Error when sending registered messages to the event log with state 50

Updated: April 13, 2023
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Error when sending registered messages to the event log with state 50
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The error message appears unexpectedly. And the problem really needs to be solved as soon as possible. The system's hard drive is critical because it’s one of the most expensive components in a system. It stores important data, and if damaged, users risk losing all their information.

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Method of verification

Using the chkdsk status 50 command line is one of the best ways to find out what state the hard drive is in and back up your data in time.

When examining, sometimes you may see the following warning: failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50.

Failed to transfer log status 50

Knowing the signs of its presence will help to recognize error 50:

  • slows down the cursor;
  • letters are typed slowly;
  • the running program is closed;
  • the system freezes.

Often the user simply sees a failure window with the type of error.

What does the cause error message mean?

The error chkdsk failed to transfer logged messages tells you that a severe problem on the hard disk needs to be repaired as soon as possible. This means that there is a fault in the software or hardware of the equipment of the computer or that you may need to replace the laptop altogether.

For this reason, there may be the following causes that lead to it:

  1. The RAM or hard drive is read-only.
  2. Damage to one of the sectors or several sectors at the same time on the disk storage.
  3. Chkdsk from installation media cannot document its findings because the boot disk gives read-only access.
  4. Damaged or corrupted sectors on the hard disk.

The problem may occur when performing both normal and recovery mode scans.

Try the following solutions one by one:

  1. Reinstall Windows after the backup.
  2. Check the hardware problems.

Read more about possible solutions below.

Solutions to the problem

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  1. Check that the drive is writable.

    To do this, the program writes log information to the disk being scanned, and if this is not possible or desirable, the user receives the error message that has been mentioned in this discussion. Finally, the user receives a letter stating that the disk is readable. Make sure that the disk being scanned is writable.
  2. Reinstall Windows after the backup status 50.

    So in case of an error, you should immediately restore the data from the corrupted drive to an external drive or back up the system data to an external the drive and only later reinstall the operating system. If you can log in to the system, the backup process will not be complicated. Otherwise, try to log in to safe mode following the instructions.
  3. Check for hardware problems status 50.

    It is best to trust specialists with a technical background who understand hardware. Check if you can click the hard drive to another system. If there is no positive result in solving this problem, you can think about replacing the hard drive.
Check for hardware problems

Other reasons

The error status 50 is likely the cause of occurrence in the process of antivirus software activity on your computer. In this case, status 50, it is recommended to scan your computer with antivirus and remove the detected unwanted and suspicious items. If you have a good reason to suspect viruses in error, it is recommended to remove all items detected by the antivirus. Additionally, it may be necessary to reboot. When the scan finishes, you will see a table with a complete list of all detected threats. You can delete, quarantine, or exclude them, i.e., mark them as safe.

Reinstalling the system and technical support

When nothing else works, the most extreme option is often used in cases. Once you have installed the system, you need to save all of your data on a third party to maintain the integrity and security of the storage device. If that doesn't work, failed to transfer log status 50, contact the technical support service.


How to open the error log?

  • Open the Windows menu;
  • Select Start;
  • Select Event Viewer;
  • Scroll in the Log Summary to the section
  • Microsoft-Windows-SENSE/Operational.

What are the possible causes of the error?

Possible causes of this error include issues with the event log service, problems with the event log file, or issues with the event log configuration.

What other errors might appear when running CHKDSK except error 50?

"Сannot open volume for direct access", "chkdsk is not available for RAW drives", and more.


The last status 50. The main source of information that is used to make input and output requests. First, you need to learn about what is written on the Internet, and then already ask for help from specialists. There are pop-up windows with descriptions indicating you have made a mistake on your computer. Under certain conditions, such windows can appear.

  1. During command execution. Usually, this transmission has a link to Windows as well.
  2. When the system turns the computer on or off.
  3. When installing a working Windows system.

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