How to update TikTok?

Updated: March 13, 2023
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How to update TikTok?
by Mykola Diakun
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Like any other app, TikTok can lag. As a rule, your smartphone will update automatically. But if you can see, for example, no extra filters, features, or other functionality, while other users can, manual updating can fix the issue.

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If you hesitate that you know how to update TikTok, read our guide for a comprehensive understanding. You can update TikTok on your phone in two ways: manually update the app or allow automatic updates for your phone.

Howly tech experts describe all the ways to update TikTok, and you are free to choose. If you require assistance, do not pamper to call us. We are here 24/7 for you.

How to update TikTok on iPhone

How to update TikTok
  1. Updating TikTok is so easy you can manage it in a few taps. For a start, open and log in to the App Store.
  2. At the top of the screen, you will see your profile icon. Tap it.
  3. Find TikTok in the list of Available Updates, then hit Update. Alongside, you may update other applications as well by pressing Update All.
  4. It will take several seconds to download and install the update. After that, you can start to use your app.

How to update TikTok on Android

The procedure of updating TikTok on Android OS is pretty similar to iOS. The difference is that you should enter the Play Store app instead.

  1. Once you’re on your Play Store app, push the icon in the corner of the screen for your account. Move to the option Manage apps & device and pick Updates available.
  2. Search TikTok’s name in the list of available apps. To confirm the TikTok update, select Update. As in iOS, you can update all the apps simultaneously.
  3. With the update completed, run your TikTok app as usual. It will have the latest version.
How to update TikTok

How to update TikTok app automatically

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Keeping your apps up to date is crucial, so we advise switching on automatic updates. Besides, if your smartphone hard drive is spacious enough, you don’t need to keep checking for any fresh releases. Just set up an automatic TikTok app upgrade.

Depending on whether you have an Android or iOS phone, enter the app market you use:

  • On Android, then tap the account icon to see the menu. Pick Auto-Update apps and decide on the proper update method: Over any Network or Over Wi-Fi only. Apply the changes and enjoy the apps.
  • On iPhone, find the App Updates and Automatic Downloads options in the App Store. The apps will be installed as soon as they are released without your confirmation.


How can I find out whether TikTok has received an update?

You may check for updates on your mobile device at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If there is an available update for TikTok, you will see an Update button next to the app in the store.

What should I do if I am unable to update TikTok?

First, ensure your device is online and has adequate storage space to download the update. Then restart your smartphone and reinstall TikTok. If it doesn’t help, contact TikTok support for more assistance.

Is it necessary to update TikTok?

New updates often are used for error fixes, security patches, and other functional perks. Do not hesitate to install them.


TikTok new update improves your user experience and protects your device and personal information. In all respects, they are useful, so do not hesitate to install them in time.

You may quickly upgrade TikTok on your mobile device by following the instructions in this article. The installation is brief and simple; however, if you face difficulties, contact our support center. We will gladly help to solve the trickiest problems with your gadgets.

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