How to cancel Roblox Premium

How to cancel Roblox Premium subscription with Howly

Updated: February 8, 2023

Roblox is a multi-faceted gaming platform with over 55 million players. Although the service is free-to-play, the majority of its users purchase the Premium subscription to get the best out of its games. Thus, membership holders can access exclusive items, various boosters, and a number of special features. However, Roblox Premium is better suited for game nerds hanging out on the platform every single day. But those playing games just for fun often find the membership needless and want to stop monthly payments as soon as possible. If you share their opinion or want to say goodbye to Roblox opting for another gaming platform, this guide on how to cancel Roblox Premium on computer, Apple devices, and Android will come in handy!

Common Roblox how to cancel Premium problems

The process of Roblox Premium cancellation isn’t so difficult. However, it doesn’t save users from various troubles. This is especially true for those trying to cancel Roblox Premium on mobile via the phone app. One way or another, it’s always better to ask for help to handle the problem with no hassle. That’s why Roblox players turn to Howly – it’s hard to find more proficient experts in this matter. Check out the cancellation issues we commonly deal with:

  • Cancel button doesn’t show up;
  • account login issues;
  • monthly fees keep charged after membership cancellation;
  • games don’t launch after subscription removal;
  • membership keeps reoccurring.

Can’t find your issue among the listed bugs? Don’t worry, Howly will cease your struggles in minutes!

How to cancel Roblox Premium on PC

If you’re an active PC or Mac user and find it convenient to play Roblox via computer, this will also be your best option to cancel your subscription. The whole process is done easily in your web browser (any you like and usually use). So, the steps are presented below:

  1. Enter your Roblox account.
  2. Find the gear icon in the right-top corner and tap it to access Settings.How to cancel Roblox Premium
  3. Explore the options menu on the left side of the screen and click Billing.How to cancel Roblox Premium
  4. Finally, hit Cancel Renewal to remove your subscription.

How to cancel Roblox Premium

How to cancel Roblox Premium on Android

Due to the availability of the Roblox app, there is a great number of users who join this gaming platform via their mobile devices. It’s a handy way to both create and play games, but it’s also no less convenient to cancel Premium Roblox via an Android phone. And there are two ways to terminate the subscription, let’s sort out both of them.

Via the Roblox app:

  1. Open the app and hit the gear (Settings) icon.How to cancel Roblox Premium
  2. Open the Billing tab and hit Cancel Renewal.

How to cancel Roblox Premium

Via Play Store:

  1. Access the Play Store and hit your account image.
  2. Spot Payments & Subscriptions -> open the Tab -> pick Subscriptions.How to cancel Roblox Premium
  3. Once you find Roblox, click on it.
  4. Tap Manage -> hit Cancel.

How to cancel Roblox Premium

How to cancel Roblox Premium on iPhone

Apple phone owners can unsubscribe from the Premium membership in the same ways as Android users – via the Roblox app or App Store. Since you already know the steps for in-app account termination, let’s consider how to cancel your Roblox Premium in the phone settings. Besides, the option is also good for iPads.

  1. Hit your user name. 
  2. Hit Subscriptions.How to cancel Roblox Premium
  3. Find Roblox and click on the subscription.
  4. Pick Cancel -> choose Confirm on the confirmation pop-up.

How to cancel Roblox Premium


How to cancel Roblox if there’s no such button?

Make sure you’re logged into the user account you used to purchase the membership. If the account is valid, go to the Play Store or App Store (depending on your device) and terminate the membership through the Subscription section.

When should I turn off my Roblox Premium subscription so I don't get charged for the next month?

The subscription fee is charged every month on the date you signed up. To avoid paying this bill, unsubscribe from the service at least a day before the money will be withdrawn from your account. You can check this information by going to your Roblox account settings.

Can I use Roblox Premium if I stop paying for it?

Your membership privileges remain valid for the duration of the prepaid period. But once you reach its expiration date and don’t pay for the subscription, all premium features are canceled for you. However, you can still use the basic features of the platform as a regular player.


Premium Roblox membership allows players to boost their gaming experience by accessing all the best features the platform offers. While avid gamers are willing to pay the money on a month-to-month basis, the subscription often proves to be unprofitable for those using the service on rare occasions. Thus, a lot of players seek quick and easy ways to cancel Premium on Roblox. Fortunately, that’s not so challenging. You can break ties with the service using your PC or phone (both Android and iOS-based). Although the steps are described in this guide, no one is immune from troubles. Therefore, feel free to contact Howly experts for instant online assistance. We’ll provide you with clear solutions to any problem and also answer all your questions about Roblox subscription. We can match you with a certified professional at any time, 24/7.

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