iPhone 11 Speaker Issues: What to Do and How to Fix

With each new version, the iPhone improves its capabilities. For example, experts believe that the iPhone 11 has the best speaker among all models. 

The iPhone 11 is truly a unique device. You can perform many tasks, listen to music, and watch your favorite movies, all with high performance. But what to do if the sound is lost in your device? And now you find it challenging to call friends, loved ones, or enjoy music? Let’s figure it out.

iPhone 11 Speaker Issues

What type of issues do you have?

How to fix the speaker on iPhone 11? Unfortunately, there are several reasons why your speaker may not work correctly. In this article, we will look at each of them.

But first, let’s try to figure out what exactly does not work.

Your phone may be muted all the time, only during a call or when you are listening to music.

Do a few tests to understand if you have a general iPhone 11 speaker problem or some specific one.

  • First, listen to how your ringer works. This way, you will understand if you have a problem with the speaker in general or if it only occurs when you are talking on the phone. 
  • Second, compare the sound during a call and while listening to music. This action will help you understand what is not working on your iPhone and which problems with the iPhone 11 speaker you have. 

So, now you understand what exactly does not work in your iPhone, let’s get down to possible solutions.

Restart your phone and check the recently downloaded apps 

The first method that can help you is to restart your iPhone. Sometimes your phone runs many background activities while you work, which can cause crashes and sound issues. 

The forced reboot will help your phone “start from scratch” and eliminate errors. 

How to do it?

First, press and quickly release the volume up button, then do the same with the volume down button, and after that, hold down the side button for a few seconds – don’t release it until your iPhone restarts. 

When the shutdown window appears, turn off your phone and then turn it on.

Restart your phone

Is the sound still quiet or absent? The next thing you can do to fix speaker issues on the iPhone is to ensure that none of the downloaded programs are throwing an error.

Check your recently installed apps and delete the latest ones. Then restart your iPhone again. 

Check the operating mode

The easiest way to fix the problem is to check the sound level. Perhaps you have the silent mode activated or turned off the speaker’s sound. Look at the switch on the phone’s left side to understand this. You have activated the silent mode if you see a thin orange bar above it.

Flip the switch up towards the display to bring the sound back.

Then try adding sound using the volume keys. Please set it to maximum and check the sound. If you still experience iPhone 11 speakerphone problems, proceed to the next step.

Check the operating mode

Turn off AirPlay devices

Sometimes a speaker’s problem has nothing to do with the speaker. Nowadays, we connect our iPhones to our TV, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and other devices every day. So it is not surprising that you can just forget about it.

This way, your phone can automatically connect to the devices you have used before and stream sound to them. If it is transmitted to the TV or speakers, you will likely hear it. But what if it will be transmitted to slight headphones in your pocket?

To disconnect your phone from AirPlay:

  1. First, go to the control center and click on the AirPlay icon.
  2. Then, if you see that your device is connected to another device, disconnect it.
  3. After this step, check the sound of your speakers.
Turn off AirPlay devices

Check if Bluetooth devices are connected 

This step is similar to the previous one. Your phone may be transmitting audio to headphones or another Bluetooth device. In this case, you will hear a quiet sound and may even start searching for an answer to the question “Where is the speaker on iPhone 11?” on the web. But the answer is that the audio you’ve turned on is now playing on your headphones.

To fix this, go to the Settings menu and turn off Bluetooth. Ready! Check the sound of your iPhone again.

Clean your microphone and speaker

Imagine you’ve added sound, but your iPhone 11 is muted. And you still try to find the answer to the question: “How to fix the ear speaker on my iPhone?” Unfortunately, the phone is quiet all time: when you are talking on the phone and when the music is playing. In such a situation, you need to clean the microphone and speakers. To do this, use an antistatic brush. If you don’t have one on hand, you can use a new toothbrush. By the way, this action also may help you with iPhone XR speaker issues.

Clean your microphone and speaker

Speakers and microphones can become dirty due to the dust and debris in our pockets and the air. And let’s be honest, we do not use the phone with sterile gloves. Instead, we take it to a variety of places.

Take a brush and clean the microphone. Where are the speakers on iPhone 11? Your Apple device model has a few microphones and speakers. 

