Ebay gift card scratched

Ebay gift card scratched: what to do?

Updated: February 24, 2023

Some stores apply restrictions for broken gift cards, especially in scratch-off areas. It may signify that the card is in use or not original. Don’t worry.

In this article, Howly’s tech specialists will tell you why this could happen and what to do if you receive an unused eBay gift card code scratched off

This issue is easy to solve. Nevertheless, contact us to lay any tech problem of yours. We are here for 24/7 assistance.

Check the card credentials

Examine the looks of your damaged card. If the information including the number and pin is still readable, stores’ registers redeem your gift card.

In fact, shops accept cards with damaged parts as long as the card number and four-digit PIN are readable. For online transactions, insert the gift card number and four-digit PIN while paying.

However, if the card number and PIN are no longer legible, the amounts on the card cannot be determined or redeemed. So you will have to contact the provider.

Contact the retailer 

The main way to get your scratched eBay gift card back is to contact the provider. Supply them with the following information in the message:

  • the card’s number;
  • names of the person who purchased and the beneficiary;
  • the photo of the back side;
  • the photo of the receipt of the purchase;
  • the name of your eBay account;
  • the email and phone number.

Even if the card’s number and pin are numb, these data are enough to identify that the purchase has taken place, so the card is valid. If the scratched eBay gift card has not been used or canceled, the retailers are happy to help their customers.

Contact support

The quickest way to get in touch with customer support centers is to write an e-mail or refer to a form on the site. Do not hesitate to address them, as gift cards can be accepted before the expiry date

There are several ways the support can solve your problem:

  • replace the damaged card with the same credit;
  • replace with a coupon or voucher;
  • do nothing; unfortunately, some stores do not replace scratched eBay gift cards in any manner.  

Can you replace a scratched eBay gift card?

Lost, stolen, or destroyed eBay gift cards can be replaced if you have evidence of purchase and the number.

Contact the retailer of eBay customer support and give the information on the purchase to fulfill the replacement.

Watch for card fraudEbay gift card scratched

Scamming is very common. So consider your gift card code as cash:

  • Never provide your gift card code to anybody other than eBay.com checkout.
  • Use your eBay gift card only at eBay.com checkout.
  • Do not pay with gift cards to anyone other than eBay.

If you face a scam, go to eBay Customer Assistance immediately with the Gift Card and the receipt. They are necessary to validate your eBay gift card code scratched off.


Can you return an eBay gift card scratched?

If the gift card code is absent, you cannot return it for a refund unless you have the receipts and other information proving the fact of the purchase.

Can I cash my gift card?

These cards may be readily converted into cash via trustworthy companies such as Raise and CardCash. You won’t get the entire value, but it’s better than leaving a gift card unused.

To sum up

Be cautious with your gift cards, as they could be easily damaged. However, even an eBay gift card scratched off could still be used until the pin or card number is legible.

Nevertheless, if you have your eBay gift card scratched with receipt, the retailer may replace the card. 

Remember to contact the Howly team with any technical issues you face. You can rely on us.

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