How to Fix a Cracked Screen

Updated: September 13, 2022

Bang! One careless move – and your smartphone falls on the floor. Now it is damaged with a web of cracks on the screen. It does not feel very pleasant. It drains your budget. Before considering buying the new gadget, ponder on fixing the old one. There are plenty of solutions for having a damaged screen repaired. The minor ones will cost you about $6. The others require a bit more investment. However, it is cheaper than purchasing the brand new one. Be ready to release some of your craft proficiency and preserve patience while handling the problem yourself. In some cases, you can apply for third-party assistance, and it will still be within a reasonable price. Therefore, there is no single solution on how to fix a cracked screen, and that is the real advantage!

Why a Smartphone Screen Is Do Fragile

Why do gadget manufacturers make the screens so breakable? The answer is easy: Because a smartphone is made not to be landed on the concrete floor from 3- or 4-feet height. The manufacturers do care about the gadget’s resistance, but they must maneuver between the technical attributes and design. As a result, modern smartphones are extremely thin, making them light and elegant – and it hides many challenges.

Once it happens to you – you have a reason to ask yourself how to fix a cracked phone screen. Although you may think it is all about your clumsiness, statistics show that about a quarter of smartphones users drops a gadget at least once. Among the accident victims, young people aged 16 to 24 make up a substantial majority (about half of the respondents). Women are less fortuitous: their fraction in the group that came under research is more extensive (51% over 48% for men). People aged 55 and older seem the most smartphone-screen-friendly: just 7% of them reported facing screen damage.

What seems unpredictable can be easily forecasted. There is a bunch of situations when a screen glass becomes broken:

  • a gadget slips from hands.
  • It breaks when a person takes a sit (a smartphone is in a back pocket).
  • A smartphone clashes with a wall or the furniture when it is in a pocket.

Will the screen surface be broken or not after an accident? If you were fond of physics at school, you might think that the lighter smartphone is, the higher the chances of getting minor damage. Not at all. Will you put a point “how to fix a phone screen” into your agenda for the next few days or not – it depends on the height, the floor’s material, and its coverage, finally, the way a gadget lends. According to the users’ experience, the weight does not matter. From this point of view, the Apple owner is in the same team as a holder of a low-end model.

How to Avoid Risks of Breaking a Smartphone Screen

Is being aware of the risks are helpful? Unlikely. What does help to avoid the question “How to fix a broken phone screen?” is using the screen protector. There are two kinds of materials used for manufacturing the screens’ protectors:

  1. Tempered glass. It is obtained by making a glass go through a series of temperature piques, from extremely cold to excessively hot. This process makes a glass, if not completely unbreakable, strong enough to stay safe in risky situations.
  2. Gorilla glass. The cutting-edge technology allows getting the material to resist various powerful factors, including strong bumps. If a smartphone has a protector made of the 6th gorilla glass, you may drop it 15 times on the hard floor – and it will survive. The material gets its magical abilities in a complex chemical process that involves molten salt.
Screen protection
Screen protection

Using cases and screen protectors is a good option for busy people accustomed to holding the gadgets in their hands most of the working day. Moreover, protecting a screen will not break a bank – it is a reasonable investment. Do not forget to back up your data since life is full of force majeure.

To Fix a Broken Screen or Buy a New Gadget?

Fix or buy a new one?
Fix or buy a new one?

The first option is usually the better one if a smartphone is still functioning after an accident and the screen content is visible in a comfortable way. An argument is simple: Having a gadget repaired is cheaper. Moreover, while you use an old smartphone, new modifications will come to life, and after 6-7 months, you will become an owner of the more powerful device. Although, there are arguments that support the idea of purchasing a new smartphone. It is worth it in case:

  • If the old one is too out-of-date.
  • If the damage is so tangible that the usage is inappropriate.
  • If fixing costs just as much as a purchase.

If you know how to fix a cracked phone by yourself or are prone to ask for a professional service, you will extend your old device’s life up to 6-7 months, in some cases – up to 2-3 years, depending on the severity of the damage.

In addition, consider selling an old device to invest money to purchase the new one. Search for an issue on Google: You will find offers to swap an old gadget for a brand new one with some extra money to be paid.

How to Repair a Phone Screen with Your Own Hands

We want to immediately warn you that it is worth doing this only if you have some experience in repair. Otherwise, you risk both cutting yourself and completely ruining your smartphone. Therefore, in any case, it is better to go to professionals to fix this problem.
But if you have gadget repair experience, then the following steps are for you.

It could be challenging if you tend to ask for help while hanging a picture on the wall. However, even in this case, there is good news. Plenty of ready-to-go solutions can be found on the market, so you need an hour (or even less) and a pinch of skill. Study the available options on how to fix a cracked phone screen at home and decide which is best for you.

Tape for Packaging

Tape for screen fix
Tape for screen fix

If the glass is not broken or just a few pieces of glass are missing, you can fix a screen using tape for packaging. First, put the glass fragments into their place and cover a front panel with tape. Then, trim the tape so that a device looks accurate. Although it does not look the same as before the accident, it is still functioning.

Super Glue

Fix screen with help of super glue
Fix screen with help of super glue

Use a special glue called super glue to repair a cracked phone screen. Before applying glue, wipe the panel, then dry it properly since the glue works best on a clean surface. This work resembles collecting a puzzle if some of the pieces fell out (make sure you have all of them in place!).

A Screen Kit

Buy a screen repair kit
Buy a screen repair kit

Replace a screen using a screen opening toolkit. Consider that the new screen’s cost, especially those which support the technology of touch interaction, may be relatively high. Moreover, if you are not an experienced repair person, maybe, it makes sense to ask for professional help. If you tend to get a go for yourself, study a couple of guides on YouTube. Choose those that contain the instructions for your model because you may need a completely different set of actions depending on your device’s construction. The screen kit contains all the necessary tools to open a smartphone’s panel and replace a screen. You will also need a powerful hairdryer to heat the adhesive.

To decide if you are ready to repair a phone screen yourself, weigh all pros and cons. There is no room for a motto “fake it till you make it.” You have just one chance to fix a device properly.

How to Repair a Phone Screen Using Professional Service

Authorized smartphone service center
Authorized smartphone service center

First, check if your smartphone is under warranty. If it is, the chances are that a manufacturer will replace your cracked gadget with the new one. However, it is unlikely that the change will be free of charge since the warranty does not cover the cases with the active owner’s influence. Although, a brand support service can offer an affordable price.

There are many solutions on how to fix your phone screen. Some of them need your active actions, while the others are based on professional support. If your device is under warranty, you have a chance to save money and resolve the problem considerably efficiently. On the other hand, if the warranty is expired, you can repair a device by yourself using tools. Compare the screen replacement cost to buying a new device – in some cases, and it is a win-win solution.

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