Whirlpool ice maker troubleshooting

Updated: June 19, 2023
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Whirlpool ice maker troubleshooting
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Modern homemakers find it difficult to live without an ice generator, which is a wise decision, especially if you often use ice. You may have had enough of the built-in machine in the refrigerator before. But it produces just 18 cubes of ice, meanwhile, the ice generator makes 1-2 pounds of ice every hour. Anyway, what if your Whirlpool ice maker stopped working? Whatever reliable model you choose, it’s sometimes impossible to avoid malfunctions, and you have to look for reliable ways to fix them. The reasons may differ, so we’ll consider the most popular Whirlpool refrigerator problems and solutions in detail.

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Whirlpool ice maker is not working: widespread problems

As much as we'd like it, your ice maker will never last forever. Sometimes you have to throw away a faulty appliance, and sometimes there’s a chance to save it by replacing some parts. However, as statistics show, many Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker breakdowns have a 5-minute solution. The main thing is to know what exactly is wrong. Most often, this is a temperature issue or mechanical damage. We’ve decided to divide the problems into several major categories to ease Whirlpool refrigerator troubleshooting.

The ice maker is not working or not making enough ice

There are various reasons for this common problem. Use this guide to fix them:

  1. Inspect the power. Check that the maker has enough power. Connect it to the outlet.
  2. Test the water supply. Take a closer look at the water valve. Ensure it is fully open.
  3. Inspect the water filter. It can be clogged, causing situations where the Whirlpool fridge ice maker is not working.
  4. Inspect the ice maker's valve: It monitors the water flow. Once it gets broken, your Whirlpool ice maker gets jammed. Test the valve with a multimeter. If it fails, replace the valve.
  5. Check the maker’s control arm position. It should be down. If it is stuck in the up position, gently lower it to activate the ice-making cycle.

The ice maker is not dispensing

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If your device is building ice without dispensing it, try those measures:

  1. Inspect the dispenser chute. Ensure that it is not obstructed by ice or any other debris.
  2. Check the dispenser motor. Press the dispenser lever and listen. You should hear the working motor, which shows that the device works correctly.
  3. Examine the dispenser switch. It activates when you press the lever. Ensure that the switch is working. It could be damaged or stuck in the off position. Replace the switch.
  4. Check the ice bin auger. It is a rotating device that moves the ice from the bin to the dispenser chute. Clear the auger from ice.
  5. Inspect the ice bin positioning. If it is not seated correctly, it leads to the situation where the ice maker is not working on the Whirlpool fridge.
  6. Examine frozen water lines. Inspect it for any signs of freezing or blockages. If you find frozen lines, turn off your fridge until they naturally melt.

The ice maker is making too much ice

Sometimes, the problem may hide in an opposite situation. Use these measures to troubleshoot a whirlpool ice maker:

  1. Adjust the ice maker's shut-off arm or sensor. Built-in ice makers have a sensor or shut-off arm that stops ice production after it detects a full ice bin.
  2. Change the ice maker's water fill level. Some ice makers allow you to modify the amount of water that fills the ice tray. If it’s your case, lower this level.
  3. Inspect the water pressure. High pressure can cause the tech to make up more ice than necessary.
  4. Use an external shut-off valve, if it’s possible. That way you can manually control the pressure, which helps in troubleshooting the Whirlpool ice maker.

The ice has an odd taste

It’s unpleasant to drink beverages with odd ice. So you start to look at the ways how to fix the Whirlpool ice maker as soon as possible. Here are 5 proven ways to solve this problem.

  1. Clean ice maker and a bin. Remove any ice from the bin. Rinse it with water and dish soap. Wipe them with a microfiber cloth to dry them out.
  2. Examine the water supply. The ice taste can be influenced by the water’s quality. Contact a water treatment expert or use bottled water to fill the tank as a temporary troubleshooting measure.
  3. Change the water filter. The old filter also could cause the issue.
  4. Flush the water system. You should do this at least 3-4 times a year. That way you prevent the buildup of any residual contaminants from the water system.

The ice maker is leaking

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Once you see that your ice maker is leaking, fix it immediately. Otherwise, it will cause even more irreversible damage. Use the next steps for troubleshooting the Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker:

  1. Examine the water supply line. Ensure that it is properly connected and doesn’t have damage.
  2. Take a closer look at the fill tube. It should be properly aligned and securely connected. Adjust or reposition the fill tube.
  3. Clear any ice blockages. Examine the fridge for possible ice buildup near the ice maker or bin. Clear the blockages.
  4. Inspect the drainage system. Some ice makers have a drainage system that can remove excess water. Inspect that system for blockages. Remove them if you face some.

