How to cancel OnlyFans subscription with Howly

Updated: April 06, 2023
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How to cancel OnlyFans subscription with Howly
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OnlyFans enjoys great popularity both among content creators seeking to monetize their profession and regular users who appreciate fan connections. Since the platform works on the freemium model, users pay money to support their favorite content makers and access the media they post. It all seems great and entertaining, so why do people seek methods to cancel an OnlyFans subscription? The obvious reasons relate to the unwillingness of a subscriber to pay for the service or the desire to switch to an alternative website with better, more meaningful content. Moreover, you can never predict what awaits you behind this or that account. It happens that the creator is inactive or posts little content, which makes the subscription senseless. Whatever your reason is, Howly is here to help you cancel subscription on OnlyFans with no hassle with the help of your mobile device or PC!

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OnlyFans how to cancel subscription problems users encounter

It’s equally easy to both subscribe to OnlyFans and break ties with the service. However, the process isn’t always so smooth. Therefore, some lucky users encounter troubles when trying to cancel a subscription on OnlyFans. Do you have any difficulties as well? It’s not a reason to stress out – Howly specialists deal with cancellation issues in no time! Explore the problems OnlyFans users usually ask us to fix:

  • auto-renewal button doesn’t work;
  • auto-renewal button fails to show up;
  • troubles logging into an account;
  • service lags during the cancelation;
  • inability to find the account to unsubscribe from;
  • auto-billing continues.

If you haven’t found your problem among the above-listed user troubles, this doesn’t mean you won’t get help from Howly. On the contrary, our experts are happy to take on any issue. So, we’re waiting for your questions 24/7.

How to cancel your OnlyFans subscription from any device

There’s no OnlyFans app since the website is well-optimized for all imaginable mobile platforms. Therefore, you have no other option to terminate your membership than to use its site. As you may have already guessed, the algorithm to cancel OnlyFans subscription on iPhone, Android-based phones, and PC remains the same. We’re going to puzzle it out in detail for your convenience.

  1. Enter the browser you typically use to surf the web and access OnlyFans.
  2. Log in to your user account. You have two options to do this – enter your personal password and email or log in with Google or Twitter.
How to cancel OnlyFans subscription
  1. Find the content provider you’re willing to unsubscribe from:
  • For any device – enter the desired profile name in the search bar.
  • For PC – tap Subscriptions on the left bar (a guy with a heart icon) and then choose Active to see the accounts you’re subscribed to.
How to cancel OnlyFans subscription

For iPhone/Android:

  1. Tap the icon of your Profile on the bottom bar -> hit Following -> choose Active.
  2. Hit the Subscribed button -> pick Unsubscribe in the pop-up window.
How to cancel OnlyFans subscription


I’m willing to end my OnlyFans account forever. Is it so difficult?

Access Settings under your profile icon and pick Account. Once you’re there, select the Delete option. Fill in the proposed captcha and wait for an email confirming the ending of your OF account.

How long do I need to wait to remove my OnlyFans account being a creator?

Once you’ve deleted your account, it remains active until all subscriptions expire. At the same time, new users won’t be able to subscribe. If there’s any money left in your wallet, you have one more month to withdraw your funds.

If I get rid of my OnlyFans account, will it help to cancel my present subscriptions?

Absolutely, by deleting your OnlyFans account, you automatically unsubscribe from all the profiles you follow. This also removes all your data from the platform. Please note that account removal is permanent, meaning you’ll need to start from scratch in case you change your mind.

Will I get a refund once I cancel my OnlyFans subscription?

Bad news, OnlyFans never gives refunds no matter what your case is. You won’t get the money back even if you decide to unsubscribe because the content violates the rules of the platform. The point is that all transactions occur between creators and users, and OnlyFans bears no responsibility for financial deals.


Well, now you have the necessary knowledge to cancel OnlyFans subscription iPhone device, Android phone, and PC. The presented guidelines also work well on other devices – MacBooks, iPads, Windows phones, and even smart TVs. In a word, you can use the instructions to unsubscribe from OnlyFans via any device that has internet access and a web browser. If something goes wrong during the process, reach out to Howly for prompt problem troubleshooting. Our experts will handle your issue easily and help you cut ties with unwanted subscriptions in minutes. We can give you professional tips and solutions to any problem that bothers you. Leave your troubles to specialists!

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