Spotify USA charge

Spotify USA charge troubleshooting: how to the fix problems

Updated: January 20, 2023

Spotify is a popular music streaming service. But sometimes, users have problems with the subscription. So let’s figure out how to eliminate them and what to do if you have extra dollars written off. If you encounter any difficulty with Spotify, you can contact Howly experts, ready to help you 24/7.

What does Spotify cost: types of subscriptions

The Spotify service has several types of subscriptions. Here is the answer to the question: “how much is Spotify Premium”:

  • The individual is $9.99 per month for one account.
  • The Duo costs $12.99 per month for two accounts.
  • The family tariff is $15.99 per month for six accounts.
  • The Student costs $4.99 per month for one account.

Spotify USA charge

You can try each Spotify subscription for free for one month. Also, you can listen to music without a subscription but with ads while listening.

Spotify charges on my credit card: what to doSpotify USA charge

Often users complain that the Spotify service writes off extra money. So what to do to solve such a problem?

If you didn’t buy a paid plan, and the money is debited, go to your account and check if you have a Premium subscription selected. If selected, cancel. Sometimes users subscribe to a paid package and forget about it in a month.

If you were charged incorrectly, don’t hesitate to contact Spotify support and then your bank for a refund.

If you didn’t subscribe to Spotify Premium but see a payment for Spotify USA on your bank statement, someone may have gotten hold of your card details, and you’ve been scammed. In this case, you need to contact the service support service to cancel your account urgently and to the bank to renew the card. Spotify USA charge

Sometimes situations arise when it is not you who subscribed to Spotify but a member of your family. And you may not know anything about it at all. Therefore, check who could have used your card if you see any unwanted payments.

It also happens that two accounts are registered to one email. In this case, Spotify may be charged multiple times. If you notice such a problem, write an email to the support service. They usually fix the problem and renew your subscription based on the paid months.

How do Howly experts work?

To help with a problem with Spotify or another service, our experts will promptly answer your questions via live chat. Write to them, describe your questions and get detailed instructions on how to fix everything. They will help quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, if you are charged extra funds and music does not work on Spotify, write to Howly experts.


How to disable paid Spotify subscription?

To do this, you need to go to your account, the Subscription section, find Spotify pricing options, and remove the paid subscription.

What if I unsubscribed and still get Spotify charges?

Contact the customer support service or write to Howly specialists in this case. We will help you find the cause.

What if I see Spotify USA 877-7781161 NY on my bank statement?

Most likely, you have encountered a scam. Contact Howly specialists. They will help you figure it out.

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