How to cancel Unite the Union subscription with Howly

Updated: June 16, 2023
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How to cancel Unite the Union subscription with Howly
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Unite is one of the fastest-growing and biggest trading unions in the United Kingdom. The organization boasts more than a million members from various industries, including public services, transport, logistics, construction, finance, and manufacturing. The union is committed to helping workers defend their rights and interests on the federal, local, and state levels. In addition, it provides a number of benefits such as training courses, legal services, financial advice, profitable insurance, and much more.

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However, the organization is far from perfect. Otherwise, why are you looking for a way to cancel a Unite Union membership? And you’re hardly the only member with such a craving. Plenty of people turn to Howly asking our experts to help them break ties with the organization. Meanwhile, the majority of members complain about the inefficiency of the union and their slapdash attitude towards customers. Whatever your reason is, this guide will help you cancel a Unite membership as soon as possible.

How to cancel Unite membership via the website

The methods to cancel a Unite the Union membership are limited, and you actually have just a few options to get rid of the service. The easiest one refers to online cancellation through the website. After all, you just need to access your preferred browser and follow a certain link we’ve provided below. Whatever device you’re going to use, the instructions are the same. So, if you’re a regular phone user, it may be convenient for you to cancel Unite via your Android or iOS device.

  • Open the Contact Us page in your browser.
  • Pick I have a work/membership inquiry among the three available options.
How to cancel Unite the Union subscription with Howly
  • Now, you need to fill in a contact form. Click on the empty field under Select Region and choose the area where you live.
How to cancel Unite the Union subscription with Howly
  • Proceed to the Personal Details section and enter your data.
How to cancel Unite the Union subscription with Howly
  • Mark the Yes circle to indicate that you’re a Unite member.
  • Provide your membership number and complete your inquiry.
How to cancel Unite the Union subscription with Howly
  • Hit Submit to send your inquiry.

Congratulations, you’ve done the most bothersome part! But there are a few additional steps to complete. Now, you just need to wait for the Union team to review your request and contact you to clarify the details. So, they can send you an email or call by phone. Bear in mind that their representative will try to convince you to keep the membership – be firm and say no. After that, they’ll proceed with cancellation and let you leave.

H2: How to cancel Union membership via the app

Unite the Union provides its members with a well-optimized application, which is a great advantage as you can get rid of their membership on the go. At the same time, you’ll hardly encounter any surprises as the process typically goes smoothly on both smartphones and tablets. What’s more, the algorithm is a little different from the one we’ve described above. So, how to cancel the Unite membership in the app?

  1. Open the Unite app and log in.
  2. Pick the hamburger icon in the upper corner of the screen, and the pop-up menu will appear -> tap Contact Us.
  3. Fill in a member inquiry by providing your personal details as we’ve described above.
  4. Tap Submit to send your inquiry.
How to cancel Unite the Union subscription with Howly

H2: How to cancel Unite the Union membership by phone call

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Cancellation via a call proves to be much faster than the previous options. Indeed, it’s always easier to speak with a live representative and say goodbye to their organization right away. However, it’s impossible to find a single customer support number on the Unite website. The point is that it’s different for each area, so you’ll have to do a little bit of searching. But the entire process is quite straightforward:

  • Visit the Contact Us page and scroll until you see the question Looking for a telephone number? -> Tap Find out more.
How to cancel Unite the Union subscription with Howly
  • Pick your region.
How to cancel Unite the Union subscription with Howly
  • Type in your postcode and hit Search.
How to cancel Unite the Union subscription with Howly
  • You’ll see a phone number for your region, call it and cancel the Unite membership easily.
How to cancel Unite the Union subscription with Howly


How to terminate my Direct Debit agreement after Unite cancellation?

Terminating your Direct Debit agreement will allow you to stop monthly payments. So, contact your bank to end it immediately after you cancel the Union membership.

Will I pay any fee if I cancel a Unite the Union membership?

Unite the Union cancels their memberships without additional charges. But you still should check your banking account to make sure there are no unexpected bills.

How to cancel a Union membership via email?

Email for contacting the support service is unavailable on the site. You can only cancel your Union subscription through the online form or by phone.


If you’re unwilling to be a member of Unite the Union, you can break ties with this organization at any time. We’ve told you about all the possible ways to cancel your membership; there are only a few of them – through the website, application, or by phone. And it’s up to you to decide which is better. Keep in mind that Howly is ready to answer any questions and tackle your subscription problems 24/7. Feel free to contact our experts if you also want to cancel a NEU membership or cut ties with any other organization – we’ll provide easy guidelines for any occasion!

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Johnny Gram
Invalid Date
In fact, we are all covered by the majority of protections even without joining any union. I figured it out too late.
Libbie Frost
Invalid Date
I canceled. Union is practically useless. Especially for $80+ per month.
Invalid Date
Why there is no button to cancel a membership in a click…
Billy King
Invalid Date
I was disappointed by the communication with my rep, it seems that union workers don’t care a lot about plenty of things. I also saw many members canceling their subscriptions and it’s not difficult to guess the reason.
Tristan Burton
Invalid Date
I’ve sent the form online, but they don’t reply. What to do??
Invalid Date
I once heard a good thought that union memberships are like gym memberships, in a sense that you put nothing in... and simply get nothing out.
Invalid Date
They never respond when I need help! That’s not what I expected!!
Invalid Date
The prices are rising, and I no longer can afford the monthly cost. But the union is good, better than many others.
Bryan Beltran
Invalid Date
I was considering canceling my union membership for many reasons, but I didn’t know how. Thank you for the instructions!
Billy Crane
Invalid Date
Complete waste of time and money. I’m happy to get rid of my membership.
Invalid Date
I’ve called them several times, but the number they offer for my region is unavailable.
Jan Nelson
Invalid Date
I’ve been with Unite the Union for about a year and fully satisfied!
Ivan Barber
Invalid Date
Union made the process of canceling a membership much more difficult than it should be.
Sam Banks
Invalid Date
Union reps took quick care of things – several years ago. Now this all takes longer, which is just killing me.
Invalid Date
Can anyone recommend a decent union for not-for-profit workers?
Invalid Date
I liked their benefits and they brought me a lot of good. Really. I’m moving to the US now, that’s the only reason why I cancel my membership.
Invalid Date
I think that the general culture of unions is old fashioned and unhelpful, they need to work on their management to become more effective.
Janet Rosario
Invalid Date
Most members think a union is always there to 'get you out of trouble'. But they actually have much less power, so some claims are undeserved.
Joshua Sharpe
Invalid Date
I’m going to cancel and I’ll never join such organizations again.
Invalid Date
Is Unite any good? I've heard mixed things.

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