How to cancel Walmart subscription with Howly

Updated: April 30, 2023
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How to cancel Walmart subscription with Howly
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Walmart Plus is one of the main competitors of Amazon Prime and for a good reason! The subscription comes with plenty of perks, including free delivery and shipping, fuel discounts, and various exclusive offers. In combination with a 30-day free trial, the Walmart+ subscription seems a great deal. So, why do so many customers still bother “How do I cancel my Walmart membership?”

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There are actually quite a lot of reasons to renounce the benefits of the service. The principal one is that a person has no financial gain from the membership as its cost may be unprofitable in case the customer doesn’t shop at the store so often. Some people also complain about poor customer service, while others claim that the product selection is limited. There are also those seeking more convenient store locations and hence wondering “How do I cancel Walmart Plus?” And since you’re here, your question is probably the same. Well, let's get to it and consider the three quickest ways to say goodbye to Walmart Plus – via its website, app, and phone call.

How to cancel Walmart Plus via website

It’s easy to cancel a Walmart + membership from any browser using your Windows PC or even phone. The following sequence of actions will also suit you if you’re subscribed to the free trial.

  • Head to the UNKNOWN TAG — ins and sign in.
  • Hit your profile at the top panel and pick Account from the drop-down menu.
How to cancel Walmart subscription
  • Pick Walmart+ from the left-side menu.
How to cancel Walmart subscription
  • Tap the link saying Manage membership (next to the gear icon).
How to cancel Walmart subscription
  • Locate the Cancel Walmart+ button at the very bottom of the page and tap it.
How to cancel Walmart subscription
  • The service will try to keep your interest by reminding you about the perks you lose. Opt for Cancel membership if they failed to change your opinion.
How to cancel Walmart subscription
  • Provide your customer feedback by selecting a reason for your decision to cancel the Walmart account and tap Cancel membership for the last time.
How to cancel Walmart subscription

How to cancel Walmart+ membership via app

If you’re a Walmart member, you probably use its app for a convenient Mobile Scan&Go feature. And many people keep bothering “How do I cancel my Walmart Plus account?” without even realizing that they can do it quickly right in the application. Indeed, you’ll be surprised by the simplicity of the process whether you’re an Android or iOS user. Now, check out the detailed guidelines on how to cancel Walmart Plus on the app:

  • Open the application and hit the Pickup and Delivery button.
How to cancel Walmart subscription
  • Tap the three lines at the very top left and pick Walmart+ from the offered options.
  • Get to the bottom of the page, which contains all the information about your membership and choose Cancel Walmart+.
How to cancel Walmart subscription

How to cancel Walmart account via phone & email

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If you have a weak internet connection or your app malfunctions, you can get rid of Walmart+ by contacting a live representative. This is also a good way to solve any subscription issues. So, how do you cancel Walmart Plus by phone?

  1. Call their Customer Care number at 1800-925-6278. They work from 8 AM to 10 PM, so keep that in mind while trying to get help.
  2. Tell them, “I want to cancel my Walmart Plus membership” and provide your account details so that they can verify your identity.
  3. As soon as they confirm that you’re the owner of a Walmart membership, they’ll complete the process of its cancellation. Make sure there’ll be no additional bills or charges.

You also have an opportunity to test their support team at UNKNOWN TAG — ins. But honestly speaking, the option is far from the best since you’ll have to wait for their response for up to 24 hours, and the very process will last longer. That’s why the majority of customers prefer to cancel a Walmart delivery membership via the website, in the app, or by speaking with live representatives. Howly recommends those options as well.


How do I cancel a Walmart membership and obtain a refund?

According to Walmart policy, they never give refunds for membership. Therefore, think twice before you subscribe since if you suddenly change your mind, no one will give your cash back.

What will happen to my rewards if I cancel my Walmart subscription?

Your rewards remain valid as long as your account is active. That is, if you cancel a Walmart membership, you’ll lose all your rewards at the end of your subscription period.

When can I cancel my Walmart Plus free trial?

You can cancel Walmart Plus anytime irrespective of your membership plan. But in order to enjoy the benefits of a free trial to the fullest, it’s better to cancel the subscription on the penultimate day of its validity. Thus, you’ll also avoid paying membership fees.


Overall, there’s nothing difficult in unsubscribing from Walmart+, the steps outlined in our guide will serve you well. Choose what option suits you better - cancelation via the website, mobile application, or phone - and complete the process with no hassle. Face problems terminating your membership? Encounter service errors or app glitches? Or have any other troubles on your way to breaking ties with Walmart? Howly experts will handle your issues! Contact us at any time and ask unlimited questions – we’ll do our best to help you cancel a Walmart Plus membership!

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Invalid Date
Shipping is free only for orders over $35. Reason #459,624,897 to cancel Walmart +.
Jane Gamble
Invalid Date
Is it true that they offer another 15 days of a free trial when you cancel it?
Lily-Mae Paterson
Invalid Date
Thanks for your help!
Invalid Date
It seems to me that it’s impossible to be an ethical consumer, but Walmart Plus isn’t that great and profitable.
Patrick Cormick
Invalid Date
I almost never go there – which is why I canceled my sub.
Invalid Date
If you have a choice it’s better to not use Walmart at all, for anything, ever.
Carter Peck
Invalid Date
They shipped things for me completely randomly. I hate that.
Ned Rowan
Invalid Date
I signed up for monthly W+ membership, got PS5 delivered, and canceled the sub the same day!
Invalid Date
Walmart isn’t that bad, but I opt for Amazon.
Damon Farnell
Invalid Date
Their non-refundable policy is like salt in my poor wounds.
Danny Villegas
Invalid Date
I am not as tech-savvy as many other people, but this guide is super easy!
Invalid Date
I kept W+ only for Spotify Premium. Six free months have expired, so I'm going to unsubscribe.
Lisa Morse
Invalid Date
I had a membership while I worked at their store. Now I don't need any of its benefits at all.
Invalid Date
I’m going to quit my sub soon right after I move to another city. It turns out that there are places in the world with no Walmart stores.
Invalid Date
My app keeps crashing. Looks like I’ll need to cancel elsewhere.
Susan Cabrera
Invalid Date
The mere benefit I see from Walmart+ is that they offer free shipping.
Invalid Date
Free trial doesn’t work for gaming. Full crap.
Alex Miles
Invalid Date
I was signed up for Gamestop powerup rewards. A pretty cool thing. Perhaps the best one about Walmart.
Invalid Date
I was a Walmart member for several years since it was needed for my business. And their perks are really good. I even regret having to say goodbye to them now.
Steve Perils
Invalid Date
I called walmart at their corporate number directly. The representative wasn’t so happy to let me go.

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