Updated: March 26, 2023
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Can a foxtel dish be used to access other commercial channels?

we have a number of tv's one for foxtel the others for commercial channels. on one we cannot get channel 7. so I thought with a splitter we could use the disk to access that channel is this possible.

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Yes, you can use the normal TV channels, but you'll need the right equipment and setup (including your aerial/antenna). Plus, the method you use to do it will depend on the type of Foxtel box and system you've got.
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I have a tv aerial but I cannot get channel7 on on of the tv's. I also have a dish (for foxtel) I thought with a splitter I could connect the tv in question to the dish with a splitter but would that be legal?

Splitting Foxtel to two properties is not illegal. For example, Foxtel Approved 2-Way Signal Splitter is the easiest and most cost effective way to split your incoming Foxtel signal to multiple Foxtel Boxes, iQ or iQ2 devices.

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I only have one foxtel box


I see
Foxtel residential subscribers with a Multiscreen Pack can login on 5 devices and have 2 of them streaming at the same time.

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Could I be watching different channels at the same time? and is a Multiscreen Pack an additional cost?

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If you're on the Platinum Plus bundle, then Multiscreen is included in your subscription
Yes, you can watch different channel at the same time on two different devices

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OK so it would cost more

Pricing for Multiroom is as follows: Min additional cost $250 for 1 month with an iQ3/iQ4 or $200 for 1 month with an iQ2.

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Thanks, as a pensioner I think i'll forget it. Thank you again I will end the chat.

I'm sorry, to make it clear: Multiscreen lets you watch Foxtel in another room by either: casting the Foxtel Go app to your TV using Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay or. using the Foxtel app on eligible Smart TVs or PlayStation 4 and Multiroom allows existing customers to get a second Foxtel set top box in another room without having to pay for an entire subscription again.
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No Thanks again Bye

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