PS4 controller blinking white: effective solutions

Updated: June 16, 2023
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PS4 controller blinking white: effective solutions
by Gary Spenser
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A PlayStation fourth-generation controller has a LED light. Depending on the color, it signalizes how it's working. Today, we will talk about the PS4 controller blinking white, as it’s the most common issue.

Before we start

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However, it’s time to get down to our topic. We describe two main reasons why the PS controller flashing white. The first one is the battery running low. The second one is a controller can’t connect to a console. Don’t worry; it’s easy to fix.

Here's the time to start.

What does a blinking white light PS4 controller mean?

blinking white light PS4 controller

Let’s consider the problems more closely, as they will show how to avoid the same issues in the future.

The first idea is to check the batteries, as they may be about to die. Charging the controller helps to check this assumption. On average, batteries need a pair of hours to be full. Eventually, it will do, or it needs repairing.

In another case, the device can’t link up. To troubleshoot, try a restart. Restart the controller and console, and then check the USB or Bluetooth link.

Read further for a detailed guide on PS4 controller white light and how to eliminate it.

How to fix PS4 remote blinking white

You can fix the PlayStation controller flashing white in a few different ways. They are simple and easy to follow. But before we start, check whether everything is ready as follows:

  • if the USB wires are consistent;
  • if the controller is fully charged.

Let’s begin.

Reset the console

blinking white light PS4 controller

Resetting is the quickest and easiest trick that works almost always. For this, try the following procedure:

banner 3
  1. Hit the power button on the case for half of a minute. The device will shut down.
  2. Detach the power cable from the console.
  3. Wait for several minutes.
  4. Reconnect your power cord again.
  5. Start the device.
  6. Insert your USB cable into the console and plug it into the remote.
  7. Switch it on, and press the PlayStation key on the keyboard.

If you did everything right, the PS4 controller white light blinking stopped. Don’t worry, it will not erase your data.

Check the battery

We mentioned that the battery is a main source of problems with PS4 controllers blinking white. Here’s how to check the quality of the batteries:

  1. Put your battery on charge
  2. Wait around two hours
  3. Check if the charge goes full.

Unfortunately, the battery is built in and not meant to be replaced at home. If it doesn't, and both cable and port are ok, you should buy a new battery and change it. Contact the service center to do it for you.

Update the driver

Sometimes flashing white light on PS4 controller is connected to outdated drivers. Update them following this algorithm:

  1. Wire it to your laptop or computer.
  2. On Windows, pick Windows+R.
  3. Insert devmgmt.msc and confirm with Enter.
  4. Hit Uninstall device with a right click.
  5. Delete the driver for this device, and Uninstall.
  6. Detach the device from your computer and start it up again.
  7. Plug your PS4 back into your computer. Your computer will find it and set it up for you.
  8. Go to the PS4 official website, find the right driver, and install it. The process is straightforward, so it would not be confusing.
  9. Restart your laptop or computer.

You may try your gadget again to see if the PS4 controller just flashes white.

Reset the controller

blinking white light PS4 controller

Your device has its own software. So as with any other software, it may glitch, flashing white light on PS4 controller. Resetting the remote to its original settings will work fine:

banner 6
  1. Go to the back of the remote, as shown in the picture.
  2. Push the hole near the reset button with a paperclip or any.
  3. Keep your finger on the screw button for five seconds while pushing the hole.
  4. Reconnect your controller to the PS4, as described in the next section.

Now, the controller must work without a hitch.

Re-sync the controller with the console

blinking white light PS4 controller

Re-syncing clears all controller's links and looks for a new one. To perform a one, try this approach:

  1. Press the PlayStation+Share buttons.
  2. Wait for a while for your PS4 to start up.

It fixes ps4 controller not connecting flashing white in most cases. Check if it does in yours.

Go via safe mode

blinking white light PS4 controller

One more variant is that controller not being the root of the problem. A safe mode may help to debug the device. Unfortunately, it won’t help if the USB ports don’t work.

To enter a safe mode, do these:

  1. Put your console to sleep.
  2. Push the power button. Stop when you hear a second beep.
  3. Attach the USB cable to your remote.
  4. Hit PlayStation.

In the safe mode, you can choose the further action for your device. Confirm the restart and enjoy your gaming without PS4 white light.

Check the HDMI

banner 9

This cable is another reason for the possible flashing white light PS4 controller. Take out the HDMI cable that links the console to the TV. Check it for broken wires and clean ports. Next, check the TV's ports. Reattach the cables. It might fix the problem.

Check the hardware

If there is a problem with the cords or the controller, your controller won't charge and connect. And there will be white light on PS4 controller. Do these things:

  1. If you’ve checked your USB cable already, try another port.
  2. Switch on your devices for a test.
  3. If it didn’t help, try a different controller. It will show if the problem is with the controller or the console.

If the console works perfectly with another controller, contact PlayStation support to have the faulty controller tested and repaired.

Contact PlayStation support

It is a measure of a last resort, as diagnostics and repair may take a lot of time. But if none of the steps above didn’t help, there is no other way to cope with it. We recommend contacting only the official services, as it’s authorized to repair the devices without losing the warranty.

How to avoid a PlayStation controller blinking white in the future

Prevention is better than treatment. We recommend the following measures to enjoy endless gaming:

  • keep the battery charged, and don't let it die totally;
  • don’t let the controller heat or water it;
  • avoid dropping it;
  • clean the controller often so that dirt or other things don’t spoil it.

No extraordinary things are given; your controller will live long, safe, and sound with these recommendations. And no white light PS4 controller as well.

Summing up

Many things could bring such issues like problems with the battery, links, syncing, or broken parts. We've compiled a list of good approaches that fix your PS4 controller flashing white light in no time.

Don't be worried. The Howly help takes care of that, giving you information about what was wrong with your PS4 controller and how to fix it. If you have more questions, contact our quick response team in chat 24/7. Promise, you’ll enjoy the result.

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John Goleman
August 03, 2023
It's frustrating and I'm out of ideas!!
July 31, 2023
Is it possible that a software update could fix this?
July 28, 2023
My controller is no longer blinking white. Thank you! 😊
July 24, 2023
I had the same problem, and it turned out to be a connectivity issue. Make sure there are no obstacles blocking the signal between the controller and the console.
Sarah Harkrader
July 20, 2023
Has anyone experienced the blinking white light issue on their controller while playing specific games?
July 16, 2023
Is there a way to fix the blinking white light issue on the ps4 controller without having to purchase a new one??
July 16, 2023
Is it worth trying a different usb cable to see if it resolves the blinking white light problem on the ps4 controller?
July 12, 2023
I'm glad I found this article
July 08, 2023
I've been struggling with these problem for a while now. It's frustrating and I hope there's a solution out there
July 04, 2023
I tried these steps but its still blinking white. Not sure what else to do...
Elizabeth Roberts
June 30, 2023
I had a similar issue and it turned out to be a faulty battery. Replacing it solved the problem.
June 27, 2023
Has anyone experienced the blinking white light issue on their ps controller after a recent system update?
June 23, 2023
My ps controller keeps blinking even after trying all the suggested solutions. I'm at a loss for what to do next.
June 20, 2023
I'm happy to report that the solutions in this article worked like a charm!!!
Romy to My Michelle
June 16, 2023
This blinking issue is driving me crazy. None of the solutions mentioned in this article worked for me. Disappointed 😞

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