How to cancel Amazon Music subscription

Updated: March 05, 2023
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How to cancel Amazon Music subscription
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Nowadays, there are so many music streaming platforms that choosing the best one turns out to be a tricky task. People sign in for Amazon Music yielding to the temptation of streaming as many as 50 million songs from any device. But then, many seek solutions to sever ties with an Amazon Music subscription because the service doesn’t live up to their expectations and proves to be not as convenient as its counterparts. Thus, Apple Music and Spotify come at the same price but offer a far better streaming experience. So if you’re willing to cancel your Amazon Music subscription, you can call it quits using a computer, Android smartphone, or iPhone. And Howly sorts out each of the methods in this guide, so let’s get started.

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Frequent Amazon Music how to cancel problems

Although signing up for Amazon Music is easy and straightforward, signing out may sometimes be complicated. Howly knows that for sure since people report a variety of issues when they come to us asking how to remove my Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. These are the most common troubles our customers claim about:

  • free trial cancellation problems;
  • monthly charges don’t stop;
  • troubles when terminating Amazon Music on Alexa app;
  • membership fails to cancel;
  • refund/payment errors.

Howly experts have no difficulties solving these Amazon Music Unlimited how to cancel issues and will gladly help you with any other matters. Ask your questions at any time of the day – we’re here to save you worries 24/7!

How to cancel Amazon Music membership on computer

Whether you’re eager to cancel your Amazon Prime Music or Unlimited membership, you’ll deal with it easily via your desktop computer browser. Irrespective of the device you use, be it Windows PC or Mac, follow the below-mentioned steps for quick subscription cancellation. Besides, this method is suitable for mobile browsers as well.

  1. Hit the link: and log in.
  2. Find the needed section in the menu (Prime Music/Music Unlimited).
  3. Pick Cancel at the bottom of the box.
How to cancel Amazon Music subscription

How to cancel Amazon Music Unlimited subscription on your Android

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If you’re an owner of an Android-running device, your steps to say goodbye to Amazon Unlimited Music are extremely simple and take no more than a couple of clicks. You can use both your tablet and smartphone, assuming that the Amazon Music application is already installed.

  • Tap on the Amazon Music icon to launch it.
  • Hit Settings (the gear-like icon) and hit the Music Unlimited option.
How to cancel Amazon Music subscription
  • Get down to Subscription Renewal and choose Cancel.
How to cancel Amazon Music subscription
  • All that remains is to submit the cancellation in the next window.
How to cancel Amazon Music subscription

How to cancel Amazon Music on iPhone

Apple phone owners aren’t so lucky in terms of removing Amazon Music on app. Although users still have an opportunity to take advantage of the iOS application while streaming songs, there’s no option to remove the subscription. So, this is what you should do to sever ties with Amazon Music Unlimited on iPhone.

  1. Run Settings on your Apple phone.
  2. Spot your profile name in the upper part of the screen and tap it.
  3. Pick Subscriptions.
  4. Move to Amazon Music -> Cancel.
  5. Submit membership cancellation.
How to cancel Amazon Music subscription

You can also do the same thing via App Store:

  1. Access the App Store.
  2. Find your profile avatar in the right-hand corner and tap it.
  3. Hit Manage Subscriptions.
  4. Move to Amazon Music -> Cancel.
How to cancel Amazon Music subscription


What is the best way to remove Amazon Music Unlimited on Alexa?

Discontinue Amazon Music Alexa right in the app. So, go to the skill settings and find the music service you’re willing to remove. Once you spot Amazon Music, select Unlink Account, and you’re done.

Can I receive a refund after terminating Amazon Music HD?

Considering the company’s policy, members can get a refund for a subscription if they’re eligible. So, Amazon will credit your money back only in case you terminate your HD membership within the first 7 days after payment. This applies to all the available subscriptions, so if you have any refund issues, it’s worth contacting support.

Will I be billed after the Amazon Music free trial?

Once your AM trial runs out, your free subscription upgrades to a paid plan automatically. And if you aren’t going to pay for the music service, hurry up to unsubscribe the day before the withdrawal. If you don't manage to cancel your subscription during the free period, the service will charge you.


Regardless of the plan you’ve purchased, you can say goodbye to Amazon Prime Music Unlimited at any convenient time. We’ve walked you through a variety of ways to finish up with the service via your desktop computer or smartphone. So keep our guidelines in mind to smooth things up. There’s no need to rack your brains if some problem still bothers you – indeed, Howly is always at your fingertips and happy to help. Our experts will fix any Amazon Music account issue for you in a matter of minutes!

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Susan Zirin
Invalid Date
I subscribed to a fee 2 month music that included Taylor Seift. I want to cancel it now.
1 reply
  1. Howly
    Invalid Date
    Susan Zirin, hello! Thank you for your question. If you need personal expert advice, please type your question in the Chat window at the top of this page. Howly experts are always there to help you! 
Kimberly Jordan
Invalid Date
I don't remember ever subscribing to Amazon music can you please refund my money back and cancel whatever account was supposedly made please and thank you $ was taken and needs return ASAP
1 reply
  1. Howly team
    Invalid Date
    Kimberly Jordan , Hello! We are not Amazon Music official support service. Howly is the questions-and-answers marketplace, where people get high-quality personalized consultations from top professionals 24/7. If you need help with your issue, please use a chat window to contact our experts. Have a nice day!

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