

  1. Open and press the profile icon.
  2. Type your login and password.
  3. Click on Cancel my account.
  4. You may see a few good offers. Ignore them, scroll to the bottom and choose Complete Cancellation.
  5. Fill in the details about your membership, such as full name, email, member number, credit card info, etc.
  6. A moment later, you will get a confirmation email.

The additional verification is vital for double checking if you try to stop the Weight Watchers online membership. This method works both on contract and prepays versions. Beware that you can’t stop your membership via email — you should fill out the unsubscription form online. It’s one of WW’s internal policies, so they can be sure you wish to quit the service.

How to cancel Weight Watchers on iPhoneremoving WW membership iPhone

All Apple devices have a subscription manager that stores all memberships launched from any Apple device. Thus, if you start your membership on MacBook or iPhone, you can stop Weight Watchers on the app manager. Just stick to this instruction:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on your name to unlock the Apple ID menu.
  3. Find a Subscription line.
  4. In the list of Active Subscriptions, you’ll see Weight Watchers. Tap on it.
  5. Select Cancel Confirm.

That’s how you can stop Weight Watchers on Apple devices. They have a joint subscription manager: make sure they share the same Apple ID.

How to cancel Weight Watchers on Android

Unfortunately, Androids don’t have a built-in membership manager. But you can keep track of current subscriptions made on Google Play settings: it’s an equivalent of the iOS App Store. Follow these guidelines to cancel Weight Watchers through the app manager on Android:

  1. Go to Google Play.
  2. Tap on your profile photo.
  3. Find Subscriptions Manage Payments & Subscriptions Subscriptions.
  4. Find Weight WatchersCancel.


Sometimes, the Android system may ask you for additional confirmation. Press on the Confirm Cancel virtual button to cancel your Weight Watchers account. And usually, that’s it. This service removes from your subscriptions, and WeightWatchers withdraws your Google Pay card as a payment method. You can use WW until the next payment date. After this, you won’t be able to reach the WW recommendations until you renew the subscriptions.

How to cancel a Weight Watchers account by phone

If you wish to stop your membership but don’t want to do any of the online confirmation steps, check these instructions:

  1. Call 1-800-651-6000.
  2. Confirm your membership by pressing 4.
  3. If you want to skip the survey, press 5 and 2.
  4. Wait for a few minutes until the customer support agent answers you. Tell them, “I want to cancel my Weight Watchers”, or a similar message.
  5. The help agent may try to reassure you. Gently tell them that you still wish to stop your membership.

Pay attention that you should provide access to vital information like your full name, account number, billing info, etc. You’ll get a confirmation letter a few minutes after this call. Sometimes it may take around an hour after the call. So it will be to call in advance: in all cases, you still can use the service up to the next billing.


If I don’t want to cancel my Weight Watchers membership, may I pause it?

Unfortunately, no. But you can renew your subscription, so creating another account is unnecessary.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my Weight Watchers account?

No, there is no money-back here. But you can use this service up to the next payment date.

How to cancel the Weight Watchers monthly pass if I don’t want to use it?

You can stop your monthly subscription as you do with other WW memberships: from the website, by calling support at 1-800-651-6000, or via Apple ID or Google Play.

How to cancel Weight Watchers through iTunes from iPad or iMac?

All Apple devices have a subscription manager synced between multiple devices with the same Apple ID. Open Settings, tap on your photo at the upper part of the screen, and open Subscriptions. Find a Weight Watcher and choose Cancel.

Final thoughts

You have multiple methods to stop this membership. The simplest way is to withdraw it directly on the Weight Watchers app or website. If you stop your membership from there, it will automatically remove you from subscriptions on other linked devices. But you can still run the WW service to the next payment date.

You can also use an Apple ID to stop your membership. The main thing here is this method works if you bought a subscription with Apple Play. But you can unsubscribe from any device that shares the same Apple ID: iPhone, MacBook, etc.

Android owners can stop the Weight Watchers monthly membership from Google Play. It has a built-in subscription manager. Unfortunately, Huawei and Honor devices don’t have this feature. If you own a device from those brands, you can unsubscribe only via a website or phone. In this case, dial 1-800-651-6000 and ask the support agent to cancel eight watchers.

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