How to cancel IPSY subscription: 4 efficient methods

Updated: March 08, 2023
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How to cancel IPSY subscription: 4 efficient methods
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Beauty geeks like IPSY because it allows them to try skincare and makeup products without overpaying. All they need is to fill in the easy test at the beginning of their membership. After that, they will get a mystery box with cosmetics monthly.

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But what to do if you are no longer interested in this membership? That’s the time when a lot of users start to ask, “How to cancel my IPSY?” on forums. We want to save you time, so we gather all ways to stop the IPSY membership in one place.

The fastest way to perform it is to change the account settings. You can also ask the support via online chat on the site or write them an email. But if you don’t want to wait, you can use third-party tools for it. One of the most popular choices of former IPSY clients is the DoNotPay service.

Three types of IPSY subscription

IPSY — it’s a beauty delivery service that allows you to try new beauty products personalized to your needs. So instead of constantly looking for new skincare or makeup products, you can start a membership on IPSY. And after this, once a month, you’ll have a box with a few products. The size of your IPSY bag depends on the membership:

  • Glam Bag. Pay $13/month to get 5 deluxe-size samples (travel version of the product).
  • Glam Bag Plus. Pay $28/month to get 5 Full-Size products.
  • Glam Bag Ultimate. Pay 50/month to get 8 Full Size and 4 travel versions.

You can change the IPSY glam bag type anytime you want. You can order a few bags simultaneously.

How to cancel IPSY subscription: 4 easy ways

There are four ways to stop your subscription to IPSY: online chat on the website, in the account settings, or via email. You can’t stop the IPSY subscription on the app: it doesn’t have this option. You also can’t withdraw the IPSY membership on the phone: they don’t have a hotline.

But you can use third-party tools like DoNotPay. They are using your email to get the list of subscriptions linked to this email, so you can stop your digital membership.

How to cancel an IPSY subscription on their website

Withdraw IPSY subscription online

It’s pretty easy to stop IPSY membership, so you stop receiving their deliveries. Stick to this instruction:

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  1. Open the IPSY website and log in.
  2. Go to the Account section → Edit Membership Manage.
  3. Find “Help me to stop...” and choose Continue.
  4. Select 1-2 reasons why you want to leave.
  5. Go to your email and open a confirmation letter. Click the link in it and confirm your intentions to withdraw your IPSY subscription forever.

Beware: You should confirm your exit by midnight of the day before your subscription ends. So, if your membership renews on 1 April, make sure that you end it on 30-31 March. Otherwise, you’ll pay for the next month of the current subscription.

How to cancel the IPSY account with the online chat

How to stop IPSY membership via chat

If you don’t want to spend valuable time trying to find the right button while withdrawing your IPSY membership, ask for support in the online chat. Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the IPSY site and log in.
  2. Scroll down until you see the Help Center link. Click on it to open the Help page.
  3. Click on the question mark on the bottom right part of the screen. It will open the chat.
  4. Select Continue with the Bot.
  5. Write a message that you wish to cancel your IPSY subscription.
  6. Ask for a support agent 3-4 times. Initially, the bot insists you stay, but after a few unsuccessful attempts, it redirects you to an agent.
  7. Tell them that you wish to withdraw the IPSY membership forever. Provide them with additional information if they ask you about it.

How to cancel IPSY via email

You can also contact IPSY agents via email. But do it at least a few days before the deadline. Their agents answer pretty slowly, so it would be better to have some time in reserve. Stick to this guide to withdraw your IPSY account:

  1. Open your email and choose to write a new letter.
  2. Type a subject similar to “I wish to cancel my IPSY subscription” and give details of your case. Include address, profile number, credit card number, etc.
  3. Send your email to

Wait for 2-3 days until agents answer you and cancel an IPSY subscription.

How to cancel IPSY with third-party service

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You can also try to cancel IPSY on iPhone or another device using a third-party service. The most popular choice is to use the DoNotPay tool. Stick to this easy guide:

  1. Open the DoNotPay site.
  2. Log in to the service.
  3. Choose the Find Hidden Money menu.
  4. Write IPSY, so this service can sync with the service.

DoNotPay will stop your membership within two days. You’ll get a letter that confirms the canceling process, so you're free from IPSY membership.


How to cancel IPSY refreshments?

It’s pretty easy to withdraw refreshments on IPSY. Sign in and go to the Refreshments tab. Scroll until you see the items in your bag. Select Learn MoreI need a break from thisChoose the reason why you don’t need this productStop. Open the email and confirm the changes.

How to cancel the IPSY order?

You can’t cancel your IPSY order. But if you receive a damaged order or it becomes missed, you can contact IPSY support.

How to cancel my IPSY if I don’t want to talk with support?

You can stop your IPSY membership on the account settings right on the website. This is the only official way to do it without chatting with agents. Also, you can use third-party tools like DoNotPay.

Final thoughts

There are three official ways to cancel IPSY, and none of them involve built-in app managers like Apple ID or Google Play. You can stop your membership on the website via account settings or a chat with the support agent. You can also write an email with demands like “Stop my IPSY membership as soon as possible” and your account information in it.

But if none of those methods fits you, use some third-party tools to unsubscribe. They log in to the needed service and do the hard job instead of you. One of the most popular tools that work with IPSY is DoNotPay.

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