All you need to know about how to make your Apple Music work again

Updated: September 23, 2022


Browsing through the iOS owners community, we noticed people who look for the answers to those questions: “Why is my Apple Music hanging when downloading?”, or “Why do my already downloaded songs not play?”, or even “What to do when my Apple Music library disappeared?”. Here, you will learn how to fix your Apple Music on various devices.

Try to open Apple Music another way

The most typical fix is launching the app through another one when Apple Music is not loading; in 90%, it will do its job during glitching. 

Open the «Account» section in Apple Music and tap «Join Apple Music». If it doesn’t play out, you have to end the session of the Apple Music app. Updating Apple Music and reloading all its unnecessary data will fix system bugs.

There are two ways to do it: if your iPhone or iPad doesn’t have the Home button or if it has one. In the first case, you have to look for a list of the recently used apps by swiping up the screen. The second option is when your iPad has the Home button.  Just tick it twice. Then you will see many tabs. Drive through any of them to reduce loading on the device.

Check your Internet connection

Nowadays, without the Internet on our phones or computers, nothing works. Obviously, Apple Music is not working without the Internet. It would be great to have a strong Wi-Fi signal or a stable data connection.

Check your Internet connection

First, check the Internet connection quality on your device if Apple Music isn’t working. After, try another app, server, or web page downloading – whether they open the link in a second or load a minute. If the last, you probably have some problems with your Internet connection. 

Just take all possible actions to ensure the problem is not the lousy Internet  connection:

  • Removing all Wi-Fi passwords on your iPhone or iPad. Then you have to enter all of them and log in again;
  • Rebooting the router;
  • Resetting iPhone’s system settings;
  • Disabling and using cellular data.

There is a point in re-uploading the Internet by logging into Flight mode and turning it off or rebooting the device. The last step is to reset the troubleshooting in network settings and restart your phone.

Make sure your Apple Music subscription is active

It seems the most obvious option to consider, but you may forget about troubles with your credit cards, or the subscription may have expired already. So inactive subscription may be the reason why Apple Music doesn’t play on your device. Check whether your Apple Music subscription is active or not.

By following these steps, you can inspect the status of your payments to Apple Music:

  1. Look for “Settings”;
  2. Discover the line with first and last name;
  3. Click to Subscriptions;
  4. See the status of the subscription.

If the status is non-active, log in to your account and subscribe with the best fare.

Check if the correct date and time set

Perhaps, the thing is that you have recently tried to download and install one application in circumvention of the App Store and, without your knowledge, the time or date settings were changed. In that case, Apple Music won’t play anymore.

Therefore, take a look at the time and date – is it appropriately set to your time zone or not. Find the block Basic in the settings, and click on «Date and time.» If these settings (especially timezone) are wrong, click on «Automatically» or set the correct date and time independently. 

Try to disable content restrictions

Artificial Intelligence decides almost all for us, especially which content is appropriate and which is not. However, it doesn’t always coincide with our preferences. You know the situation: you want to listen to music, and the message that you deal with explicit content comes, and you cannot do that because of content restrictions. Therefore, discover if the content is appropriate or disable all the limits and privacy. How to do it? Follow the instructions.

  1. Select Menu;
  2. Then choose System Settings – Screen Time; 
  3. Click on Content and Privacy Restrictions;
  4. Disable the content blocking option.
Try to disable content restrictions

Enable sync library 

Make sure that your subscription is active using the previously mentioned instructions before enabling library synchronization. Then enter a particular Apple ID to all devices when you want to enable the synchronization on the library. On iPhone, click on Settings – Music and Sync Library. Now, you have access to wholly music libraries, and if you delete a song or form a unique playlist, it will be updated on various devices in a second.

Enable sync library

Update iTunes Store

As Apple is a high-class brand, it continually improves its software to fix bugs and offer new features to users. Sometimes Apple Music may stop working because your iTunes Store needs to update. To solve this issue, update your iTunes Store to the latest version. 

Find out what is the updated version on your iPhone, then in the App Store, click on «Updates» and check if the iTunes Store version is up-to-the-minute or not. Look for the «Software Update» to install the update in your phone’s settings; nothing more – now your iTunes Store will start upgrading. After you have updated iTunes Store, re-authorize your account and try to sync your device to iTunes again. 

Update Your iPhone 

The software bugs glitch all systems and may lead to not working Apple Music. Try to establish the latest iOS update to your gadget. All updates are made to fix all existing issues and save your device from hackers’ attacks. Please note that to update iOS, you should have a good Internet connection. 

Go to «Settings» and tap on «Software Update». The last step is to select «Download and Install.» Here you will get instructions on where to click to finish it. Finally, reboot the device to implement all changes and prevent apps from crashing.

Reset your Apple ID login

The final tip to make Apple Music work is to get out of Apple ID. Follow the instruction: click on the photo or nickname when you open the app’s settings and click exit at the bottom. After, write in your Apple ID password.

In addition, reboot the device and open the app to log in one more time. Try if all applications are working now and if Apple Music loads all songs.

Reset Apple ID login

Redownload the song you have trouble with

If in Apple Music, just a few songs aren’t playing, try to re-download them again. You should pick ones, remove, and then download them to the Music library.

The most convenient way to do it is using the desktop version of iTunes. Look for «Settings» – «General» (select all the list of songs) > «OK». Be careful and ensure all songs have flags nearby. When flags are gray, update the cloud library in iTunes by recently made copy.

Moreover, Apple Music has exceptions; you won’t download it if you don’t see an unsuitable cloud status icon next to your songs. Piracy cases are common, and this feature protects against kidnapping your Apple ID. 


Final Thoughts

To sum up, unexpected troubles with Apple Music unsettle us in our daily life. The above fixes should help you get back to the music as soon as possible. After you have fixed your Apple Music, you are now keen on helping your friend if he has the same problem.

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