How to cancel a Stash subscription with Howly

Updated: May 20, 2023
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How to cancel a Stash subscription with Howly
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An American investing application with automated and DIY offerings is packed with various services and accounts for people with different objectives. Clients looking for hand-holding appreciate the app's functionality. Still, professionals seeking completely automated management may want to quit and learn how to cancel a subscription on Stash. Besides, effortless investment is not free but requires a paid membership. It costs not much and is affordable for even aspiring pros. However, why should you pay if the service falls short of your needs and expectations? No reason. So, those who have found something better should also suss out how to cancel the Stash account.

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Generally, the process is not confusing. However, Howly highlights details to allow readers to avoid mistakes and complete the process on short notice. Our professional support team provides clear answers based on research and practical interaction experience with this and similar services. So, if you braced yourself to cancel the Stash account, you've come to the right place.

How do I cancel my Stash subscription on the mobile app

Whether you have IRA, custodial, or any other membership, the Stash cancel subscription process comes first before closing accounts. So, you should perform the following activities:

  1. Sign in to the Stash app.
  2. Touch your ID (in iPhone) or tap the hamburger picture (if you use Android).
  3. Choose the Subscription Plan option.
  4. Select Manage next to your plan.
  5. Pick Close my Stash for Good in the footer.
  6. Comply with the instructions to finalize the cancellation.

The way is easy and takes a few minutes, whether you use the Stash app cancel for Android or iOS devices. Still, consider the tips in the next paragraph if you proceed via a mobile site.

How to succeed with the cancel the subscription process

The direct cancel online is simple, since it is similar to cancellations on other fintech services. Here is what you should do online:

  1. Head over to the Stash website.
  2. Click your ID.
  3. Opt for Subscription to click.
  4. Pick Close my Stash for Good further down the web page.
  5. Comply with the instructions to finalize the cancellation.

Alert! Your subscription closing doesn’t automatically erase your account. So, to cancel the Stash account on the app or website, you need to make some moves described below.

How do I cancel my Stash account? – Subsequent Steps to Succeed

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How to cancel a Stash account? According to customers' reviews, let's start with the algorithm valid for IRA since the issues are one of the most frequently appearing. So, here is a clear guide to follow:

  1. Ensure your external bank is interconnected.
  2. Switch off the Auto-Stash feature.
  3. Please sell all assets and wait for them to settle in up to 3 working days.
  4. Consider recent funding to be available to pull them out within a maximum of 6 business days.

But how to ensure cancel success with the Stach Plus account? Since it is an integral part of your brokerage account, you need to close that account and deactivate associated insurance or banking options. Subsequently, please follow the steps listed above.

If you cancel the Stash subscription early, fines and penalties are quite probable. To avoid money losses, you can hand over your Retire Portfolio to another company, for instance. But what if you have a custodial account? In this case, please get in touch with a client care manager at 1 (800) 205-5164.

How to cancel a Stash account and get money back

Are you going to cancel the Stash Invest transaction? Here is the prompt for manual transactions:

  1. Go to the Home screen and pick Invest.
  2. Reach out to the Activity section.
  3. Find the transfer you want to cancel.
  4. Tap it to unlock Purchase Details.

Now, you only need to find the option for a Stash cancel pending transaction and confirm the cancellation. How to cancel a Stash transfer in your bank account? In this case, the way looks as follows:

  1. Open the Home screen and pick Bank.
  2. Find Your Transactions at the bottom.
  3. Tap the transfer you want to stop to see the Transaction Details screen.
  4. Tap the relevant link to complete the process.
  5. Please, confirm.

If you cannot finalize the process, your transaction has already cleared, meaning no available cancellation at the moment. So, wait a while, complete, and cancel a Stash account.


How can I stop a recurring transfer before I cancel my Stash account?

When on the home page, please touch Bank and scroll down to reach Auto-Stash. After that, tap Recurring Transfers and switch off recurring transfers.

Can I cancel my Stash account at any moment?

In theory, you have the right to end with Stash any time you want from your IRA or any other account on the Stash app or website. Still, accounts differ. So, we recommend contacting support for more details.

How to cancel my Stash account if I don't see the relevant option in the app?

Sometimes, the cancellation option doesn't work in the app. In this case, you can succeed from the web platform or resolve the issue through the company's client service.


Do you need more information? For example, do you still bag "Please, help me cancel my Stash subscription?" It is not a big deal, since Howly is always in touch. However, you may want to reveal extra nuances and have other Stash-related questions or issued not associated with the cancellation, we are willing to help without delay. Our professionals use correct wording and ensure accurate info and easy-to-understand guidelines on how to cancel a Stash debit card and handle other activities.

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Samantha Perez
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The service is good for investments but not so good for banking, to my mind. Hence, I decided to follow Howly's guide.
Levi Thompson
Invalid Date
Stash was a decent experience, but the time came to move on. Howly is onto something.
Jack Lee
Invalid Date
I tried closing my subscription before being charged for another period, but the app didn't let me complete the process.
Invalid Date
Stash card suits in-store and online purchases. Other options also fit my needs.
Invalid Date
Stash failed to make my money grow. I will close my account.
Gianna Anderson
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The Stash debit card works. The stock back feature is excellent. Why cancel?
Camilla Martinez
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I have never had issues with their client service. I learn to invest in stocks, and everything is okay for now.
Invalid Date
I canceled with the rep. It was helpful and polite.
Theodore Garcia
Invalid Date
Terrible communication, to my mind. I recommend cancelling subscriptions as soon as possible.
James Miller
Invalid Date
It seems a smart idea, but not for me. Thank you, Howly, for the cancellation tips. I followed and handled the problem in a couple of minutes.
Ava Brown
Invalid Date
Shares are affordable on Stash. Everything is easy to understand. So, I'm not going to cancel my account.
Invalid Date
I like Stash. They invite me to virtual events to let me grab a few free stocks.
Olivia Williams
Invalid Date
An average mobile investing app. I'll see if it does the job and then cancel if they fail to meet my needs.
Invalid Date
I set up a Stash account but soon deleted the app. Stash has been taking monthly fees until I contacted someone in two months. That rep promised to close my account and refund me. I don't believe it will happen. What should I do?
Noah Johnson
Invalid Date
Thanks, Howly, for your assistance. Hope, it will help me because I can't unlink my bank account.
Liam Smith
Invalid Date
I downloaded an IRA form and waited for two weeks. No response. Then, it turned out that it was an old form.
Invalid Date
The human advisor option needs to be added to the board.
Invalid Date
Stash is not for me. It lacks automated IRA management. So, I left it.
Invalid Date
You provide clear tips. You helped me when I needed to solve specific issues with that service.
Abraham Allie
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Thank you for the useful information. It came in handy when I canceled. Great job!

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