The first is located at the bottom of the iPhone. The second is at the top of the screen. You have to clean it also if you want to resolve the problem. Another microphone is placed on the back of your phone, near the camera. Clean it, too, for better sound.

Where are the speakers on iPhone 11

Blow into the iPhone 11 speaker or try vacuuming up the debris. Such simple manipulations will help eliminate lint, small debris, and dust. So now you know where the speaker is on iPhone 11 and how to clean it. 

Check if the phone is stuck in headphone mode

Sometimes dust and small debris in the headphone jack trick the iPhone into thinking that headphones are connected. It is straightforward to check this – click on the button sound adjustment. Unfortunately, the sound is “transmitted to the villi” if you see the headphone icon. That may be the reason why the sound does not work on your iPhone 11.

In this case, inspect the connector with a flashlight. If you see any debris, dirt, or dust, get rid of them with a brush, as we described earlier.

Update your operating system

How long haven’t you been downloading updates? If you still have problems with iPhone 11 speakers after all the manipulations described earlier, try updating iOS to the latest version.

You can do this in two ways:

  • First, go to Settings – General – Software Update. Download and install updates.
  • Connect your phone to your computer with a cable and go to iTunes. Click “Check for Updates.” If they are, download them to your phone and restart your device.

If the updates are installed correctly, you reboot your phone and rule out all other causes of no sound, and this step will be highly effective.

Is the Focus mode on? 

The next step to solving speaker issues is to check the focus mode. You may have worked hard and turned on Focus mode so calls and messages won’t distract you and then forgot to turn it off. In this mode, most sounds do not work.

Go to the menu and check if the focus mode is off. If not, turn it off.

Turn off focus mode

Check your audio settings

If the above-mentioned methods did not help, and you are still trying to fix the “iPhone 11 no sound” issue, we move on to more “serious” options – changing your audio settings. 

First, go to Settings, and click General. Next, click on Accessibility. And check your settings.

You may have Mono Audio mode enabled. These sound settings can affect the volume you hear. Therefore, you need to turn off Mono audio. Try turning off the phone Noise Cancellation as well. This action often helps if the sound is muffled, even with headphones. 

If one iPhone speaker is not working, check the sound balance between the left and right speakers. Very often, the lever is shifted towards the right speaker. This setting prevents you from hearing the sound in its entirety. Instead, make sure the slider is precisely in the middle. It’s the solution when the iPhone 11 left speaker does not work.

Check your audio settings

Quiet sound while listening to music

If the speaker sounds quiet while listening to music, check the EQ settings in the music section. Go to the settings, scroll to the Music section and go to the EQ item. It is disabled by default. But you can have custom settings.

Turn off EQ, Sound Limiting, and Sound Check. Then check the sound.

Quiet sound while listening to music

Reset all settings

If there is still no sound on iPhone 11, you can try to reset all settings.

To do this, go to settings and click General. Then scroll down to Reset all settings, enter your code and confirm the operation. After that, your iPhone will reset all your settings. You will have to re-enter the code for WiFi applications and connect Bluetooth devices.

But contacts, photos, and videos will remain on your phone. Do not worry.

If this operation did not solve the sound problem, your phone might have a hardware issue.

Visit the service center

If all else fails, the speaker still does not work, and you need the help of specialists. For example, you may have encountered a factory defect, a programming error, or low-quality software. Or you have downloaded a malicious file that is interfering with your device.

In any case, trying to fix it yourself can lead to irreparable damage. Therefore, it is better to contact the service center.

To do this, collect all documents for the phone, receipts, and warranty card, and bring them to the Apple Store along with the phone. Then, explain what does not work to the employee and follow their instructions.

If there is no sound due to a technical breakdown, your phone will be subdued or replaced with another one.


Now you know what to do if your iPhone 11 sound does not work. Follow these simple steps to fix speaker issues. One of the solutions will help bring back the sound of your iPhone 11.

If nothing helps, contact the service center. Apple experts will help you find the problem and fix the speaker for iPhone 11 most safely.

Save this guide to use it when your iPhone suddenly loses sound. With its help, you can quickly solve the problem.

If you want to get help online, our Howly experts are always ready to make a consultation for you.