How to troubleshoot the “Apple ID is not supported or valid” error

Updated: April 13, 2023
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How to troubleshoot the “Apple ID is not supported or valid” error
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Apple has done a lot of work to keep users' data as secure as possible. Of course, their efforts deserve respect, but it happens that the system works against you. Thus, when you encounter an “Apple ID is not valid or supported” error, you simply can’t use your device as intended. It’s even worse to realize that you don’t understand the reasons and, accordingly, don’t have the slightest idea how to solve the problem. Take it easy, you'll deal with it after reading this guide!

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Why is my Apple ID not valid or supported?

Once you spot a message about an invalid Apple ID, the first question that pops into your mind is, "Why is my Apple ID not supported?" Understanding the cause will help you restore the functionality of your iPhone. And so we highlight 3 main reasons why your device may show you a message that your Apple ID is wrong:

  • You’re using a second-hand device attached to the Apple ID of its former owner;
  • Apple server problems;
  • You forgot your login details.

Admit it, it doesn't sound all that scary. So what to do to tackle the “Apple ID is not valid or supported” bug? Move on to the fixes part to find solutions!

Top 3 trouble-free ways to fix the “Apple ID is not valid” issue

Although troubleshooting an invalid Apple ID may seem complicated to you, everything is simpler than it sounds. We’ve selected 3 effective solutions to deal with the problem with no hassle!

Retrieve your Apple ID

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If you’ve lost access to your account, it may be because you’re entering the erroneous Apple ID. Luckily, you can recover your login details with the help of unlock. Here's what you need to do:

  • Open in your preferred browser.
  • Find the "look it up" link and click on it.
  • Type in your personal information and provide a valid email.
  • Check that the information is correct and click Continue.
  • The matched Apple ID will be found so you can access your account.

Find out the login details from the previous phone owner

Unable to access your Apple account by entering your login details? Chances are this email address is not valid for use as an Apple ID, as your phone is attached to the account of its previous owner. The easiest way to deal with the problem is to contact the person who sold you the phone and ask them for valid login details. This method is the easiest but won’t work if you no longer have the opportunity to get in contact with the former owner of your device. In this case, try out the next proposed solution.

Use special software

If the above methods didn’t help, try deleting the invalid Apple ID using the AnyUnlock program. The software is reliable and good for quick phone unlocking.

  • Download AnyUnlock and run the program on your PC.
  • Hit Unlock Apple ID.
Hit Unlock Apple ID
  • Connect your iOS phone via USB, and the utility will detect your device.
  • Select Unlock Now.
Select Unlock Now
  • Wait for the process to finish.
Wait for the process to complete


Why is my iPhone showing a message that my Apple ID is invalid?

There may be several reasons for the invalid Apple ID. First of all, the problem may be with the Apple servers, so you can do nothing but wait. Also, you may have entered an incorrect email or password or can’t access your account since the former owner of your phone didn’t delete their Apple user ID.

What to do if I lost my Apple ID email?

The easiest and fastest way to identify your Apple ID email is to enter the iForgot service from your browser. Just click "look it up", enter your personal information, and hit Continue. You can also reach out to Apple support by calling their phone number to get your login email for Apple ID.

How can I delete an invalid Apple ID after unlocking?

You can remove the incorrect Apple user ID via iCloud. Visit and enter your account. Tap Find My iPhone, then open All Devices, and select your phone. Finally, hit the Remove from Account button.

Key takeaways

Fixing a not valid Apple ID issue isn’t as difficult as it sounds. This problem often occurs with people who use second-hand gadgets with a locked Apple ID. If you’re one of them, contact the previous owner for login details. Or maybe you lost your Apple ID email – use iForgot to find it. If this all fails, take advantage of AnyUnlock to delete the wrong Apple ID.

Don’t hesitate to contact Howly for instant help with your Apple account or any other phone security issues, our top experts are here for you around the clock!

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