Whirlpool Ice Maker Troubleshooting

Modern homemakers can no longer do without an ice maker, which is a wise decision, especially if you often use ice. You may have had enough of the built-in machine in the refrigerator before. But it makes no more than 18 ice cubes, while the ice maker makes 1-2 pounds of ice per hour.

However, what if your Whirlpool ice maker stopped working? Whatever reliable model you choose, sometimes it cannot be avoided, and you have to look for a solution to the problem. The reasons may differ, so we will consider the main ones in detail.

Whirlpool Ice Maker Troubleshooting

Whirlpool Ice Maker Is Not Working: Most Common Problems

As much as we’d like it, your ice maker can’t last forever. Sometimes you have to throw away a faulty device, and sometimes there is a chance to save it by replacing some parts. However, as statistics have shown, many Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker problems can be solved in 5 minutes. The main thing is to know what exactly is wrong.

Most often, this is a temperature issue or mechanical damage. We decided to divide the problems into several categories to make it easier for you to find exactly yours and solve and activate your system as soon as possible.

What Are Mechanical Issues and How to Fix Them?

Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker troubleshooting often depends on mechanical damage. What are they, and how can you manage them?

Mechanical Issues
  • Your ice might be stuck in the mold. It is a common problem with the easiest solution. And the problem is the deformation of the ice, which causes the jam. If the whole batch of ice gets stuck, no new one is formed, and the waterline can create problems because it will not try to fill. Is the Whirlpool freezer not making ice due to this? Turn off the icemaker and use a pitcher to cover the tray with warm water lightly. It will melt stuck ice cubes without adding. Then be sure to empty the container of any liquid residue.
  • Is the ice maker not working due to clogged or leaking water pipes? It is quite possible. If the hose is clogged, water cannot get into the machine and make ice. It is possible that some other parts got there, which formed a block, and then the ice may have an unpleasant odor. If a water pipe is cracked or the seal is damaged, a leak can occur, creating a damp or frozen mess. Whirlpool ice maker troubleshooting is cleaning those pipes. If the problem turns out to be more serious than you expected, or you do not know how to do it, it is better to seek the help of a professional.
  • While your whirlpool refrigerator is not making ice, the problem can be in the feeler arm inside the device. If the probe arm gets stuck, it will not adapt to the level of ice in the tray. It will make the ice maker think the tray is full when it is not. Press manually on the contact hand several times, which will help remove the stuck ice in the mechanism.

Whirlpool refrigerators’ ice maker repair due to mechanical issues may not always be easy. And your intervention can lead to even more harm. They are most often serviced under a warranty card. So if the warranty is not out yet, it is better to ask for professional help.

What Are Electrical Issues and How to Fix Them? 

If the problem is electrical, you should call a professional to fix it. But there are several possible ways to solve the problem and still not void the insurance.

Electrical Issues
  • If you think there’s nothing wrong with the tentacle handle, try pressing the reset button. If you don’t know where it is, check the user manual. If you can’t find it, this button can be above or under the ice tray. Or try to find it online by googling your model. For Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker troubleshooting, press and hold the button for 10 seconds. 
  • Pressing the on/off switch can also help. But only if the first method doesn’t help. Do the following for an installation of your Whirlpool ice maker not making ice:
    • Turn the switch to the on position.
    • Unplug the ice maker from the outlet.
    • Wait 10 minutes.
    • Reconnect the icemaker.
    • Please turn it on from the position.
    • Replace ice trays and lids as needed. It would help to reset the ice maker.
    • Wait ten minutes before connecting again.

If this does not help, the problem may be deeper, simply impossible for you to fix with the appropriate skills. Therefore, Whirlpool ice maker repair cannot happen due to a simple reboot, and deeper diagnostics are needed.

How to Fix Troubleshoot Damaged Parts

This section will be the largest one because almost all causes of Whirlpool fridge not making ice are related to some defects.

