My iPhone 13 Keeps Freezing: How to Fix the iPhone 13 Frozen Screen

Updated: February 28, 2023
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My iPhone 13 Keeps Freezing: How to Fix the iPhone 13 Frozen Screen
by Dmytro Sywyi
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Even expensive devices catch glitches. Sadly, but iPhone 13 is not an exception. Follow our instructions on how to unfreeze the iPhone 13, and you will fix these software issues in less than 20 minutes!

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Why your iPhone 13 is freezing: list of reasons and how to fix them

Most likely, your iPhone 13 has problems because of one of three main reasons: system bugs, a lack of RAM to run apps, or outdated software.

If the device doesn’t have enough working memory, it stops responding. That’s why you can have iPhone 13 freezing issues. Look at the freshly installed apps. One of them could lead to glitches if it catches incompatibility with an already installed one. Check the software and update it. So grab your phone, open this guide – and let’s start to fix problems!

Close all background applications

Every app currently running consumes part of the iPhone’s working memory. If you turn on a few high-consuming applications at the same time, you will get a lack of RAM. That may be the reason why your iPhone 13 keeps freezing. Close all applications and run them one by one.  Stick to this instruction:

  1. Put your finger on the lower part of the screen. Then swipe it up and stop in the middle of the screen. Now you should see the list of currently opened applications.
  2. Tap on the preview and swipe up on each of them.

Make sure that you previously saved important information.

Don't open another consuming application if you are already filming, gaming, or using editing software.

Check the power source

Overheating of iPhone13

Connect the device to the power bank or charger. If your phone has less than 20-30% battery life, you can face iPhone 13 freezing issues. Charge your iPhone to 60-80%, or at least 50%.

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Don’t use the device while you are charging it. Using and charging heat the battery even separately. But when you combine these processes, it could lead to overheating. When the smartphone gets hot, it tries to slow all processes inside it. Although it may sound silly, even the iPhone 13 Pro Max is freezing when it gets too hot.

Restart your phone

You may witness software bugs that don’t let the device run correctly. Restarting remove temporary files that may be the primary source of the bugs. This action will cost you less than a minute of your time. Stick to this easy instruction:

  1. Hold the Power button.
  2. When you see the slider, swipe it. This action will turn off the device.
  3. Wait for at least 20-30 seconds.
  4. Hold the Power button again to turn your iPhone on.
  5. Release it once you see the logo.

This simple yet effective action can help you with the iPhone 13 frozen screen issue. If the device still glitches, continue reading our guide.

Perform a force restart

How to force restart iPhone

With the soft reset (or a force restart), you fully reboot the system while data and the settings stay the same. Press for 1-2 seconds and then release the Volume Up key. Repeat these actions with Volume Down. Press and long hold the Power. When you see the logo of Apple, release the button.

Check for app updates

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If your iPhone 13 freezes when you use some apps, seek the source of the problem in these applications. Check for updates in AppStore. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Go to the AppStore.
  2. Type the name of the app that continuously freezes in the search bar.
  3. Tap on it. Then you will be redirected to the page of this app in AppStore.
  4. Check if you see an “Update” virtual button.
  5. Tap on this button if you see it.

This action will update the application. If you don’t see the “Update” button, you have an up-to-date version of the app. Try to reinstall it.

Update the OS

Update the software on the iPhone 13

When iPhone runs on the old version of the system, it usually starts glitching. So, it could be the reason why your iPhone 13 keeps freezing. Update your device. You have three ways to do it: through Settings, iTunes, or Finder.

In the first case, you need to run this instruction: Settings General Software Update. If you see the Download and Install virtual button, tap on it.

In the second case, you should install iTunes on your PC. It can be macOS or Windows. Linux and ChromeOS don’t have an iTunes app. Connect the phone to the PC and open iTunes. In the left part of the window, you will see the icon of your iPhone 13. Follow this path: Check For UpdateDownload and install.

The Finder option is available only for macOS Catalina or higher. Connect the cellphone to the computer and go to the Finder app. After, run this instruction: Locations Check Download and Install.

Reset the settings

This action will bring all the settings to their basics. All your information will remain intact, however, you’ll have to set up every app again. To fix the frozen iPhone 13 this way, follow the next path: Settings General Reset All Settings

It usually helps to fix most software problems. But if it hasn’t helped you, try a factory reset.

Do the hard reset

How to do a factory reset

It is the most severe action you can do at home without service help. It will wipe all information, so ensure you have a copy. When ready, follow the next path: Settings General Reset Erase All.

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Wait for 15-20 minutes until your phone finishes the process. Right after it reboots, you will be able to use the device.  Then you’ll have two choices: restore it or start everything from scratch.

Contact Apple support

If solutions from above haven’t worked out, contact Apple Support. Tell them about your frozen iPhone 13. It could be a hardware issue. If you have an AppleCare+, they could fix the device for free.

But if you don’t want to go to the Apple service or need professional help ASAP, ask Howly experts. They will teach you how to restart iPhone 13 when it's frozen and how to fix any issue with your phone successfully. Tell us details of your case, and we will give you a unique guideline in less than 10-15 minutes.


What do frequent phone freezes mean?

Frequent lags or freezes are a clear sign of some kind of problem. Most often, the culprits are insufficient memory, poor processor performance, outdated software, or viruses. The situation will only get worse if you don't fix the problem.

Can a reboot really help get my phone working?

Absolutely. To say more, this is the first thing you should do to unfreeze your device. Reboot takes little time, fixes minor system bugs, and removes temporary files that can cause problems in iPhone operation.

Why does my iPhone 13 freeze when I try to update the software?

Sounds like you have some kind of system bug. Reset your device and try installing the update again. If it doesn't work, back up your iPhone, enter the recovery mode, and update the system via iTunes.


Stop spending your time on the forums and asking, “Why does my iPhone 13 keep freezing?”Users will give you 2-3 solutions that may not even work in your case. Run this algorithm, and save your evening:

  • Close opened apps;
  • Charge the phone;
  • Restart it;
  • Update any software that can be related to the phone: iOS, apps, connected devices;
  • Delete apps that make your iPhone 13 screen freeze;
  • Reset settings and device.

If nothing from this list has helped you solve the frozen iPhone 13 problem, go to the service center. It could be a hardware issue, so the specialists will fix it for you. If you are unsure what’s wrong with your phone, contact the Howly team. Our 1000+ professionals will gladly answer any tech questions you have!

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