How to fix volume on your iPhone

Updated: March 03, 2023
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How to fix volume on your iPhone
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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Check if silent mode is on

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The most common problem with sound lies in the iPhone’s silent mode.

Therefore, it’s the first thing you need to check if you have iPhone sound issues.

Here’s how to check if your phone is on silent mode:

  1. Locate the volume switches on your phone’s left side.
  2. Use the "+" button to raise the sound volume. The phone should exit silent mode.

After that, you can use the "-" button to turn the volume down to desired pitches.

Check if silent mode is on

Check if external speakers are enabled

The next thing you should check is whether your smartphone can produce sound with external speakers in the iPhone Control Center.

  1. To do this, you need to turn on the Airplane Mode. It will disconnect all connections to other devices.
  2. If music was previously played through an external Bluetooth speaker or through Airplay, it would be disabled.
  3. After that, disable the Airplane mode and repair the external speakers and your phone via Bluetooth.

Restart your smartphone

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If something doesn't work, the easiest tip is to restart your iPhone. It concerns iPhone sound issues as well. Use the power button on the top of the device to turn it off and then turn it back on. The problem may resolve itself.

If the system loses sound after a critical error, you can do a "soft reset" or restart your iPhone through iTunes.

Disconnect the Bluetooth

If your device is connected to a Bluetooth wireless headset, then the device's external speaker and iPhone mic will not be working.

To disconnect the Bluetooth, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Click “General”;
  3. Click “Bluetooth” and “disconnect”.
Disconnect the Bluetooth

Reset all settings

You can fix your phone volume on the iPhone by resetting your settings. After that, the settings will be set by default. This action can be useful if the problems are caused by incorrect phone settings.

To perform a settings reset, you need to:

  1. Select Settings in the smartphone menu
  2. Choose “General”
  3. Click on “Reset settings”.

You shouldn’t worry about your personal data, such as media content and contacts, as they will not be damaged or erased.

Clean the speakers

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The problem with sound on the iPhone may also be due to dirt on the speakers. To fix audio on the iPhone, you need to remove the case from the device and protective glass or film. Look at your receiver hole. It must not be blocked or contaminated. If necessary, clean the hole of the receiver or speaker with a small brush with soft bristles. Use a clean and dry brush.

Clean the speakers

The volume button is not working

The problem with the volume may be in the sound button. When you press the volume control, the corresponding window appears on the iPhone screen, but there is no volume indicator at the bottom. This means that the operating system has crashed. There are several ways to fix the phone microphone and the volume button on your iPhone.

Conduct a soft reset

You can try to fix the software problem. You need to perform a soft reset of the smartphone. Sometimes the smartphone stops working correctly due to the launch of a large number of applications or a simple failure. Rebooting can restore the functionality of the gadget.

Try Assistive Touch

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This won't completely solve your iPhone mic and sound problems, but it will allow you to adjust the iPhone's volume. To turn on Assistive touch, take these steps:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Click on “General”;
  3. Then click on “Accessibility”;
  4. Enable Assistive Touch.

This will provide control over the volume buttons. Click a few times and try running the button again.

You will see a drop-down menu in the lower right corner. But you need to add volume control to it. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose "Top Level Menu" in the Assistive Touch settings;
  2. Press any icon, then select "Volume up" or "Volume down" from the list;
  3. Double Tap from the Assistive Touch menu;
  4. Select something from the list, "Increase volume," for example;
  5. Choose "Triple Tap" and click on "Volume Down".

This is how you can control the volume by tapping the screen.

Press the volume key

If nothing happens, try pressing both parts of the volume key simultaneously. Then, repeat the action 4-5 times. Such manipulations may help restore the phone to its former performance.

Press the volume key

Final Thoughts

iPhones are famous among smartphones for their high quality. However, even such durable equipment can have various problems during operation, including volume iPhone sound issues. There are different ways of fixing sound on your iPhone on your own. However, if none of the above methods helped you solve the volume problem on your phone, you should contact Apple Service.


Can I replace a broken volume button on my iPhone?

Yes, you have such an opportunity, but there’s one caveat. Apple doesn't replace a volume button alone. They can only install a new front screen assembly. Thus, check all of the above solutions before deciding on button replacement.

Yes, you have such an opportunity, but there’s one caveat. Apple doesn't replace a volume button alone. They can only install a new front screen assembly. Thus, check all of the above solutions before deciding on button replacement.

If you’ve just updated your system and suddenly found that the volume isn’t working, a reboot may solve your problem. If the option is ineffective, reset your iPhone. This will fix the bugs after the update and make the phone sound right.

How to change the iPhone volume limit?

You can adjust the volume limit in the settings. Find the Sounds section and hit Headphone Safety. Turn on the Reduce Loud Sounds option and then use the slider to set the desired volume threshold.


What to do in a situation when your iPhone has no sound? The answer to the problem depends on the cause of it. It is possible for the iPhone to have no sound when playing music or during a call. The reasons may be an update or a violation of the device’s integrity. The sound may either disappear or appear due to problems in the smartphone’s settings or mechanical damage to the speaker.

Before you run to the specialist, you can fix the sound on your iPhone on your own. It does not require complex diagnostics. First, start checking if your silent mode is on, then check if the external speakers are enabled. You can also try restarting your smartphone. The iPhone sound issue can also be caused by the Bluetooth connection to a headset. The sound problem may also be fixed when resetting the settings to default. You can also try cleaning the speakers with a dry brush.

You may also find that your volume button is not working. It is a software issue, and you can fix it by making a soft reset or rebooting the smartphone. If it does not help, you can enable assistive touch to regulate volume without the buttons. Also, you can try pressing both parts of the volume key at the same time and repeat it several times to fix the volume on the iPhone.

We’ve collected the most common ways for iPhone troubleshooting when there is no sound. However, if these solutions do not help, you need to contact the support of Apple Service for sound repair.

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