What is Support Nintendo.com error code 51030? 5 ways to fix 51030, 52130, and 51031 error codes

Updated: March 14, 2023
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What is Support Nintendo.com error code 51030? 5 ways to fix 51030, 52130, and 51031 error codes
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Wii was the top-tier console back in the late 00s. But as time passes, it starts to get more and more glitches. And now, almost 20 years afterward, Wii error codes 51030 and 51031 are one of the most common bugs with this console.

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Luckily, you can fix them at home with user-friendly guidelines from Howly experts! Stick to them to fix the 51330 Wii error code within an hour. You don’t need any tech skills to solve this issue. Just use these easy guidelines.

WII error codes 51331, 51030, 52130: what do they mean, and how do they fix them?

If you see Wii codes 52030, 52130, 51331, 513332,51030, and 50299, your console has network issues. They all are software-related and easily fixable. Here is more detailed information about each one of them:

  • 50299 — Wii can’t connect to the internet because of the wrong access point settings. Adjust them to get internet access.
  • 51030, 511331, and 51332 — console can’t find a wireless network in its range. It shows that there are no compatible networks in your area.
  • 52030 — inaccurate Wi-Fi password. Check it on the Wii and adjust it if it's necessary.
  • 52130 — the console failed the connection test. Restart the router and check the console network settings.

The most pleasant thing in this situation is that you can fix them at home. If you see error code 51030 on Nintendo.com or another website, it’s mostly a software issue. That means you can fix it at home with a fine troubleshooter in less than an hour. Just make sure that you strictly follow step-by-step guidelines from the Howly team.

How to fix support.nintendo.com error code 51030: 5 options to save the console

How to fix Wii for 51330 error 

Router glitches are the most common reasons for network issues with the Nintendo console. Restart the router to remove temporary file bugs that may cause the 51330 Wii error. In this case, you should shut down the router, wait a few minutes and turn it on. This action removes just the temporary files. Passwords and other settings stay the same.

If this didn’t help to fix the issue, check Nintedo’s connection security type. Most routers use WPA – PSK (AES). Switch Nintendo’s connection to this type. It should fix the Wii error 51030.

Review the Wi-Fi password. It could be that your roommate has changed it, so you can’t connect the console to the internet. Wii loses connection immediately after someone changes the router’s password.

If you still see the Wii error code 51330, but the password is correct, check the supported network types of your router. Maybe it’s too modern and doesn’t support 802.11b or 802.11g standard. Look for a multi-standard router. Buy a spare router that works with those connection standards. You can find a cheap $20 router and establish it as a repeater.

If nothing from above fixes the issue, reach the expert to get the hardware troubleshooter. It depends on your router and Wii configuration. Message the Howly technician and get personalized instructions, which help you eliminate this annoying memo.

Restart the router

Restart Wi-Fi to fix Nintendo

In most cases, a glitched source hides inside the router’s software. The easiest way to fix the router is to power cycle it. Here is your instruction:

banner 3
  1. Shut down the router and unplug it from the socket.
  2. Wait for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Turn it back on.

If the router was the source of the issue, it fixes the issue This action removes temporary file glitches in the router. That’s why sometimes the classic “turn it off and on” solution can effectively fix Wii error code 51330.

Modify the connection security

Check network settings on Nintendo

The next step in the fixing journey is to check and change the console security type. It should match the router settings. Usually, it’s WPA2 – PSK (AES). Sometimes the console automatically adjusts the connection type. Mostly it matches, but it still can be a settings glitch. Use this instruction to solve Wii error 51030:

  1. Choose the Wii virtual button to get to the Wii menu.
  2. Follow this path: Settings → System Settings → Internet → Connection.
  3. In this menu, you should go to Change Settings.
  4. Find a Security Type line. Select it.
  5. Select WPA2 – PSK (AES).

This connection type is suitable for all old and new routers. So it should fix the Wii internet connection error 51330.

Check the password of your router

Maybe your roommate changes your network password. And while most modern phones remain to keep the connection with the router, Wii loses it. While your phone and PC still connect to the same router, WII can’t connect to this router because it counts it as a new network.

Finding out Wi-Fi on iOS

Here is how you can check it on your iPhone:

  1. Follow this path: Settings → Wi-Fi.
  2. Select your current network and press the I virtual button.
  3. Find a Password line. You’ll see 8-10 dots. That’s where the system hides the password. Tap on it.
  4. The system asks you for a TouchID or FaceID to confirm that you are the phone’s owner.
  5. A moment later, you’ll see the password.
How to find out your Wi-Fi on Android

Android owners should follow this guide:

  1. Go to the main screen. Open Settings Wi-Fi.
  2. Discover the present network and tap on the gear to get into its settings.
  3. Select Share Password. Use fingerprint or face identification to unlock the password.
  4. Once you see the QR code, scroll down until you find the password.

The system hides this information because all passwords are highly sensitive data that should be protected against potential breaches. Check the console’s network:

  1. Push the Wii key to get into the Wii Settings menu.
  2. Follow this path: Internet → Connection → Change Settings.
  3. Find your router and choose it. Write the proper password.

If the wrong password is the issue source, this action fixes it. So you no longer face the Wii error 51331 and 52030.

Check the network standard of the router

Connection standard sticker

Usually, router manufacturers place the connection standard on a specks sticker

banner 6

Wii is a pretty old console, so it doesn’t support modern network standards like 802.11ac or 802.11ax. If you have a router that works with the latest high-efficient standards, it can be why you witness Nintendo error code 51030.

The only way to fix this issue is to buy a router that supports old standards such as 802.11b or 802.11g. You can find supported standards on the router's manual or the sticker at the bottom part.

Look for devices that support both old (and slow) and new (more efficient) standards as well. You can find new 802.11b/g/n routers for $25-30 and 802.11b/g/n/ac for $40-50. They would give enough internet speed to play the latest games in 4K resolution on the PS5 and some nostalgic games on Nintendo Wii.

Ask for assistance

Ask for assistance to fix your Nintendo and router

If you still can’t access the internet, you mostly face some serious hardware malfunction from the console or router side. Message our expert to get a tailored expert solution to troubleshoot  Wii 51031 error code in your case.


Why do I see the Wii error code 51331, but the password is correct?

The most common reason is the corrupted temporary files on your router. Restart it to remove those files. Also, check the connection security type on Wii.

What does the Wii error code 51331 mean?

It shows that the console can’t find a network in its range. Check if your router works with 802.11b and 802.11g standards. Power cycle your current router to remove corrupted temporary data. Check the connection protocol and password on the console.

How can I fix Wii error 51031?

It’s the network connectivity error. To fix that, restart the router and check that it supports the 802.11b standard. It was the most common standard during the Wii release. Check the connection security and internet password on the console.

Final thoughts

It’s possible to get rid of the 51031 Wii error code in less than an hour. In most cases, you face a software issue. There can be router glitches due to corrupted temporary files. You can also check the connection standard.

Your router should work with 802.11b or 802.11g standards. They were prevalent Wi-Fi standards during the Wii release. But today these standards are considered as old and sluggish. You can find routers that support this standard for $20-30. Connect them to your current router and use the new device as the repeater. It will increase the range of your network.

It can be console issues: incorrect internet security type or wrong Wi-Fi password. Change it to the correct one. It should fix the 51330 Wii internet connection error.

But if none of these software measures helps you, it can be a severe hardware issue. Contact Howly experts to get a personalized troubleshooter. We will give you a guide that suits your situation and tech configuration perfectly.

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