Android phone doesn't see wired headphones

Updated: May 08, 2023
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Android phone doesn't see wired headphones
by Denys Kashnytskyi
Tech Expert & Writer
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Due to various circumstances, your Android phone may not see the wired headphones. Let's put aside the failure of the headphones themselves and focus on the causes that come from the smartphone.

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Contact polarization

This problem occurs with users who buy allegedly branded headphones in Chinese online stores or who try to connect a headset from another phone. The reason here lies in the fact that the manufacturer is trying to force customers to buy only headphones of their own production and deliberately reverses the connection between "plus" and "minus" places. The smartphone can even detect the headset but will not work with it categorically. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to check the headphones before you buy them.

The same problem can occur when you connect the most common headphones to your smartphone. The smartphone jack has more contacts, and the extra ones seem to be responsible for the microphone. Regular headphones are not designed for phone calls, and the number of connections on the Jack is less. To work with Android smartphones is still advisable to use a headset with a microphone. Although it is much more expensive, the user can be completely calm about its performance.

Software defects

Pre-installed smartphone players are used by a small percentage of users. Built-in programs have little functionality and can even affect sound quality, and that is why third-party applications are preferred. If the smartphone suddenly does not identify the headphones only when working with a separate media player, then you need to check whether the application has all the rights. To do this, go to "Settings - Applications - All", find your program, go to the properties, and set the necessary rights.

Manufacturing defect or a worn socket

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Every smartphone user can encounter manufacturing defects. Even if the package already includes a headset, there is a chance that it may simply be defective. If the smartphone does not recognize the headphones, check them on any other device. If everything is okay, then you need to test the jack itself with a completely different headset. Budget Android smartphones use cheap materials, which quickly deteriorate, and this applies not only to the body but also to the metals from which the contacts of the jack are made.

Separately, we want to mention smartphones that have long been discontinued. Some older models, such as the Samsung S5300 (Android 2.3) use wired headphones as a playback device and antenna, and in order to make a call, you have to buy a wireless headset. These smartphones are still actively used, as they have an excellent GPS module, so the problem is still relevant today.

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