RCA tablet won't turn on — why it's happening

Updated: March 14, 2023
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RCA tablet won't turn on — why it's happening
by Pavlo Mykytas
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Your tablet is dead and won't turn on, and the screen stays black? The reasons for this can be different. And it is possible to fix your tablet yourself.  RCA tablet won’t turn on troubleshooting will be possible using the tips from this article. The Howly team has prepared a complete guide to help you understand why your tablet does not turn on and what to do to fix it.

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Why my RCA tablet won't turn on —  5 possible reasons

It is important to understand that each case of tablet problem is individual. But there are a few of the most common causes that users encounter most often.

Problems when charging the device

This is the most common reason why the RCA tablet won't come on. It could be a faulty charger or a dirty charger port. Because the tablet can't charge, it stops working and turns on. Therefore, you should keep a close eye on the possible breakage of the charger unit, wire, and charger port.

Problems when charging the device

Broken battery

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If your battery is broken or there is a problem with it, your device will not turn on or work at all. The battery can break because of damage or if it is obsolete.

Physical damage

Your device may stop working due to physical damage. Remember if your tablet has been dropped or bumped recently. Also, if you accidentally sit on the tablet or drop a heavy object on it, the device may break.

Your device is frozen

Low temperatures can negatively affect your tablet. Therefore, if it has been in a place where it is very cold for a long time, it may stop turning on.

Internal failures in the operation

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Your tablet may stop turning on because your system has malfunctioned or has bugs. Sometimes these failures can be corrected by yourself, and sometimes you have to go to the experts.

What to do if RCA Pro 10 tablet won't turn on — 7 useful tips

Try charging your device correctly

If your tablet has stopped working due to charging problems, then we recommend paying attention to chargers and charge ports. We recommend that you try to charge your tablet with an official charger that you are confident is working.

RCA Pro 10 tablet

Pay attention to the temperature

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If your tablet has been out in the cold for a long time, it may not turn on due to hypothermia. That's why you should let it warm up and then try to start it again. It is important not to heat it with improvised means, but just leave it at room temperature.

Connect the tablet to a computer

To find out if your tablet can work, connect it to your computer and leave it like this for at least 15-20 minutes. If the computer recognizes the device, then you need to run repair software and then try to connect the tablet.

Do a reset on your device

If the reason why your RCA tablet does not turn on is due to software bugs, a reset can help. But be prepared that then you will lose all your information: photos, notes, contacts.

Hold down the power button

If you hold your finger on the power button for longer, then there is a chance that your tablet will start working. So hold the button for 40–50 seconds and check if the problem is solved.

Inspect the tablet for damage

Often the reason that the tablet does not work is due to physical damage. Carefully check whether the screen is broken, the back cover is not broken, other parts are not damaged, etc.

Replace the battery with a new one

If you have been using your device for a long time, the battery may have died. Because of this, the RCA voyager 2 won't turn on. Turn to the service center where your battery can be replaced or fixed if needed.


What should I do if the RCA tablet with keyboard won’t turn on?

If your device does not want to turn on, you should try to repair it yourself. First, try to determine the cause of the failure, and then use the repair tips described in this article.

What kind of charging problems can arise on a tablet?

One of the reasons why the RCA tablet will not turn on is due to problems with the charging process. Difficulties can occur in several places:

  • Dirt or water has gotten into the tablet's charging port and is preventing the charging.
  • The USB cable is broken or torn.

What to do if the advice doesn't work?

If the tips did not help you, and you can not fix the device yourself, then you should contact a technical specialist. You can go to an official RCA service center, or if there is no such center nearby, choose any convenient repair service.


If you find that your RCA tablet won't turn on, then try to deal with it yourself. With the help of this article, you will be able to understand why your tablet died and find tips to help you fix it yourself. All tips are simple and accessible, you can perform them without the help of technicians at home. Save this useful article and share it with your friends, so they too can fix their tablets by themselves.

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