Updated: June 05, 2023
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I just got a email supposed by PayPal offering 1000 is this legitimate?

Short summary:

  1. Check the sender's email address: Legitimate emails from PayPal will come from "paypal.com" domain.
  2. Be cautious of requests for sensitive information: PayPal emails won't ask for passwords or credit card numbers.
  3. Be wary of attachments and downloads: PayPal emails won't contain attachments or ask for software downloads.
  4. Verify the email content: Look for inconsistencies or suspicious requests.
  5. Take extra precautions: Visit the official PayPal website directly if in doubt.

Remember, PayPal prioritizes user security and won't ask for sensitive information or send attachments in emails. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious emails to PayPal.

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An email from PayPal will:


Come from paypal.com. Scammers can easily fake the “friendly name,” but it’s more difficult to fake the full name. A sender like “PayPal Service (*****@gmail.com)"
An email from PayPal won't:
Ask you for sensitive information like your password, or credit card number.
Contain any attachments or ask you to download or install any software.

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thanks for your help, they olmost got me! Good think I remember to check

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Have a great one!

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you too

Thank you so much!

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