How to turn off a PS5 controller

Updated: February 22, 2023
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How to turn off a PS5 controller
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Even though it may seem easy, learning how to turn off a PS5 controller is not always clear and might be helpful when working with many controllers on a single system. Or let's say you want to leave your console on after you've stopped playing because you want to preserve power between peak usage – either way, Howly has a solution!

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4 Easy steps to turn off a PS5 controller

Below we have described the most popular way to deactivate your controller.

Step 1. Press the PlayStation key

Press the PlayStation key

Look for the large PlayStation regulator in the middle of the device to open the PS5 Control Center.

Step 2. Go to the Accessories menu

Go to the Accessories menu

You will find a small list named Accessories in Settings. Here you will be able to see the battery status and the scheme of the electronic equipment you are using. This system is handy for checking your controller and fine-tuning its settings, but you'll also find a derivative instrument to turn the controller off here.

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Step 3. Pick the Accessories menu and uncover your device

Click the Accessories button to open the advanced menu. All add-ons linked to the PS5 table are displayed here, and that is also the place where you can manage their settings and disable them individually. If you have multiple controllers connected and running simultaneously, they will be assigned a number in the order in which they were connected.

Step 4. Select Disable to turn off the controller

If you want to disable one DualSense controller, click on the wireless controller you wish to disable and select Disable. Repeat this step for other connected mechanisms if you detach numerous PS5 controllers.

Other ways to turn off a PS5 controller:

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If you, for some reason, failed with the previous method, here are some tips and tricks you can use to turn off your PS5 controller.

Set up an automatic shutdown

Set up an automatic shutdown

You can set up an automatic shutdown so that the gamepad does not discharge in vain when you move away from the console and forget about it.

To do this, follow this path:

SettingsSystemPower SavingSet Time Until Controllers Turn Off

Then, pick out, for example,10 minutes.

Now, if the gamepad is not used for 10 minutes, it will automatically turn off.

Silence the speaker

The DualSense controller contains an installed speaker, which is quite convenient if you want to audio chat but don't own a headset. Although it is helpful, what if you wish to silence it? Fortunately, it's pretty simple. There is a small horizontal button just beneath the PlayStation icon in the center of the device.

Silence the speaker

It's as simple as pressing this button to silence yourself. To help you monitor your audio condition, the controller will become orange while you are muted.

Turn off the PS5 controller connected to a computer

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To do this, you need to go to the console menu:

  1. Touch the PS key on the gamepad.
  2. Click on the gamepad icon in the bottom menu
  3. Select Wireless Controller > Off.

After that, the gamepad will turn off.

Also, you can simultaneously hold down the PS and Options buttons on the gamepad, wait 10 seconds, and turn off the gamepad.

Turn off your PS5 manually

As an alternative to using a controller, you can turn the PS5 off manually by following these steps.

  1. In the middle of your console, you will find two buttons (however, the Digital Edition has just one button)
  2. Access your power button by pressing the larger of the two buttons
  3. The button should be pressed and held for two beeps

This method will power down the console. After a single beep, the console will go into rest mode if you let go of the button.


Now you know how to turn off the PS5 controller without turning off the console so as not to discharge it in vain. From installing a game from a disk to watching movies in an online cinema or videos on YouTube—you don't have to worry about your controller running out of power, thanks to Howly experts!

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