How to remove scratches from Apple Watch

Updated: May 12, 2023
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How to remove scratches from Apple Watch
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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Don’t know how to remove scratches from Apple Watch? With these 5 easy steps, you will be able to quickly fix your scratched Apple Watch screen. This article will tell you how you can smooth out the surface and mask damage with the help of various attachments, ranging from materials you have at home to professional polishes.

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The screen of your Apple Watch, by its nature, is very sensitive to mechanical impacts: it may fall, scuff, or simply rub against something. Sometimes it happens to all of us that we just accidentally drop the watch or handle it carelessly, which results in a crack on the entire screen or some scratches that ruin the look of the AppleWatch so much. So, how can you easily fix scratches on the Apple Watch face at home?

Step 1: Check the damage

First, try checking it out yourself. Take a look at the damage and determine: is the screen broken? Is there a deformation of the shape of the case, or maybe there are visible signs of damage to internal components (shutdown, overheating, freezing of the “apple”)? This quick check-up must be done to understand whether it is possible to fix scratches from Apple Watch yourself, and, if not, to provide the service center master with a full picture of what has happened.

Step 2: Find out if your local tech store has a professional polish

In tech stores, you can find different kinds of professional polish that will help you get rid of scratches on the Apple Watch screen. The method of applying such protection is usually to apply a thick coating to the clean glass and, after some time, remove this coating from the surface. There are separate instructions for each screen protector that you should follow.

Step 3: Try GLAZ Liquid

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A good example of a professional Apple Watch scratch remover is GLAZ Liquid. This product penetrates even the most minor gaps, fills them, and seals the scratch. After applying the liquid, scratches on the screen are almost guaranteed to disappear. Pro polish is specifically designed for deeper scratches. Its smooth glide is one of the good features that not only maintain the visual appearance of the screen but is also easy to use on the touch display.

Additional equipment you will need includes:

  • Isopropyl alcohol;
  • Regular cloth (such as microfibre or silk cloth);
  • sterile pad.

These simple steps may help you get scratches off the Apple Watch screen:

  • Apply Isopropyl alcohol to a special cloth and wipe the screen with it.
Apple Watch screen scratches
  • Remove the liquid off the screen with a regular cloth, such as microfibre or silk cloth. Do not use paper towels. Make sure it is lint-free after you finish the process.
  • Saturate the pad with liquid glass, then slowly and evenly polish the Apple Watch screen. Afterward, a subtle film or many tiny liquid pearls should appear.
remove scratches from Apple watch
  • If small droplets form on the screen, simply continue to rub the solution until they dissolve and the surface is evenly covered with a layer of liquid.
Remove scratches from Apple watch
  • A very important step now is to spread the liquid over the entire screen.
Remove scratches from Apple watch
  • Let the liquid glass dry for exactly one minute. Possibly, a subtle cloudy layer will form.
remove scratches from Apple watch
  • Carefully wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth until it shines. Again, make sure it is lint-free when you are done;
  • Wash your hands.

NoteWhile the watch is fully usable after the liquid has dried, we recommend waiting 24 hours for the protective layer to harden fully. 36 hours is the maximum time for the liquid glass to harden. If you start using the watch earlier, you risk getting small scratches.

Step 4: Surely, you have toothpaste at home?

It turns out that the toothpaste that everyone has in the bathroom will help to cope with some cracks or scratches that may have appeared after dropping your device.

Remove scratches from Apple watch with toothpaste

You should be able to remove scratches from Apple Watch in three simple steps:

  • Start removing scratches on the glass of a smartwatch with toothpaste by applying it in a thin layer to the display surface;
  • Rub the paste in a circular motion, and then wait a bit for it to dry;
  • Use a slightly moistened microfiber or cotton pad and polish the display surface in a circular motion until the scratches disappear.

However, toothpaste is not always a solution, as it is not a professional Apple Watch scratch repair.  Unfortunately, scratches, especially deep ones, can rarely be removed with toothpaste. It may help only after applying significant (in terms of intensity) efforts.

Step 5: Nothing works? Go to Apple!

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If the damage on the screen is severe and none of the methods above worked for you, try to find the nearest repair center, where professionals will help you get scratches out of your Apple Watch. They will diagnose and determine the extent of damage and use all the original parts. This is very important because it depends on how the Apple Watch will look and work after repair, and that’s why it’s better to go to the verified store.

Sometimes it is possible to solve the problem by reinstalling the protective glass - the upper or outer part of the display model. If the damage is severe, you will have to change the entire display.

Fix scratches on Apple watch

Quick Tip. How to prepare your Apple Watch for screen scratch repair?

Install the latest version of iOS on your iPhone. Back up your iPhone data, which also includes Apple Watch data backup. Charge your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, if your Apple Watch screen is broken, don't panic - there are very few breakdowns that are actually beyond repair. Nowadays, there are many easy ways to get rid of scratches on the Apple Watch.

The important thing is to react in time, not to wear a broken bracelet on your hand and if you can’t fix the problem on your own – contact the service center, where professionals will be happy to help you with the problem.

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Invalid Date
My scratches didn't disappear as promised 🤨
Invalid Date
I had deep scratches on my aple watch, but using the professional polish recommended in this article worked wonders. I highly recommend giving it a try
Avery Ellis
Invalid Date
My watch-screen is shattered. Do you think apple will repair it, or should I try DIY methods first?
Invalid Date
Who knew toothpaste could fix Apple watch scratches? 😲
Invalid Date
My Apple Watch ended up with more scratches after using toothpaste. I should have been more cautious.
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Thank you for this informative article! 🙏 My Apple Watch was covered in scratches, and I didn't know what to do until I found these helpful steps.
Invalid Date
I wish there were more alternative methods mentioned in the article.
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Just noticed some scratches on my applewatch. Wondering if the toothpaste trick will really help
Invalid Date
Tried it, but my AppleWatch still has noticeable scratches 😒
Amelia Russell
Invalid Date
Can these methods work for stainless steel Apple Watch models as well?
1 reply
  1. PixelWizard323
    Invalid Date
    Amelia Russell, Yes, I've used GLAZ Liquid on my stainless steel Apple Watch, and it worked well for surface scratches. Not sure about deep ones though.
Invalid Date
Not satisfied with the scratch removal methods 😔
Invalid Date
I dropped my watch and now it has a big crack. Desperate to find a fix!
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So glad I found these steps! My watch looks brand new! 😍
Emily Peterson
Invalid Date
Are there any risks of damaging the Apple Watch further while attempting these methods?
1 reply
  1. CaptainThunderbolt12
    Invalid Date
    Emily Peterson, I've tried these methods, and there is a slight risk of damaging the watch further if not done carefully. It's best to seek professional help for severe scratches.
Invalid Date
Thanks for the tips, my Appwatch is scratch-free now! 😊
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I followed the steps diligently, but the professional polish I bought didn't work as expected. The scratches are still visible.
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I'm not sure if I want to risk trying these methods on my watch.
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Has anyone tried these techniques? Do they really work?
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