How does the temp stick work?

Updated: March 10, 2023
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How does the temp stick work?
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There are several reasons to control the temperature and humidity: it may be the need for temperature or humidity measurements, as well as the need to periodically check the system. The basement of your house can have high humidity, which can lead to fungus and deterioration of things. It's possible that you have your own garden or summer house somewhere in the countryside. And there, you can maintain the right air temperature and humidity, as well as protect your plants from pests and diseases. Here we will look at of of the most popular devices in this niche - temp stick.

Before we start

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What does the equipment do?

At this point, it is a temp alert customer service that is used to help you monitor needed conditions from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the temperature or humidity is exceeded, the sensor alerts you by email or phone that the room is at a dangerous level and action must be taken to prevent damage.

Advantages and disadvantages of using temp sticks

Advantages are as follows:

  • Accurate sensor readings.
  • Portable appearance, compact size, and small volume.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • No additional maintenance fees.
  • Temp stick setup is quick and easy.
  • The developers have made a user-friendly and beautiful equipment interface.
  • You can get email and phone temp stick support every day.
  • Easy to use or find a specific function.

As for the downsides:

  • There is no real time reporting. The shortest reading time is a few minutes.
  • Reduced battery life of the device, as well as a shortened device life.

How to use the device?

How to use the device?
  1. Put the batteries in your temp sensor.
  2. Go to the Wi-Fi settings menu of your smartphone.
  3. Connect to a wireless Internet network called Sensor Setup.
  4. Press and launch your Internet browser.
  5. Type temp stick in the address bar and press Enter.
  6. You will see the setup page. Follow the instructions on the screen to select Internet networks and complete the setup.
  7. The blue LED will turn off when the setup is complete.
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Full device setup

Full device setup

The equipment comes with two batteries and adhesive sticky tape, allowing you to mount the sensor almost anywhere. It's also very lightweight - the included Velcro shouldn't cause you any temp stick troubleshooting by holding it anywhere you place it. You can start the temp stick setup process with the batteries, which should be installed in the back of the unit. After that, wait for the indicator on the front panel to start flashing, indicating the temp stick set up. You can configure the equipment over the Internet, which allows you to customize it to suit you and your needs. And for convenience, we used our smartphone browser. You can  connect directly to the equipment through its temp stick setup network and download the instructions that came with the box from the web page.

The mobile app

The mobile app

For those of us who are not used to smartphones or simply do not have the ability to purchase them, a web portal has been developed that has proven to be more user-friendly for users with mobile devices. What's important here is the accuracy and timeliness of the information to be provided. In the app, you can view all the information about the archive, as well as change the settings. Battery life is best conserved by using the app every 60 minutes. After the equipment measures above or below the set value, you can increase the reading every five minutes.

Receiving and personalizing notifications

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In order to do this, you need a high-quality temperature monitor that sends timely signals to your cell phone. Texts and emails that come from the app can be delivered to 10 different addresses. Notifications consist of temperature or humidity measurements above or below the setpoint; lost connection to the network; low battery level. The company made the announcement to notify the users of the loss of connection to the app too.


Temp stick is a very portable device. It can run on batteries, so there is no need for cables. It is not very large, so it can be secured with Velcro or mounting tape. Likewise, it is able to function autonomously without recharging the batteries. A three-year warranty is provided, which is more than many smart home device manufacturers offer. The factory-installed indoor air pressure gauges have temperature and humidity sensors to notify you of any changes rapidly. That being said, if you notice a drift in the instrument readings, you can always calibrate the device settings.

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