How to fax from the printer: effortless guide

Updated: June 24, 2023
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How to fax from the printer: effortless guide
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Faxing remains an indispensable tool across diverse industries, enabling swift and efficient document exchxange.

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Step 1: Preparing your fax

Before embarking on the faxing journey, gathering the necessary materials and configuring the appropriate settings are vital. So, let us embark on this initial step:

  • Establish a seamless connection: Use a standard telephone cable to ensure a flawless connection between your printer and an active telephone line.
  • Verify fax settings: Access the menu or settings on your printer with the utmost care, meticulously verifying that the settings on a fax on a printer are accurately configured. Set the desired fax header, time/date, and other preferences to align perfectly with your requirements. Check the manual with the instructions if you need them, and check the drivers.
  • Load the document with finesse: Position the paper you intend to fax on the scanner bed of your printer, exquisitely aligning it to prevent any distortions or cropping.

Step 2: Entering fax mode

How to fax from the printer

After everything is ready, you can start setting by following activities:

  • Locate the printer's control panel: Identify the control panel on your printer with a touchscreen display or an array of buttons.
  • Access the fax menu: Seek out the designated button or icon that radiates the essence of fax functionality and, with a touch, unveil the fax menu and set up fax on the printer.

Step 3: Providing recipient information

How to fax from the printer

With your printer embraced by fax mode, it is time to impart to the recipient information. Here are your next steps:

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  • Dial the recipient's fax number: Utilize the numerical keypad on your device to enter the get fax number for the printer of the intended recipient, ensuring the inclusion of the correct country and area codes.
  • Select additional options: Depending on your printer's capabilities, you may have the opportunity to adjust settings such as resolution, contrast, or other preferences. Tailor these options with a keen eye for detail to suit your taste and requirements.
  • Include a cover sheet with (optional): If desired, navigate through the printer's menu to add a cover sheet or incorporate a personalized note for the recipient.

Step 4: Sending the fax

How to fax from the printer

With the recipient information provided, it is time to fax something from the printer. To do such a task, you need to follow the next instructions:

  • Initiate the fax from home printer transmission: Press the "Send" or "Start" button on your printer's control panel, and initiate the information effortlessly. Your printer will automatically dial the recipient's fax number, commencing the transmission process.
  • Monitor the faxing progress with attention: Maintain a watchful gaze on your printer's display or listen for any status notifications. Your printer will provide updates on the progress of the fax transmission, ensuring successful delivery or discreetly alerting you to any potential errors.
  • Obtain a confirmation page (optional): Some printers have useful functions and can print a confirmation page after sending a fax from a printer. If desired, wait for this paper and finish your task.


Why my device can’t send a fax from the printer?

If your printer has a function of sending faxes, then this process will be straightforward. If you can’t send a fax, check if you have such a function. If you have such a function and your drivers are alright, check if your printer works wirelessly using Bluetooth. If not, check the instructions on the official website.

Can I receive a fax from a friend via Bluetooth?

Yes, if your printer supports this feature.

Why does an error occur during fax using a printer?

You may not have drivers installed, have chosen the wrong settings, or have a bad connection. Contact Howly for a quick fix.


With this step-by-step guide, you can fax from a printer effortlessly. By faithfully following these steps, you can confidently prepare your fax, enter fax mode, impart recipient information, and seamlessly initiate the transmission. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of faxing from your printer, ensuring flawless communication and streamlined document exchange.

If you have any problems while faxing papers from a printer, quickly write to Howly specialists, who are constantly in touch and happy to help you.

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