Updated: May 03, 2023
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How to buy steam card online

Short summary:

  1. Go to any website that sells Steam cards, such as the Steam website.
  2. Choose the denomination and complete the purchase.
  3. Check your email for the Steam card code.
  4. Log in to your Steam account and select "Account Details".
  5. Click on "Add funds to your Steam Wallet" and enter the code.
  6. The funds will be added to your account, and you can use them to purchase games, software, and other content on Steam.

Could you please clarify, if you would like to buy Steam

steam card

card and send it to someone, or to add funds to your steam account?

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Is online the only way to buy this card?

Top answer

You can buy it almost at every store.
Even on gas stations.

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Can l allow it to be used by someone else

Of course, only if you give it to someone else, so that they have access to the code on the card.

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Ok thanks and how will lonow the card is ready to use

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When you buy the card, the code should be un-scraped, then you can give it to a person or redeem it yourself, by scrapping the code and redeeming it.

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I'm buying the card on line

Then, an email should get to your account from the company that you are buying from.
If you buy it for yourself, you can easily add funds to your Steam account directly from Steam

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Thanks and goodbye

You're very welcome!

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