Repair of damaged parts
  • Your filter works hard to reduce the contaminants in your water but can become clogged with particles over time. A clogged filter can reduce the water supply to the ice maker, resulting in no ice production. Be sure to replace it every six months and watch for signs of old filters if you don’t want the Whirlpool refrigerator to repair the ice maker in the future. 
  • If your water filter has been updated, the ice maker inlet valve may be the cause. With proper water pressure, the valve opens and closes to direct water into the ice maker. First, check the water supply pressure of the valve with your equipment or with the help of a professional. 
  • When the refrigerator or freezer temperature is set too high, the ice maker may not keep up with the speed it expects to make ice, resulting in slow ice making, too small ice cubes, or no ice. Check the refrigerator and freezer temperatures to make sure the freezer is set to 0 °F, and the freezer temperature is between 33-40 °F
Check the refrigerator and freezer temperatures
  • Ice makers infrequently can be prone to freezing components, including the screw motor located behind the freezer wall. The freezer drill may not be able to move new ice cubes forward into the chute. So if the Whirlpool fridge ice maker is not working due to this, how to repair it? You may end up with a few ice cubes before the ice maker stops dispensing. Defrosting the auger motor can make it difficult to operate, and melted moisture can damage the motor, so it’s best to call a professional to help get it back up and running.
  • The icebox is not positioned correctly, which can cause the ice cubes to overflow when the ice cubes are taken out of the mold. Double-check the container’s location to ensure it is positioned correctly to catch any ice cubes from the mold above.

Is the Whirlpool Ice Machine Not Working due to Settings Problems?

When the temperature inside the refrigerator fluctuates, the ice in the refrigerator may melt. An unbalanced refrigerator can prevent molten ice from entering the drain used to carry it away, resulting in freezer leaks or leeks outside of the area. Troubleshooting the Whirlpool ice maker can be easy. Just use a level first to make sure the floor of the ice maker is level. If the results show any misalignment, you may need to reinstall the ice maker to ensure its level or adjust the refrigerator feet if the entire unit is uneven.

Other Issues Concerning Ice Maker Not Working: Whirlpool Model

Other problems are more complex and can be classified into each category depending on the nature of the problem.

  • Ice maker thermostats are small devices that are installed there. It regulates the temperature of the ice mold or tray to freeze water into cubes effectively. Your device may not be making ice due to a faulty thermostat.
Thermostats for ice machines
  • This thermostat monitors the temperature of the ice mold and notifies the ice maker when to remove and refill the ice maker. If you suspect your ice maker’s thermostat is defective, check it for cracks or leaks that could be causing the problem. Basic tests can help you check if the whirlpool refrigerator ice maker is not working. Set the multimeter to test for resistance, then run the test probe along the thermostat wires. If the thermostat is not working, then your meter will not read. Replace any defective thermostats before continuing with the repair process.
  • Whirlpool ice maker jammed is one of the most common problems. Ice jams occur when the metal fingers ejecting an ice cube cannot catch fresh ice that has not yet completely frozen. Water that does not melt freezes on the metal fingers, creating an ice bridge that prevents new cubes from entering the container. The machine can no longer make ice, and your refrigerator is empty. When your water supply runs out, you may find that your ice maker has completely stopped producing ice cubes. An easy way to prevent this is to empty the container after each load so that the cubes fall freely on your fingers.
  • To remove ice cubes from your Whirlpool ice maker that are not working, use a plastic spoon or similarly shaped object to cut through the ice bridge on the ejector handle. Avoid using metal or sharp objects as this may damage the ejector handle or ice maker.

My Whirlpool Refrigerator Is Not Making Ice: Need Help

The most reliable way to fix something is to turn to special services. Now there are quite a few. And you can call the master at home or ask for help online. Perhaps the latter method may scare you, but they will definitely be able to explain to you where to find the restart button or how to read the pipe without damaging the device. If your Whirlpool gold ice maker is not working, there may be no time to wait too long. It is time to act.

Also, google the nearest Whirlpool service center. Perhaps they are very close and will be able to take up the repair immediately. However, as practice shows, this is a lengthy process, even if you have a simple problem due to a long queue at the official service center. So why not take care of your ice maker yourself? You will receive a quick response.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Is Not Making Ice


If our guide on Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker troubleshooting doesn’t help you, it is time to rely on us. Contact our professional team and receive the best solution for your problem. A small repair fee can save you the cost of a breakdown or even a new ice maker. Be a master for yourself with clear step-by-step instructions.