How to Fix HDMI Port on PS4?

Updated: May 12, 2023
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How to Fix HDMI Port on PS4?
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Like most PS4 users, you probably use the HDMI port to connect your PS4 to your TV. Unfortunately, PS4 HDMI ports regularly break and can affect your ability to play. In this article, we will break down the causes of damaged HDMI ports and provide a step-by-step guide on how to fix a PS4 HDMI port.

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Can you use the PS4 without HDMI?

How to use your PS4 if the HDMI is not working? How to play on it? Is it safe, or it’s better to take your device to the nearest service center?

You can use a PS4 without HDMI by purchasing an HDMI converter. Instead of plugging your HDMI cable into the TV, you plug it into the converter and then attach the converter to the TV. Unfortunately, you may have issues with sound and audio quality when using a converter. In most cases, it is much better to simply upgrade your TV and buy HDMI-compatible television.

If you have a damaged HDMI port on your PS4, this method won’t work. It still requires your HDMI port to function as you will need to plug your HDMI cable into the PS4 and then into the converter. There is no way to use a PS4 with a TV if your HDMI port on PS4 is broken. So let’s examine how you can fix HDMI and enjoy your favorite games again.

Why does the HDMI port on PS4 break?


Unfortunately, Sony did a poor job designing the HDMI port on their console. The PS4 HDMI port not working is a common issue as they wear out rapidly from standard use. While general wear and tear is often the cause of the “PS4 HDMI port broken” issue, here are a few specific actions that can really damage the port:

  • Constant plugging and unplugging of the HDMI cable. This places increased strain on the port. You should try to only remove the cable when necessary. Otherwise, the HDMI port PS4 may wear out quickly.
  • Shoving the HDMI cable forcefully into the port or at a strange angle. You can snap and disfigure the pins inside the HDMI port, which can destroy it. You need to be careful when plugging the cable in and make sure you are pushing it in straight if you don’t want to change HDMI after a few months of using your game console.
  • Yanking on the cable when trying to remove it from the port. A powerful pulling force can cause the HDMI port to become unattached and disconnected from the PS4. So you need to be gentle when unplugging the HDMI cable.
  • PS4 falling to the HDMI cable is plugged in. This can damage the structure of the HDMI port and destroy the circuit board. It is best to keep your PS4 in a secure location and ideally not too far off the ground.

Sony should have done a better job designing the PS4 HDMI port to be more sturdy and robust. Its flimsy design has made it vulnerable to breaks and frustrated many PlayStation fans. However, if you are careful with your port and cable and try not to make the common mistakes listed above, you can also avoid an annoying PS4 HDMI repair.

Signs that your PS4 problems are HDMI port-related

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Has your PlayStation been acting up? You could have a PS4 HDMI problem. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to diagnose your PS4 HDMI port problems:

  1. Turn on your PlayStation. If your console is displaying a white light and the TV is black, or there is a distorted video, then you probably need to fix the HDMI port on your PS4.
  2. Plug your PlayStation into the TV using a different HDMI cable. If your PlayStation 4 now works, the problem lies in your old HDMI cable. If the problem persists, you likely need an urgent PlayStation HDMI port repair.
  3. Plug your PlayStation into a new TV. If your PS4 now works, then your old TV was the issue. If it doesn’t, you have an HDMI port problem associated with the chip.
  4. Inspect your HDMI port. Inspect your HDMI port for damage, debris, or dirt. You also need to look inside the port and check the small internal pins. If there is damage, then you have faced a “broken HDMI port PS4” problem. If everything looks normal, it is likely an HDMI chip issue.

To quickly determine if your PlayStation problems are caused by your HDMI port or chip, just follow the steps above. Make sure you follow every step and rule out all other possibilities before you start Googling, “Where can I get my PS4 HDMI port fixed?”

Can you repair a PS4 HDMI Port at home?

Performing a DIY PS4 HDMI repair is tricky. It requires specialized equipment and some nifty soldering skills. You can perform a slight PS4 HDMI port repair without much experience, but it is not recommended to attempt a DIY HDMI chip repair as this is far more technical and challenging. Note that there is a significant risk that you may end up damaging your PlayStation 4 even more by performing an HDMI port PS4 repair or replacement yourself.

It is best to consult with professionals before you start soldering your PS4. There is always the probability that you have misdiagnosed your PS4’s problems, and the HDMI port may be totally fine. Remember that if you need a helping hand, Howly experts are always online for you!

Before looking for a PS4 HDMI port replacement, you need to perform a cost-benefit analysis. How much will it cost you? Repairing the port at home may cause further damage to your console and may not troubleshoot the PS4 HDMI problem. A professional service is often costly and only offers a limited warranty. In many cases, it makes sense to purchase a new console, and with PS5 out, it may be the perfect time to upgrade and treat yourself.