The ice maker is making ice cubes that are too small

In some cases, your ice maker could work almost fine, but it produces minuscule ice cubes smaller than a nickel. We have a few troubleshooting Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker solutions for you:

  1. Inspect the water supply. Poor water flow can regulate the flow of ice cubes. Check the water flow and modify the water pressure.
  2. Examine the water inlet valve. A clogged valve restricts water flow.
  3. Check the water filter. If you forget to change it for more than 3 months, it can be clogged. Replace it to bring back the water flow.

What are mechanical issues, and how to fix them?

Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker troubleshooting depends on mechanical damage. What are they, and how can you manage them?

Whirlpool ice maker troubleshooting
  • Your ice might be stuck in the mold. It’s a widespread Whirlpool ice maker not working trouble which has the easiest solution. And the problem is the deformation of the ice, causing the jam. If the whole bunch of ice gets stuck, it prevents the formation of new cubes, and the waterline can create problems as well. Is the Whirlpool freezer not making ice due to this? Power off the ice maker and utilize a pitcher to cover the tray with warm water lightly. It will melt stuck ice cubes without adding. Then be sure to empty the container of any liquid residue.
  • Is the ice maker not working owing to clogged or leaking water pipes? It’s quite possible. If the hose is clogged, water fails to get into the device and produces ice. It forms a block, causing an ice odor. If you have a cracked water pipe or the seal is damaged, a leak can occur, creating a damp or frozen mess. Whirlpool ice maker troubleshooting is cleaning those pipes.
  • While your Whirlpool refrigerator is not making ice, the problem can be in the feeler arm inside the device. If the probe arm gets stuck, it’ll hardly adapt to the ice level in the tray. Thus, it’ll make the ice machine think the tray is filled-in although that’s far from the truth. Press manually on the contact hand several times, which will help remove the stuck ice in the mechanism.

Whirlpool refrigerators' ice maker repair due to mechanical issues may sometimes be complicated. And your intervention can lead to even more harm. Service centers typically fix such issues under warranty. So if you have such an opportunity, it’s better to ask for professional help and complete Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker troubleshooting effortlessly.

What are electrical issues and how to troubleshoot them?

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If your Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker is not working because of an electrical problem, you should call a professional to fix it. However, there are several possible ways to solve the issue without hurting the device and invalidating your warranty.

  • If you think there's nothing wrong with the tentacle handle, try to press the Reset button. To determine its location, read the user manual. Traditionally, this button is above or under the ice tray. Or try to find it online by googling the model of your machine. For Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker troubleshooting, hold Reset for 15-25 seconds.
  • Press the On/Off switch. It should help too. But only if the first method gave little result. Do the following for an installation of your device if the Whirlpool ice maker is not making ice:
  1. Put the switch in the on (run) position.
  2. Disconnect your ice machine from the outlet.
  3. Wait 15-20 minutes.
  4. Reconnect the ice maker.
  5. Please turn it on from the position.
  6. Replace ice trays and lids as needed. It would help to reset the Whirlpool ice maker.
  7. Wait approximately 10 minutes before connecting again.

If this brings little result, the problem may be deeper, simply impossible for you to fix without the appropriate skills. Therefore, you’ll hardly repair the Whirlpool ice maker with a simple reboot since the case requires more profound diagnostics. And this is when the Howly team of skillful specialists can help you handle your trouble.

How to troubleshoot damaged parts

This section will be the largest one because almost all origins of the Whirlpool fridge not making ice issues are related to some defects.

