Updated: May 06, 2023
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How do I get it to deposit in my new opened acct?

I close my Venmo acct last year and my daughter sent me money on my old acct.

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Venmo will initiate a process called "chargeback" to return the funds to your daughter's Venmo account. Once the funds are returned, your daughter can either use them for transactions on Venmo or transfer them to another bank account. Additionally, your daughter will receive a notification via email or in-app regarding the chargeback.

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The funds will be returned to your daughter's Venmo account.


This process is called a "chargeback" and it will be processed by Venmo.
Your daughter will be able to use the funds again or transfer them to another bank account. Your daughter will also be notified of the chargeback via email or in-app notification.

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