How to use Apple Pay on iPhone

Updated: March 30, 2023
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How to use Apple Pay on iPhone
by Anton Hrytsaienko
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Apple Pay is a modern way to make purchases. It is faster and easier than traditional bank cards or cash, as it converts your phone into a virtual wallet. With it you can pay with iPhone almost instantly, avoiding tedious typing in the numbers and passwords. Instead, your phone will do the hard work, putting the security procedures and validation to a high level.

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The Howly tech team has prepared this article to walk you through the main steps of installing Apple Pay on your iPhone and starting transactions. If you are qurious how to use Apple Pay on iPhone, contact us when it's convenient. We are ready to help 24/7.

And here we start.

Set up Apple Pay on your iPhone

How to use Apple Pay on iPhone

There is a range of phones where Apple Pay is accessible. To pay with iPhone, you must have iPhone 6, and Mac with Touch ID and later versions.

Before you start using Apple Pay, initially configure it on your iPhone. Here's how to go about it:

  1. Move to the Settings app and pick the Wallet & Apple Pay app.
  2. Go to Add Card and validate that you are you by entering credentials.
  3. Go to the Credit or Debit Card option and continue.
  4. Scan your bank card with the camera on your phone. The instructions will guide you on how to position your card. Alternatively, you may insert the card digits yourself. The necessary details also include the card CVV secure code and validity period (also called expiration date in DD/YY format).
  5. With all the data verified, select the verification method which suits you the most. You can use email, SMS, or bank apps for this purpose.
  6. After you receive the activation code, enter it and go next.
  7. Install this card as Default Card if you like. You can do it later as well.

Congratulations! Your card is in your Apple Pay account and app. Do not postpone to pay with iPhone now.

Add cards to Apple Pay

Apple Pay can comprise using several bank cards. You may select the card you want for a particular transaction. It's convenient when you keep your cash in various banks.

You can do the following if you want to add more cards that you use.

  1. Move to the Wallet app.
  2. Press the button marked with +.
  3. Scan the card with your camera as we described above, or insert the necessary information manually.
  4. Validate the new card via SMS (or an alternative verification method).

Voilà, you are free to use your virtual bank cards wherever and whenever you like.

How to use iPhone wallet in stores

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The biggest pleasure is using Apple Pay to buy goods in services in local stores. Currently, almost 85% of all stores in the US accept Apple Pay. Search the pictograms above to find out whether Apple Pay can be applied in this store. Here's what the entire process looks like:

  1. Take out your phone and press two times its side button.
  2. Unlock your iPhone with Touch or Face ID.
  3. Put your iPhone close to the terminal. Wait until the signal comes and the word Done appears on the screen.

The transaction is complete. Remember to take your receipt.

How to pay with iPhone Apple Pay on the web

The second most common way to use Apply Pay is to pay with iPhone online. Most websites and applications have Apple Pay icons. You can see it at the checkout along with other payment methods like Google Pay, Paypal, etc. So you need only Apple Pay for purchases.

The process of shopping doesn't differ a lot. You choose your goods, checkout, enter the necessary shipment information and choose how you pay. Among other instruments, there is always the Apply Pay logo.

To approve credit card payment iPhone, click the button on the side two times and verify that you are with Face or Touch ID.

Remember that Apple Pay can also remember the shipping address, so you won't need to reenter it every time. To manage these functions, move to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay and check all your appropriate data, like addresses and contact phone numbers.

Customize Apple Pay settings

How to use Apple Pay on iPhone

Apple Pay can be tailored to your tastes. You may change the command to call for Apple Pay. In particular, disable the side button. Here's how to go about it:

  1. Move to the Settings app.
  2. Pick the Wallet & Apple Pay line.
  3. Modify the choices by toggling.

These options include transaction preferences, addresses, and the credit card payment iPhone used as default. Read how to change it in the next section.

Change your default card if you like

How to use Apple Pay on iPhone

If you have more cards to pay with iPhone, you can choose one card to use as a primary choice for all transactions. Here's how to do it:

banner 6
  1. Go to the Settings app and pick the Wallet & Apple Pay option.
  2. Move to the Default Card line.
  3. Pick the card you wish to install as a main card for all purchases.

This card will arise when you purchase something. It saves time and reduces iPhone payments a lot


Does Apple Pay go along with all iPhone models?

You can use Apple Pay on iPhone 6 and newer.

Can I install several bank cards in Apple Pay?

You are free to add numerous items to Apple Pay. One of them is main used for usual transactions. However, you may pick which one to use for a particular case, if you want.

Is using Apple Pay iPhone 13 secure and safe?

Apple Pay is a totally safe payment method since it keeps your actual credit card data encrypted. Moreover, additional verification methods, like Touch or Face ID authentication, are also obligatory to prevent fraud.


Apple Pay was part of a digital revolution when it appeared. Thanks to it, millions of people enjoy simple and safe online and offline shopping. Now you don't need to worry about your wallet every time you go to the checkout. The only thing you need is your phone.

As Apple Pay is popular, setting up your iPhone with Apple Pay worth trying. Plus, the process is very simple and brief. Moreover, you may alter the settings and how you like to have an impeccable shopping experience.

If you want to know more about the tips and tricks of how to use Apple Pay on iPhone, comment on the article below or contact our specialists. Howly team is preparing more materials you would be curious to read.

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