Whirlpool ice maker troubleshooting
  • Your filter works hard to lessen the contaminants in your water but can become filled up with debris over time. And this is a widespread trigger of the Whirlpool refrigerator not making ice malfunctions. Indeed, a clogged filter can reduce the water supply to your ice generator, resulting in poor ice production. Be sure to replace it once in half a year and watch for signs of old filters if you have no desire to repair the Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker in the future.
  • Did you replace the filter, but still don’t see results? The inlet valve may be the cause of your issue. If the water pressure is good, the valve functions well and directs water directly into the ice machine. Therefore, inspect the water supply pressure of the valve with your equipment or with the help of a professional.
  • When the temperature in your freezer or refrigerator is too high, the ice generator may fail to keep up with the speed it expects to make ice, resulting in slow ice making, too small cubes, or lack of ice. In a word, your Whirlpool icemaker is not working properly. So, check the temperature to ensure you set the refrigerator to 0 °F, and the freezer temperature ranges somewhere around 35-45 °F. If you are currently in Europe or have a fridge from Canada, set the fridge to 3-5°C and freezer to -5-10 °C.
Whirlpool ice maker troubleshooting
  • Ice makers infrequently can be prone to freezing components, including the screw motor situated behind the freezer wall. The freezer drill may be unable to move new ice cubes to the chute. So if the Whirlpool fridge ice maker is not working for this reason, how to repair it? You may end up with a few ice cubes before the moment the ice machine stops dispensing. Defrosting the auger motor can make it difficult to operate, and melted moisture can damage the motor. Call a technician to fix a Whirlpool ice maker efficiently and make it behave properly as soon as possible.
  • If you’ve positioned the icebox incorrectly, it may cause the cubes of ice to overflow when you take them out of the mold. Double-check the container's location to ensure it can catch any ice cubes from the mold above.

Is the Whirlpool ice machine not working due to settings problems?

When the temperature inside your fridge changes sharply, the ice may melt. An unbalanced refrigerator can prevent molten ice from accessing the drain used to carry it away, resulting in freezer leaks or leakage outside of the area. Troubleshooting the Whirlpool ice maker is rather easy. Just use a level first to make sure the floor of the ice maker is flat. If the results show any discrepancy, it may be useful to reinstall the ice machine to ensure that its level is smooth or adjust the fridge feet if the whole unit is uneven.

Other Whirlpool ice makers not working troubles

Other Whirlpool not making ice issues are more complex and fall into several categories depending on the nature of the problem.

  • Ice maker thermostats are small devices that control the ice mold temperature to freeze water into cubes effectively. Your device may refuse to make ice because of a faulty thermostat.
Whirlpool ice maker troubleshooting
  • This thermostat keeps the ice mold temperature under control and notifies the ice maker when to remove and refill the ice. If you suspect that the thermostat of your ice machine is defective, check it for cracks or leaks that could cause the problem. Basic tests can help you check whether the Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker is not working. Set the multimeter to test for resistance, and then perform the test probe alongside the thermostat wires. Replace any defective thermostats before continuing with the repair process.
  • Jammed Whirlpool ice maker is the most common issue. They usually happen when the ice gets stuck on inner details like metal fingers. And this is how you get into trouble since your Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker is not making ice. A simple way to prevent such a problem is to clear the container after each load so that the ice cubes fall on your fingers smoothly. To remove the cubes from your Whirlpool ice maker that is not working, use a plastic spoon or another similarly shaped object to cut through the ice bridge on the ejector handle. Avoid using metal or sharp objects as this may damage the ejector handle or the ice maker.

My Whirlpool refrigerator is not making ice: get help

The most reliable way to fix something is to turn to special services. Now there are quite a few. And you can call the master at home or ask for help online. Perhaps the latter method may scare you, but they’ll be able to explain to you where to find the restart button or how to read the pipe without damaging the device. If your Whirlpool Gold ice maker is not working, you have the desire to fix it right away. It’s time to act! Also, google the Whirlpool service center located near you. Perhaps they’re very close and will be able to take up the repair immediately. However, as practice shows, this is a lengthy process, even if you have a simple problem due to a long queue at the official service center. So, try to fix the Whirlpool ice maker yourself by getting a hassle-free DIY solution from Howly.

Whirlpool ice maker troubleshooting


What should I do if my Whirlpool ice maker is leaking?

Chances are your Whirlpool fridge ice maker is not working and continues to leak water due to a frozen or blocked defrost drain. So, check it and thaw the ice if you find any. In addition, rinse the drain with hot or warm water to shake off all the debris.

Why is my Whirlpool fridge not making ice but the water works?

In case your Whirlpool refrigerator is not making ice but water works, it may signify that you’ve powered off the ice generator. So if you want your fridge to start dispensing ice, power on the ice machine by putting the shut-off arm into the lowered position.

Can I repair a Whirlpool ice maker myself or do I need to call a service help?

If the Whirlpool ice maker is not dumping ice or water keeps leaking, it’s possible to deal with such problems on your own. Just follow the insightful expert guidelines. But if you need a full-fledged, more complex Whirlpool ice maker repair, it’s still better to contact a professional.


As you see, you can fix most common ice maker issues at home. Usually, it’s enough to inspect the water levels, and pressure, pipes, filters, and sensors. If you have an uncommon case and can’t find a solution in this article, contact Howly experts. We are working 24/7 to fix your problem as soon as possible.

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