How to cancel my Match subscription with Howly

Updated: May 07, 2023
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How to cancel my Match subscription with Howly
by Pavlo Mykytas
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Quality Control team subscription gives the right to use the website's tools and meet relevant partners on short notice. With the community of 21,575,000 signed up daters around the globe, everyone has a high chance of success with a full-fledged membership. You can choose one of two paid plans provided to create your account based on your goals and budget. The site's options and tools are equally available on desktop and mobile devices. And although you can easily join without hints, you may need a guide on how to cancel the Match plan and stop paying to use the platform.

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The question is crucial for those who have found soul mates or changed their plans for whatever reason. Sometimes people want to test similar services to compare and pick the most efficient one. In any case, the right solution rarely lies on the surface and needs certain clarifications. And Howly is here to help and provide accurate information.

So, keep reading and become fully armed when the time comes to cancel the Match subscription. But you should remember the auto-renewal feature, meaning that your membership automatically continues at the end of your bought plan. Hence, please cancel Match on time, before the due date.

How do I cancel the iTunes Match subscription on Apple devices

How to cancel my Match subscription with Howly is a well-established dating platform with a perfectly developed mobile app. Its legitimacy and credibility provide the opportunity to find the service in the App Store. And if you have already used the application on your iPhone or iPad, it will not be superfluous to learn how to cancel Match on iTunes:

  1. Head over to your iPhone Settings[your name]iTunes & App Store.
  2. Touch your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  3. Select View Apple ID to sign in, if needed.
  4. Scroll and find all subscriptions.
  5. Focus on
  6. Pick the Cancel Subscription button.
  7. Activate the Confirm icon to make changes come into force.

Once you cancel the Match account, auto-renewal stops working. At the same time, you can continue to use the platform and run your activities as a standard member.

How to cancel my Match account on Android

Have you purchased your membership via your Android device? Then, you should Match com cancel right through the standalone app available for free in the Google Play store. So, please follow Howly's clear instructions to handle the issue without mistakes:

  1. Sign in and enter your Match account.
  2. Touch the Profile icon on the foot of your tablet or smartphone screen.
  3. Head over to settings by tapping the gear symbol at the top of the page.
  4. Select Manage Account and then Manage Subscription.
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Hit Subscription Status.
  7. Change that status by tapping the Deactivate link.
  8. Please confirm your intention to cancel the Match subscription by choosing the Yes option.

The subscription is still in force if you only deinstall the Android app instead of passing through the above-described stages. But you may give up your membership or choose another plan to try once you complete the Match cancel account process on your device. Do you need more details and assistance? Then, don't hesitate to contact the app's support service and summarize your problem.

How do I cancel my Match subscription on the Website

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Have you subscribed through your desktop device? Then now, how do I cancel Match com on my PC or laptop, becomes relevant. Fortunately, the process is a breeze if you take in mind Howly's instructions developed for Android devices. In other words, you only need to sign in to the website, enter your Match account, and repeat all the steps shown in the previous paragraph.

How to cancel my Match subscription with Howly

How do you cancel on the mobile site? Everything is easy because the procedure is the same as the desktop version offers. So, you can manage your subscription and change settings through your browser without downloading apps on your Apple or Android device. However, Howly is at your service if you need direct guidance on how to cancel

How do I cancel subscriptions on mobiles and desktops with data removal?

When you cancel iTunes Match or your paid plan on the website, the platform still stores your data, since you remain an active member. And although you don't pay for tools anymore, you can use free features and navigate the portal for as long as you need. First, however, you must learn how to cancel the Match profile to remove the personal information you specified during registration.

  1. Click your laptop or mobile device's Setting (gear) icon.
  2. Choose the Manage Account section.
  3. Scroll down and find Delete Account.
  4. Opt for Hide Your Account to temporarily stay invisible to the audience. It implies the opportunity to activate your presence anytime once you sign in.
  5. Click Delete My Account to leave the website and completely erase your data.

However, you should still cancel the Match com subscription before erasing your profile from the site's system. Otherwise, you'll keep getting billed.

How to cancel my Match subscription with Howly


How to cancel a Match subscription refund?

No refund is on board when you cancel iTunes Match or Android app or unsubscribe via your desktop or mobile browser. If you have more compensation-related questions, please visit the Terms of Use section.

How do I cancel my Match account with customer support?

To contact customer care management and discuss how to cancel Match, you may submit a request via email by completing the form on the site or by dialing 1-800-926-2824. Besides, the Help Center is available to reveal the cancel process and other issues.

Can I cancel my Match subscription early and avoid additional fees?

Whether you want to cancel the Match subscription to iTunes or accounts on other devices, you are free to proceed anytime without penalties and obligations before 12 am of the 3rd working day after the date you've purchased the plan.


We hope to provide self-explanatory tips on how to cancel the Match account on your Apple and other devices. This way, no extra fees and misleading point will bother you. However, the dating site is a multi-functional platform with many tools and options that might require more guidelines. So, if you are at a loss for revealing behind-the-scene nuances, Howly is here to help and reveal the slightest nuances. So, please, contact our experts to be well-versed in using that site and other dating platforms, whatever device you prefer.

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The desktop site is okay, but the subscription is too expensive. Can I count on some percentage off?
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