Oshenwatch setup details

Updated: April 07, 2023
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Oshenwatch setup details
by Oleksandr Lazariev
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Today, it is very important to have a watch that has multiple functions for both sports and everyday life. An oshenwatch will always be needed and will be in fashion all the time. Especially a watch where you can even track your sleep through oshenwatch app.

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Why do you need this device?

An attempt to create a compact and lightweight wrist device that not only shows the time, but also has a wider range of capabilities has been successful. It made the device mega popular and necessary for every day. The smartwatch serves as an easily accessible additional screen that allows you to quickly respond to calls, messages, and notifications.

How to set the clock fully

The oshenwatch is not ready to operate right out of the box. This device requires presetting, which accuracy will allow you to enjoy all the functions provided by the model and guarantee the stability of its operation. If you have no experience in "communicating" with such a device, the instructions will help.

Setup process consists of three steps: the first is to prepare the device, then to configure and connect oshenwatch to iPhone. And the last step is to install the applications that are of interest to the owner. Before setting up the device, it is important to make sure that the gadget launches without problems.

It is recommended: to charge my oshenwatch the battery to 100%, so that it does not run down during the oshenwatch setup process. The charging method may vary depending on the model. For example, some of them can be charged without wires.

Note: If your device does not see the charge my oshenwatch, it may be faulty.

How to configure the battery

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It is advisable to rock a new battery by charging it to 100% and then discharging it to zero and charge my oshenwatch fully again. Some experts advise doing this 2-3 times.

Setting the time and date

As a rule, you don't need to do anything here - auto-detection works. If it does not, you can do everything manually:

  1. Enter the Settings menu.
  2. Go to the Time and Date section.
  3. Specify the year, month, day, hours and minutes.

Push Notifications

Push notifications or pushes are short pop-up messages that inform you about something important (usually). Their peculiarity is that such messages come even when the browser or an oshenwatch app on the phone is closed.

You should receive all messages of any social networks. It's pretty easy to do. It is necessary to set up such a function in your settings. If you want your OshenWatch to vibrate every time you receive a new notification by your desired apps, you can set it up in the Message Push menu under Set.

Oshenwatch features

Oshenwatch features


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The OshenWatch Luxe's built-in dialer allows you to make quick and easy calls on your phones. Just enter your phone number into the form and your phone will automatically be connected to the call. Such an oshenwatch app is easy to install on your cell phone.


You need this feature to connect oshenwatch to iphone and from your oshenwatch app. Without this feature, you wouldn't be able to control everything from your phone and you wouldn't get calls and notifications. Without Bluetooth there is no way at all. You even need it to activate your watch. Therefore, this function serves as a link between your phone and smartwatch.

Call logs

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This feature is very handy, especially when you do sports or do not have your phone with you. You can open it and see all the calls you have missed or made. You can even use it to make a call.


On the oshenwatch, you can see all the notifications you receive. If you miss a notification, you can go to the appropriate app and see all the messages in total. The only nuance is that you can't write anything.

Sleep monitor

Unfortunately, there is no sleep sensor, but it is replaced by an accelerometer - this sensor allows you to monitor your sleep by reacting to changes in your body position. When a person falls asleep, the activity decreases - the device understands that sleep time has started. And with the help of the heart rate monitor it determines the phase of sleep you are in. There are also additional features, such as a blood oxygen sensor - with its help your sleep data becomes much more accurate, because during the deep phase your heart rate decreases, and during the fast phase it increases along with the oxygen in your blood.

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitor

The smartwatch measures the pulse using the method of photoplethysmography. The light coming from the sensors in the watch hits the skin, most of it is absorbed by body tissues and the rest is reflected.

Thanks to green LEDs, the oshenwatch can measure the volume of blood passing through the wrist at any given time. Blood is red, so it reflects red and absorbs green light. When the heart beats, the blood flow in the wrist increases, and with it the volume of green light absorbed.


When you connect oshenwatch to iphone, the language that you have on your mobile device is mostly detected on your watch. If this does not happen, you should go to the Settings and select the language you prefer. There are not many of them, but they are currently very popular and in demand: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish and Russian.


The accelerometer, a device with a counterweight that reacts to body movement in space, helps you count steps and determine speed. It recognizes the acceleration of the fitness bracelet and responds to hand movements.

Some devices additionally use a gyroscope that takes into account the three-dimensional movement in space, which allows to:

  • determine how the hand moves during movement;
  • more accurately recognize the nature of the owner's movements.

Oxygen Level

Simply put, SpO2 is a measure of blood oxygen saturation. The more oxygen in the blood, the higher the SpO2 level will be. Seeing that our body needs oxygen to survive, we can generally say that a higher SpO2 level is a good thing. On the contrary, low blood oxygen levels can lead to symptoms known as hypoxemia. The normal value of this parameter is between 95% and 99%.

Bluetooth music

You can play music when synced with your mobile device. Since all music is saved there. This way you can play it through your watch. Very convenient and easy.


To see this feature, you need to sync with your device so that the calendar shows the correct date and month.

3 ways to find a lost watch

  1. Smartwatches are designed for communication. Therefore, if the smartwatch is turned on, you can simply call it and use the call to determine its location.
  2. Since the smartwatch has a SIM card inserted in it, you can use GPS to determine its location. By activating this feature in the oshenwatch app, you can determine the location of the gadget on the map with an accuracy of up to 5 meters.
  3. Smartwatch is tied to the smartphone, so it won't be difficult to find it by sending an SMS command from this number.

All in all, the ostenwatch can be used to count steps or calories. A push notification is also available for incoming calls and messages from this device. Besides measuring blood saturation and heart rate, your fitness tracker can also monitor blood pressure. It is truly a fashionable, durable and multi-functional device.

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