How to change ink in HP printer

Updated: May 10, 2023
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How to change ink in HP printer
by Sofiia Tsiunyk
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Regardless of which cartridge type is used in a particular HP inkjet printer model — tricolor plus black or mono-color — the installation process is pretty much the same.

Before we start

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Howly took the experience of proficient tech experts in the field of printers and multifunction office devices and extracted it in this article. It will help you to learn how to change cartridge in HP printer easily and safely. Nevertheless, if you need personal assistance, you are welcome in 24/7 chat to get your problem solved.

Here we go.

Prepare the printer

Before beginning the HP printer ink replacement, check several obligatory things:

  1. Your printer must be on.
  2. The paper tray must have sufficient material.
  3. The ink level status must be low.

For this purpose, touch the ink symbol on the printer's LED screen. It will depict the ink level.

Swing open the cartridge access door

The next step is to remove the lid. The ink carriage will automatically migrate to the middle. If not, try again, restart the printer, or push it with your hands.

Remove the empty cartridges

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Press down on each of the cartridges to release it from the holder. While pulling the cartridges out, avoid touching the copper connections. It is a standard safety measure while replacing HP ink cartridge.

Get out the new cartridges from the package

To replace HP ink cartridges correctly, shake the fresh cartridge package. After opening, avoid any excessive shaking, as the ink may leak.

Open up the packaging and remove the new cartridge carefully from it. If necessary, put it on a paper to prevent leakage so the label is visible. Again, do not touch the chipsets. Be quick since the print head dries out with time and becomes inoperable.

Remove the sealing tape

 How to change ink in HP printer

Remove the orange sticker from the new cartridge. Hold it by the sides not to get dirty and not to touch a chip.

Insert new cartridges

 How to change ink in HP printer

This step is important, as the errors may cost a lot. Be careful to put the ink cartridge in a HP printer empty slot. Always check the colors matching the markings at the top of the printhead. Gently push each one into place until it clicks into place.

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If you feel uncertain about how to do it, we recommend asking for help. We can help and monitor the procedure any time you contact us.

Test the new cartridges

After you install printer cartridge HP, wait some time to allow the printer to initialize the new cartridges. After that, initiate a printing test by choosing the appropriate command on the printer’s control screen.

If the resulting quality is poor, try to clean the cartridges through program settings. Go to Settings, then Tools, and the Clean Cartridges option. Confirm.


What type of ink shall I buy for replacement?

Refer to the HP official guidelines to choose the proper type of ink. Use only original products to avoid future failures.

How can I check the ink levels?

Modern printers signal when the ink tanks are running low. Broken text and white streaks on prints also may indicate that it's time to replace ink cartridge HP.


HP ink cartridge replacement is simple. However, it requires using several tips and tricks in the process. We tried to describe the best of it.

Always contact the Howly customer support team if you face any difficulties with tech. We will help no matter how serious the problem it is.

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