iPod does not charge

Updated: March 05, 2023
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iPod does not charge
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Many Apple media player users know the situation when their iPod does not charge. If the Apple media player is not charging, you must be patient and learn the possible causes of the problem. Many of them can be solved on your own without the help of specialists.

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Causes of device failure

There are many reasons why an iPod does not charge. After finding out the main reason why the device stopped charging, you may need to replace some parts of it.

The most common causes of iPod malfunctions include:

  • mechanical damage to the case;
  • battery failure, which causes the display to show the battery charge in red all the time;
  • moisture entering the connector;
  • using an analog instead of the original charger;
  • your computer's USB port is not compatible with the media player's requirements, or the charging cable is not inserted far enough into the USB port;
  • device settings are faulty;
  • the original charger connector and battery pack are damaged;
  • the presence of a plastic film on the charger plug.

If the iPod does not turn on or does not respond as a result of mechanical damage, you may need to replace the unit's control buttons or sensor. If the charger has failed, it cannot be repaired, and a new one will have to be purchased. Damage to the charger connector is often caused by careless handling.

If you use a computer as a charging device, but the iPod does not charge, the problem could be a lack of power to recharge or a faulty USB port. To check, connect your iPod to another computer or plug the USB cord into a different port.

If your device is not charging from the outlet, the power controller may be broken. If the display shows the battery charge in red, the battery is running low, and the device will shut down soon.

Often, if the iPod does not turn on or does not charge, it is necessary to check the condition of the connection plug, as well as other parts inside the case, and if necessary, replace them with functioning ones.

Ways to get media players working again

Ways to get media players working again

If the iPod does not turn on or does not charge after plugging the original charger into the outlet or USB port on your computer, try resetting the unit. To check if the original charger is working properly, use another device with similar specifications.

To solve the typical problems with charging the iPod after getting wet or falling from a height, follow these steps:

  1. Replace the charger connector.
  2. Purchase a new original cable instead of the one that stopped working after mechanical damage.
  3. Clean the devices of traces of oxide that appeared after moisture penetration.

What difficulties may arise when you fix the device yourself

What difficulties may arise when you fix the device yourself

If the iPod does not charge, you try to fix the problem yourself or replace the broken part. Also, when servicing the unit, it is necessary to know the exact model and have a manual explaining the functions of the elements. It is difficult to determine by yourself why your iPod does not turn on and which parts need to be replaced. The best way to keep your device free from connector problems is to use the original USB cable and charger and to treat your iPod with care. But to fully restore the Apple media player, you may need a comprehensive professional diagnosis.

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