How to reboot if your Oculus won’t turn on?

Updated: April 05, 2023
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How to reboot if your Oculus won’t turn on?
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It may happen that Oculus turns on to black screen. People call it a screen of death, because it is not entirely dark and shows no data, and Oculus won t turn on. It is disappointing but manageable.

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The same thing corresponds to the situation when the Oculus can't charge. The battery is exhausted, and the device lies unresponsive.

Further, we describe why this happens to prevent the problems, and what to do to fix them including dead batteries, corrupt firmware, hardware problem, etc.

Possible causes of the black screen

The device fails to respond due to various reasons. It can be dead batteries or low charge.

Occasionally, the problems may include the software. Namely, upgrades are being downloaded, etc. It can happen while logging in after you change the password. As a result, your Oculus can not update.

There are also cases when a similar error occurs because of damaged firmware or hardware. Follow our guide and learn how to solve issues with your Oculus headset.

How to boot Oculus black screen?

The first and easiest thing to do is a hard reboot on your headset.

To perform it, hold the power button on the headset for more than 30 seconds. For Oculus Quest 2, the booting begins only if the LED light next to the power button is solid white. With other models, the procedure is the same.

If it doesn't work, proceed to the following steps for a total checkup.

Check the battery

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The first thing to check is the battery level. It may seem obvious, but people often forget to charge the headset before using it. If the headset is completely discharged, you can see an Oculus black screen.

For full recharge, it takes a minimum of 2.5 hours long. Mind that the Oculus charger produces 2A. It means that a lower amperage charger will prolong the charge period.

Note that some entertainment apps are highly energy-consuming. It will take more time to recharge fully after them.

While charging, the LED light on the headset should be on. If not, the device is not properly charging. You will know when the battery is full. The Oculus Go charging light will change from orange to green. Other models have the same system.

Furthermore, it is important to check if you use a compatible charger. You may plug it in  correctly, but it won’t work. Try a different cable if needed. Additionally, make sure you have checked the ports. Some people charge their devices all night long and let them overheat while using them. Avoid this to prolong the batteries’ lifetime.

Use the Oculus app

After you ensure the charge is ok, try to log in to the Oculus app. If it does not work automatically, restart and do it forcefully by typing in the login and password.

Pick any game to see if it can detect your headset. After the game has started, put on your Oculus. If the Oculus black screen is still there, it must be a boot loop error in addition to the black screen. It is easy to get rid of it with the following.

  1. Disconnect your device
  2. Take your headset. Hit Power+Volume down buttons altogether. You should see a boot screen displayed.
  3. Select Factory Reset. To navigate, use the volume controls.
  4. To confirm Factory Reset, hit the Power button. After that, confirm again by choosing Yes.

A factory reset erases all settings and data on your device. Keep in mind that it is a measure of last resort. If even it didn't help, you have nothing to do but address the support.

Wipe the proximity sensor

The Oculus Quest/Quest 2 proximity sensor is situated above the bridge of the nose. It measures the distance between your face and the headset.

Test it with your finger. It must react when covered. If the sensor is ok, the Oculus black screen should disappear. A dry microfiber cloth could be helpful with wiping the sensor.

Examining the sensor for cracks or other damage is another step. Cracks may let the light pass through the foam, preventing the proper work of the sensor.

Reset your headset

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It is an extreme measure because it downgrades the device to its factory settings and erases all your data. Follow these steps. They will help to reset the headset and eliminate Oculus screen black:

  1. Make sure the device is turned off.
  2. The Power+Volume down buttons should be pressed together. Wait until the boot screen appears.
  3. Use the Volume buttons to navigate. Look for a Factory Reset. Hit the Power to confirm.

Alternatively, you can reset the headset with the help of your phone:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Find Settings.
  3. Choose your headset.
  4. Pick More Settings.
  5. Choose Factory Reset. Confirm.

In most cases of software problems, it helps. If not, address the support, because there are hardware issues possible.

Wait for the updates to finish

The black screen may appear because of the software updates in progress. Leave your headset for some time, for instance, overnight, to let updating. The final timing depends on your Internet speed.

Plug it in and leave it for at least 30 to 60 minutes. This will guarantee that all possible updates would have enough power to finish.

Address support

If you've tried all these measures and the Oculus black screen of death remains, there might be a hardware problem. Get in touch with Oculus support.

Support helps in two directions. You can create a ticket to receive help. A member of the support team will write to you and describe possible ways to fix the problem. Submit the ticket describing all actions taken to reduce the number of iterations with their offers.

Even if they provide nothing new, at least you know that everything is done.

Another way is to return the headset under the warranty or have it repaired at the service center. The choice between these two variants depends on how long ago you bought the device. In any case, after some time, you will have your headset fixed or replaced.


Why won't my Oculus turn on?

The first thing to check is the battery level. It can be not enough. If you're still having issues, retry pairing the controller through the Oculus app. In worst cases, address support via tickets.

How to turn on Oculus go?

Press the power button for 30 seconds and more. Waif until Oculus will begin booting up. If it doesn't work, use the algorithm described in the article for a total checkup.

How to find Oculus Quest 2 button for a reset?

No. To instantly restart, there is no reset button. Use your phone. Alternatively, reset to factory settings. Keep in mind that it will destroy all your data and settings. To make the factory reset, please turn it off, press the Power+Volume down buttons simultaneously until the boot screen appears, then use the volume buttons to navigate. Look for Factory Reset. Then hit the power button as a confirmation.

How to fix the Oculus black screen problems?

Make use of our simple guide to ensure that you have done everything possible.

  1. Make sure you fully charge the device and wait for the updates to finish.
  2. Check the integrity of the proximity sensor.
  3. Launch any game from the app to check if it detects the headset.
  4. Do a hard reboot.
  5. Contact Meta Support.


A Black screen and non-responsive device occur often. In most cases, if your Oculus won't turn on, a simple restart helps. If not, a brief examination could help.

Check if the device is properly plugged in or charged. The charger should be of a compatible amperage. If any updates are in progress, wait some time to make sure they are over. Examine the sensor, it should not have dirt or cracks.

If nothing changed, it is time to take more severe measures. A factory reset could help, but it will erase all the data. Address Oculus support, submitting a ticket.

Alternatively, book a high-quality one-on-one online consultation with top tech specialists from Howly, if you can’t wait. Our specialists will answer your questions 24/7 until the issue is solved.

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I had the same problem. Now it is ok.
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If this is the only title it is happening to, I recommend rebooting it. Otherwise, if the issue continues, write to Oculus support.
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Resetting my PC fixed it for me.
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This solution saved my life. After removing the account, the headset was completely dead. Thanks!
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I had the same problem. My advice is to plug your headset back in if your Oculus Go runs out of power when you unplug it and hold the power button for 11 to 12 seconds. The charging status screen should then appear.
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