How to cancel Six Flags

How to cancel Six Flags subscription with Howly

Updated: February 10, 2023

Six Flags boasts a great number of amusement parks in several countries including the US, Mexico, and Canada. Providing customers with a membership, the company promises a whole lot of benefits and access to free rides all year round. So why do people look for solutions to cancel Six Flags season passes? Despite the loud declarations about the unforgettable, unique experience you can get when purchasing their membership, no one promises it’ll be positive.

However, there’s a deal of truth in it since such poor service is really difficult to forget. Thus, park visitors often complain about ride closures, unwelcoming staff, overpriced service, and frequent power cuts. So if you’re one of those seeking to cancel a Six Flags reservation, Howly is happy to assist you. Our guide reveals how to get rid of your membership online through the company’s website. 

Issues you may face when trying to cancel Six Flags pass

Let’s be honest, it’s a bit tricky to cancel a season pass Six Flags. However, it’s not about the very subscription termination but about the nuances that the process involves. The terms of the cancelation policy are surprisingly confusing, so many people find it difficult to puzzle things out. But there’s no reason to freak out while you’re with Howly – we’ll help you get into the matter and cancel a Six Flags membership in the fastest way possible. Meet the problems we typically deal with:

  • additional payments are charged;
  • inability to cancel six flags membership early;
  • troubles finding confirmation ID;
  • late membership cancellation;
  • live chat doesn’t work.

Howly will help you sort out these and many other problems concerning membership termination. Our experts will provide you with the best solutions to cancel season pass Six Flags so you can deal with the issue in no time and save your money and effort.

How to cancel Six Flags reservation manually via the website

You have no other opportunity to cancel your Six Flags membership rather than on their website. The procedure is quite simple and can be completed quickly. What’s more, you won’t have problems accessing their site on any device – PC or mobile phone. We’ve puzzled out the process step-by-step:

  1. Go to the membership cancellation page and explore the terms of the policy offered by the company.
  2. Click the green button saying “Cancel my Six Flags membership”.How to cancel Six Flags reservation
  3. The site will redirect you to the cancellation form. Fill in the fields with your Account Identification Number and Last Name. If you don’t remember your Account ID, hit Lookup Confirmation ID.
  4. Tap Begin Cancellation.How to cancel Six Flags reservation
  5. You will get a confirmation email as soon as 24-48 hours. There will be all the information about your payments, membership terms, and deactivation date. Open the email and hit Cancel. Thus, you finalize the process with no hustle.

How to cancel Six Flags

How to cancel Six Flags season pass via support chat

Support chat is another available option to cancel Six Flags tickets online right on the website. Although this method often takes more time, it may come in handy in case you run into trouble when trying to submit the cancellation form. So, how to contact their support staff?

  1. Visit the Contact Us page and hit Chat Now at the bottom of the screen.How to cancel Six Flags
  2. Provide some of your details and tap Start.How to cancel Six Flags
  3. Type “Cancel my membership” and wait for a support representative to contact you and explain the next steps.Cancel my membership


What if I don’t have the desire to cancel my Six Flags reservation now but can’t pay for it?

You can always pause your reservation if you’re unable to pay for a month. Just go to and leave your request, or reach out to the support staff via the live chat. Payments will be charged from your checking account once you restore the SF subscription later.

How to cancel Six Flags membership before 12 months?

Unfortunately, there’s no solution to cancel Six Flags earlier since the membership is given for 12 months (minimum). Keep in mind that you should submit the cancellation request 45-60 days prior to the date you renewed the plan. Additionally, get ready to pay a $10 charge for subscription termination.

What is needed to remove my Six Flags membership?

First of all, you must be the sole owner of your account. Moreover, you’re required to make at least 12 timely payments (one per month) to be eligible for cancelation. You also need to have your Account ID at hand in order to complete the request.


The process of membership cancellation isn’t so difficult if you know all the ins and outs. Hence, you have an opportunity to cancel Six Flags membership online by submitting the form or contacting support directly. In case you have no internet access, there’s also an option to write them a letter, although online cancellation is still the fastest and easiest solution to break ties with the company. Keep in mind that Howly will gladly help you no matter what trouble happens on your way. Ask any question that bothers you, we’ll match you with a proficient specialist and solve your problem instantly.

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  1. fragrant_pillow7001
    The last time I was there in December 2022, and they only had several rides open. So, I ended up going home earlier.
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  2. Billy Stein
    I hold a membership but not even sure what benefits it gives me. Now I need to wait for six more months to cancel it.
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  3. Penny Schultz
    Thanks for the guide, everything seems easy!
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  4. Brittney Beck
    I can’t find my Account ID. Why did Six Flags make it so complicated?
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  5. your_ challenger101
    It’s not that hard by following this guide.
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  6. 31dilan
    I have canceled the reservation for my family members since they live far away from the park but I kept it for myself.
    0 reply
  7. Joan Bartlett
    Bear in mind if you cancel the membership you will never get another one again.
    0 reply
  8. Eliza Meadows
    I’ve changed my banking information and forgot to report this to Six Flags. What to do? I really need help.
    0 reply
  9. Kevin Bolton
    I need to pay a charge so as not to continue my membership. Funny.
    0 reply
  10. alexwilly
    Even the info about the status of the rides on their website is inaccurate!
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  11. morning_panda462
    It’s a whole random what is open. My favorite Joker is often down, too bad.
    0 reply
  12. Jose Thompson
    Luckily I can at least visit the park until the cancellation date takes effect.
    0 reply
  13. Blake9090
    I am going through this right now and it will be much easier with your guide!
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  14. Gabriel Gamble
    It’s not really a headache to cancel Six Flags – just read the contract thoroughly.
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  15. Dillan Goodman
    It was really difficult to cancel my membership since they tried to charge me for 2 extra months. Thanks Howly, they helped me deal with it!
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  16. Steven Hanson
    I can’t understand the rules about that 45-60 day period. I need expert help.
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