How to cancel Plenty of Fish subscription with Howly

Updated: May 18, 2023
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How to cancel Plenty of Fish subscription with Howly
by Denys Kashnytskyi
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Plenty of Fish is perhaps the most well-known international platform for meeting new people and building relationships. This is a true old-timer in the industry which implies a pretty versatile dating approach and offers a great deal of top-notch features. And the best thing about this service is that most of its tools are free. But still, premium membership provides you with a number of perks, such as unlimited likes, ad removal, priority profile placement, the ability to figure out who liked you, and a few others. Keeping all that in mind, people are still asking “How do I cancel a POF upgrade?” out of the unwillingness to pay for features they rarely use. Indeed, basic site functionality proves to be effective, as the main tool - messaging - is available for free. Many users also wonder “How do I cancel my POF subscription and delete my account?” since they’ve already found love and now want to leave the platform for good.

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Howly techs are in a hurry to help! We’ve prepared informative instructions on how to cancel a POF membership and account in easy steps. So, let’s handle this quickly!

How to cancel Plenty of Fish membership online

The appropriate method of POF cancellation depends on the way you’ve subscribed. So, if you’ve registered your profile right on the website, that’s your option to cancel POF auto-renewal. At the same time, your device is unimportant – feel free to use both your PC and smartphone to access the Plenty of Fish web page in a browser.

  1. Head to the UNKNOWN TAG — ins and sign in.
  2. Press My Profile -> pick My Profile once again.
  3. Move to the Manage Account tab.
  4. Hit Account Type (you’ll find the option in the Membership section).
  5. Move to My Membership and hit the Cancel Membership button.

How to cancel POF subscription through Android

Subscription cancellation is much easier if you’ve bought your premium via Google. Wondering “How do I cancel my Plenty of Fish subscription on my Android-based device?” A great number of Howly customers ask the same question! So, here are prompt instructions:

  1. Launch Play Store and check that you’re in the right account – the one you’ve linked to your POF profile.
  2. Spot your profile icon in the top corner of the screen and hit it.
  3. Your next step is to access Payments and Subscriptions.
  4. Get into the Subscriptions section.
  5. Tap Plenty of Fish (just find it among other subs) -> hit Cancel.

How to cancel POF subscription through iPhone

Are you an active iPhone or iPad user and wondering “How do I cancel a POF membership?” You’ll be glad to know that you can do it in minutes without even entering the Plenty of Fish website. Howly presents the easiest guidelines below!

  1. Get into your iPad/iPhone Settings and spot your account name at the top of the screen – hit it.
  2. Get into iTunes & App Store, then look up, and press on your Apple ID.
  3. Pick View Apple ID (the first option in the pop-up window) and sign in by the fingerprint or any other way you’ve used to sign up.
  4. That’s how you get into Account Settings -> move down to Subscriptions.
  5. Tap your active POF sub and hit Cancel Subscription.

How to cancel Plenty of Fish account for good

Besides the option to cancel a POF profile subscription, you can also delete your account for good. This method is nice if you’re sure you’ll never use this dating platform again. After all, profile deletion implies the loss of all your messages, matches, and connections. It’s noteworthy that you should first terminate your premium membership to avoid any possible charges. Once you do that, consider how to cancel a POF account permanently:

  1. Head to the UNKNOWN TAG — ins and sign in.
  2. Press My Profile -> pick My Profile once again.
  3. Move to the Settings tab.
  4. Scroll until you see the Delete Account button -> press it.
  5. Answer some questions about yourself and hit Delete Account.


How to cancel a POF subscription with PayPal?

Access your PayPal profile and move to Settings. Enter Payments -> hit Manage automatic payments. Finally, scroll through the list of your active subs, find Plenty of Fish, and press Cancel.

Can I pause my POF subscription?

You can only hide your POF profile, so other members will be unable to see your account or text you. It’s very easy! Tap the arrow near My Profile and enter the My Profile section -> find the Profile Visibility box in the right-hand menu -> hit Hide Profile.

How do I cancel my Plenty of Fish account with their support?

Unfortunately, Plenty of Fish refuses to give their phone number. Instead, they offer you an alternative option to speak with a support representative – send an email to So, write “I want to cancel my POF account” and they’ll text you back as soon as possible.

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June 03, 2023
Unsubscribing seemed confusing to me until I found this guide. Thanks!
May 31, 2023
I want to ask for a refund, but their customer service is closed. Live chat does not work either. Should I contact my bank? May this help me get my money back?
May 28, 2023
I’ve canceled via PayPal – two minutes, and it’s done!
Felicity Mays
May 24, 2023
Are there any completely free dating apps?
May 21, 2023
POF is probably the only platform where so many features are free. Cool service! It helped me meet my girlfriend!
Eric Mack
May 18, 2023
Bye bye POF. I won’t miss.

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