How can I fix Roku remote?

Updated: February 23, 2023
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How can I fix Roku remote?
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You do not have to get up from the couch to switch programs or access another app on your Smart TV. Instead, you can do this using a dedicated mobile app or remote control. Nevertheless, what if none of these methods work? It can become a real problem that requires an immediate solution.

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For example, you will not be able to manually switch from Netflix to YouTube every time, especially if your TV is hanging high on the wall. Therefore, we will explain why this can happen and how to fix the Roku remote.

Why Is Roku Remote Not Working: Common Reasons?

The reasons for the breakdown can differ significantly. Some are quick and easy to solve, while others require a bit of fiddling. However, among the most common are:

  • Dead batteries in the remote control;
  • Bad internet signal;
  • Missing HDMI connection;
  • The application is not working correctly.

My Roku Remote Is Not Working: How Can I Fix It?

Although there are two types of remote control, it will not affect the course of action that must be taken to resolve the problem. Each step described below will serve as a step-by-step instruction. We will describe the most frequent to the least encountered problem and how to solve them. Therefore, if after the first way the problem remains, move on to another.

Is Something Wrong with Batteries?

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The first thought may be that you need to change the batteries. However, it does not always help. Most likely, there is some problem between the contact (pairing) of the remote and the Roku device. To reset the button on the Roku remote, remove the cover from the remote control and press the small round button. Then, bring the device close to Roku and wait for the pairing dialog to appear on the screen.

Something Wrong with Batteries

How do I Reset My Roku Remote and Box?

If the previous step does not help, you need to remove and reinsert the batteries in the remote control for 30-60 seconds. Then, reboot the box while holding down the reset button on the Roku remote. After that, wait for the pairing dialog.

Reset My Roku Remote and Box

Try the Roku App on Your Smartphone

Try the Roku App on Your Smartphone

The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. It will not solve the problem that the Roku remote is not working, but you can use this method while you fix a remote. For example, go to the settings to check the connection or restart the device.

Please, consider that using your phone all the time is not a good idea because it drains your smartphone’s battery. However, it is an excellent option if you search for some movies through your phone or use it when you don’t want to get up at the remote control.

Problems with the HDMI Connection

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If your device is connected directly to the TV’s HDMI port, there is a chance that your Roku remote stopped working due to interference from adjacent cables. You can use an extension cable to keep the flash drive away from the TV’s HDMI port. The company acknowledges this problem. If you have it, you can visit the official Roku website and fill out an application for a free cable.

Problems with the HDMI Connection

Problems with IR (Infrared) Signal

Sometimes your device may block IR signals (IR). For the normal status functioning of the remote control, you need a good signal without any interference. In other words, it will not work if there is an object, wall, or other obstruction blocking the line of sight between the box and the Roku remote. In such a case, resetting the Roku remote will not help. Instead, try to remove the obstacle. If it is not possible, choose a place where you can get a clear signal by pointing the remote at the device.

Problems with the Network Connection (Wi-Fi)

It is not important what exact Roku device you have – player or streaming stick. It has at least one network connection. The player has wired and wireless options and the streaming stick has a Wi-Fi connection. Thus, do not forget to check them, and if you need to re-connect. Then, reset the Roku remote as we described in the first step.

Problems with the Network Connection (Wi-Fi)

What to Do If Your Remote Is Hot to the Touch?

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Is the Roku remote not working due to hot batteries? The batteries in your remote can get very hot, and you cannot touch them. It may also cause the device to malfunction. It can happen due to a short circuit of the power, manufacturing defects, using different batteries, inconsistencies in the load and discharge current of the battery, etc. It is dangerous if heating occurs when you do not use the remote control. As a result, the batteries may melt inside the remote control. What do you need to do?

  • Carefully remove the batteries and let them cool down in a cool place in the room. If you do not, they may explode.
  • Do not put other batteries inside the remote if it is hot.
  • Further use of these batteries is not recommended as they may already be damaged.

If you insert new batteries, history may repeat itself. Therefore, contact an expert so that he can determine the cause of the heating.

Summary: How to Repair Roku Remote?

When something breaks down at the most unexpected moment, it is always unpleasant and forces you to start troubleshooting. However, in 90% of cases, issues with the remote control can be solved in a few simple steps. Sometimes the problem is immediately clear, and sometimes you need to go through different options, for example, restart the bullet and box, use an HDMI extender, and check the Wi-Fi connection. If you have difficulty identifying the problem, you can contact certified specialists online to help you remotely 24/7.

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