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How to cancel Amazon Prime Video subscription: 7 user-friendly options

Updated: February 3, 2023

Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming services that allow you to watch thousands of movies and subscribe to channels like Paramount+, Showtime, or even HBO Max. But once you are tired of this content, you may start searching for how to withdraw Amazon Prime Video. This procedure is simple, you can withdraw your membership in less than 15 minutes. 

How to cancel subscriptions on Prime Video: 7 possible ways

You have seven options for how you can stop Prime subscriptions. You have two ways to remove channels straight from the settings, you can remove them right from the Amazon app on your phone. You can also stop a subscription to Prime Video by contacting support: via Amazon Help or the hotline.

Moreover, you can remove an accidental purchase from the account and get a full refund. If you don’t want to use this service in the foreseeable future, you can stop the membership in the settings. In this case, you’ll lose access to all rented Amazon content.

How to stop Prime Video from the PC: fast wayCancel subscription on Prime Video

You can stop your membership right from your computer. Open any browser and follow the next instructions on revoking a subscription on Amazon Prime Video:

  1. Go to the Amazon site and sign in to your Prime account.
  2. Find Your Account Membership & SubscriptionsPrime Video.
  3. You’ll see a list of your channels. Select the subscription you wish to stop.
  4. Click on the Cancel Channel next to the new service you wish to cancel.

If you don’t like that way to withdraw a Prime Video channel subscription, we have some alternatives for you. Try them as well.

How to withdraw Amazon Prime Video channel subscription: an alternative wayWithdraw the Prime Video

Use this way to remove some unnecessary channels from the membership. Here is your guide:

  1. Open Amazon and sign in.
  2. Go to Prime Account Memberships & Subscriptions Video Settings.
  3. Find a channel you want to withdraw from your subscription on Prime Video and choose Cancel.

You can still watch this channel up to the next billing day. But after this date, you will lose access to the content from this channel. Renew the membership and pay for it.

How to stop a Prime Video subscription on the phoneStop Prime Video with a phone app

You can also manage the membership from your mobile. Stick to this instruction:

  1. Open the Amazon application.
  2. Find a User icon → Your account → Membership and Subscriptions Prime Settings.
  3. Look for a channel that you wish to withdraw from your account. Choose Cancel channel.

The overall process looks similar to the browser version.

How to cancel Amazon Prime membershipStop Prime Video membership

But what to do if you no longer want to use this service? Try this instruction:

  1. Visit Amazon and sign in to the Prime profile.
  2. Choose Your AccountYour Membership Edit with AmazonEnd Membership. You may also see End Trial and Benefits instead of the End button.

You can still watch content until the next billing date. But once you pass this date, you’ll lose access to all your subscriptions on Prime Video. If you wish to watch some Prime shows, you should renew your membership or choose another suitable plan.

Beware that it will end your Prime membership. You won’t get free delivery, and lose access to Amazon music and book libraries. You also won’t be able to use your Amazon cloud storage and will lose exclusive Prime deals.

How to refund an accidental Amazon Prime Video purchaseHow to cancel rent on Prime Video

If you accidentally buy or rent a movie that you don’t want to watch, stick to this guide. It will help you to withdraw a Prime Video purchase:

  1. Go to Prime Video. It can be an app or a website.
  2. Choose My Stuff → Purchases → Rentals.
  3. Find the title that you want to remove from your account.
  4. Choose Cancel Your Order and pick the reason for cancellation.

After the cancellation is complete, you’ll get a refund. This action will also remove a Prime video order from the library.

How to cancel Amazon Prime Video channels with customer support

If you can’t withdraw your membership in the usual way, contact support. The fastest way to do that is via the customer service hub. Stick to this instruction to withdraw a Prime Video channel

  1. Open the Amazon Customer service.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Choose Prime.
  4. Select I need more help. It will run the customer service chatbot.
  5. Tell them about your issue and ask them to connect you to the manager.
  6. The support agent may ask you some additional questions related to your account. Provide them with all information that they may need to stop your membership.

That’s how you can stop the Amazon Prime Video (a free trial counts too).

How to withdraw Prime Video over the phone

You can call Amazon support and ask them to withdraw your membership. It’s not the most usual method to stop using Prime, but it’s working:

  1. Call hotline +1 (888) 280-4331.
  2. Wait until the general support agent answers your call.
  3. Tell the agent about your issue. They may redirect you to a Prime Video agent.
  4. Support may offer you to use Prime and give some valuable offers. Tell them that you still want to stop the subscription.


How can I cancel my Prime membership?

You can withdraw some subscriptions but still, have the Prime membership. Log into Amazon and follow this path: Prime Account Memberships & Subscriptions Video Settings. Find the channel and choose Cancel.

What will happen if I withdraw an Amazon Prime Video subscription?

You can still watch content up to the next payment date. But once your membership passes, you will lose access to all content on your subscription on Amazon Prime Video

How to cancel Starz on Prime Video

You can withdraw this channel the same way as any other channel from your membership. Open Account & SettingsChannels Starz Cancel.

Final thoughts

You have seven ways to revoke Prime Video. Which one to choose depends on your preferences. If you use a computer, you have two ways to stop membership from Amazon settings.

If you prefer mobile devices, you can stop Prime Video channels on the app. The general instructions stay the same: visit account settings and remove unneeded media from your membership.

For those who don’t like to deal with settings, we have other options for withdrawing Amazon Prime video purchases. You can ask an Amazon agent for help via the Customer support center or call them on the hotline.

Tell them you wish to stop subscriptions on Prime Video, and give them more information about your account.

But what to do if you want to quit this service? You can easily withdraw your Prime membership. Go to Account Your membershipEdit End membership. You can stop the free trial on Amazon Prime Video the identical way because the system counts it as a short version of the regular membership.

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