How to fix an HDMI port on PS4?

Do you want to know how to fix an HDMI port on PS4? Then follow our detailed step-by-step guide and get back to playing your favorite PlayStation 4 games!

Before you start repairing your PS4 HDMI port, you will need to purchase a few tools. Here is a list of exactly what you need to start your PS4 HDMI port repair:

  • Basic electronics or special HDMI port repair kit;
  • Soldering iron;
  • Desoldering pump;
  • Magnification tool;
  • Hot air rework station.

You can pick up all these tools cheap on Amazon. Apart from tools, you will need the following parts:

  • Replacement HDMI port;
  • Solder tin;
  • Solder flux;
  • Solder wick.

Now you have everything you need to follow our guide on how to fix the HDMI port on PS4. We have broken down every step into small bite-size chunks!

  • Take off the PS4 cover. Remove the stickers on the corners and unscrew the screws. The cover will then lift off.
Opening the PS4 lid
  • Remove the screws holding the power supply. There are 5 screws keeping the power supply in place on the right-hand side of the console.
  • Unplug the cable connecting the power. This is a tiny cable in the corner attached to the power supply unit.
The cable connecting the power
  • Take out the power supply. Simply lift the power supply up and remove it from the PlayStation.
  • Remove the cables which were located directly under the power supply. After that, remove the screw.
  • Take out the hard drive tray. Remove the small plastic cover, unscrew the screws and pull out the hard drive tray.
The hard drive tray
  • Unscrew the large shielding plate. There are 12 screws holding this in place, once unscrewed, lift out of the console.
  • Take out the heatsink clamp. There are two large screws holding this in place.
  • Take the motherboard out of the PS4. Unplug the connector, remove the large metal plate covering the motherboard and then lift the motherboard out.
Motherboard out of the PS4
  • Desolder the broken HDMI port. Apply flux to the pins, grab your soldering iron and pump, and remove as much solder as you can.
The broken HDMI port
  • Clean the PCB. Clean with a cotton ball and isopropyl alcohol.
PCB cleaning
  • Solder the new HDMI port. Place the HDMI port over the holes and solder on small pins.
Soldering the new HDMI port
  • Put your console back together!

If you follow these detailed steps, you will be able to perform a flawless DIY PS4 HDMI port repair. This repair does require quite a few tools and some soldering skills. If you don’t want to purchase all of these tools, you can also reach out to a professional. If it costs too much repair, consider upgrading your console and grabbing the new PS5.

How to protect your HDMI port on PS4?

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As we wrote earlier, the PS4 HDMI port is fragile and prone to breaking. You can reduce the chance of damaging PS4 HDMI by following these tips:

  • Always switch your PlayStation 4 off before plugging in and removing your HDMI cable. This simple tip will drastically reduce the chance of hurting your HDMI chip.
  • Never move your PlayStation 4 around when it is powered and the HDMI cable is inserted. By moving around with your PS4, you can pull on the HDMI connector, which can short circuit the PlayStation and instantly ruin your HDMI port.
  • Never entwine the HDMI cable around the PlayStation 4 when it is plugged in. This technique can prevent the cable from becoming tangled and makes it easy to transport the console. However, it can stretch and pull on the HDMI port and cause irreversible damage. You should always remove the HDMI cable, and then you can wrap it around your PlayStation.
  • If you are constantly plugging and unplugging your HDMI cable, then protect the port by using a simple extension cable. This way, the cable stays connected to the PS4 HDMI port, and it does not have to deal with the stress of being constantly pulled and pushed. This will prevent your HDMI port from wearing out and keep it healthy for many years!
  • If you are constantly plugging and unplugging your HDMI cable, then protect the port by using a simple extension cable. This way, the cable stays connected to the PS4 HDMI port, and it does not have to deal with the stress of being constantly pulled and pushed. This will prevent your HDMI port from wearing out and keep it healthy for many years!

While we can’t guarantee these tips will keep your HDMI port 100%, they should help your PS4 HDMI port last much longer. Remember to implement all of these tips to maximize their effectiveness!


We hope this article helped you fix your PS4 HDMI port problem.

A damaged HDMI port is a common PlayStation 4 problem that can completely shut down your gaming experience. Sony did a poor job designing the port, and it is susceptible to breaking.

If your HDMI port is broken, you can conduct a DIY repair by following our step-by-step guide. However, it does require some tools and soldering skills.

We recommend asking a professional if you aren’t up to the challenge as you may further damage your console.

To protect your PS4 HDMI port in the future, you should avoid plugging and unplugging the cable frequently and take extra care not to use too much force when adjusting the cable.

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