Google Photos vs Prime Photos. An ultimate question: which one to choose?

Updated: May 04, 2023
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Google Photos vs Prime Photos. An ultimate question: which one to choose?
by Jahed Torres
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Deciding which of the two most popular cloud-based photo storage services, Amazon Photos and Google Photos, is best suited for your needs can be a challenging task. Our comprehensive article compares their key features, performance, and privacy policies to help you choose the ideal service to safeguard your precious memories.

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Why is it hard to choose one

People often have trouble choosing between Amazon vs Google Photo storage since these two services deliver pretty much very similar features and benefits, making it difficult to determine which one is the better option. Additionally, the decision can be influenced by individual preferences such as pricing, storage capacity, and privacy policies. Some people may also have pre-existing ties to either Amazon or Google, further complicating the decision-making process.

Parameters to measure

When choosing between Amazon Cloud vs Google Photos, to make an informed decision between these two, it is necessary to consider several essential factors, including organization features, ease of use, and overall performance. Additionally, people should consider their specific personal storage demands, including the number of photos they need to store, the level of organization required, and whether they require additional features such as editing tools. Carefully evaluate these factors and compare them between the two services to see which is best for individual needs.

Cost comparison

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Here's a cost comparison between Prime Photos vs Amazon Drive:

Amazon Photos:

  • Free tier: Prime members receive access to 5GB of image storage, including full-resolution capability (with some limitations)
  • Paid tier: The membership is $199.98 yearly, which includes all of the above, as well as additional benefits such as free shipping, access to Prime, etc.

Google Photos:

  • Free tier: Photo storage with a limit of up to 15GB for the number of high-quality pictures is available (up to 16MP), and video storage (up to 1080p) for free.
  • Paid tier: For 100GB, Google One programs start at $1.99 per month and go up to $299.99 monthly in case you need up to 30TB of storage. Depending on the country storage past 2TB might not be available, but you get VPN by Google One with 2TB.

Amazon Photos can provide unlimited full-resolution photo storage and a more cost-effective option if you are a member. However, if you do not have an Amazon Prime membership or require more storage, Google Photos' free tier and inexpensive Google programs might be a better fit for you.

“Sharing is caring” comparison

Amazon Photos:

  • Enables sharing of photos and videos with others via email or link and creating of Shared Albums that others can contribute to.
  • Shared Albums can be accessed by up to five individuals, and images and videos can be shared with individuals who do not use Amazon through email or links.
  • With the service, you can also invite up to five individuals to access and share everything through the Family Vault feature.

Google Photos:

  • Shared images and videos can be accessed by anyone with the link, regardless of whether they have a Google account or not.
  • One can create Shared Libraries that will send photographs and videos with selected individuals or a group on demand. Additionally, it's possible to control the level of access they have, such as whether they can edit or add images.
  • Additionally, Google authorizes you to order different photograph products, like photo books and prints, directly from the app, enabling you to easily share your photos with others in tangible formats.

Overall, both Amazon Drive vs Prime Photos offer potent sharing possibilities, but Google may have a slight edge with its more flexible sharing controls and ability to share photos with anyone via link.

Google Photos vs Prime Photos

Tagging comparison

Amazon Photos:

  • Offers basic tagging options like adding keywords to images.
  • Google can identify people in photos and group them together in a dedicated view called the People to view.
  • Can manually form albums for a specific theme or event.

Google Photos:

  • Presents refined tagging functionality with automatic object and landmark recognition.
  • The facial recognition feature can identify people in photos and group them together in a dedicated People view.
  • It has the ability to create albums automatically based on metadata such as location, date, and other relevant information.
  • It is possible to search for photos using keywords, location, date, and other attributes.

Overall, both Amazon Drive and Google Drive have robust tagging functionality, with Google Photos' advanced object recognition and search capabilities being particularly noteworthy. However, both services excel at facial recognition and provide a convenient way to organize photos by the people in them.

Automatic sync

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Here's an automatic sync analysis of Amazon Drive vs Google Photos:


  • Every piece of media taken on any device is synced automatically to the Amazon Photos cloud.
  • It is also possible to configure automatic backup settings for specific file types or folders.

Google Photos:

  • Users have the option to enable automatic backup settings for typical folders or particular file types. They can also back up anything when connected to the internet.

Overall, both Google Drive and Amazon Drive present similar automatic sync features, with a backup option for everything needed in the cloud. Nonetheless, Google Photos shows more flexibility with its backup settings, allowing users to choose when to back up their files based on their connectivity preferences.

Google Photos vs Prime Photos

Smart search feature

Here's a Smart search feature referral of Amazon Photos vs iCloud:


  • It leverages machine learning to autonomously organize and label images depending on the people, locations, and items depicted in them.
  • Can recognize specific landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, and group all related photos together.
  • Users can search for photos by entering keywords like "dog" or "birthday."

Google Photos:

  • Due to having an evolved picture recognition technology to label and sort photos according to individuals, locations, and items.
  • Can recognize and categorize specific items, such as food or documents, making it easy to find them later.
  • Offers the ability to search for photos based on specific things, such as "sunset" or "beach."

Overall, both Amazon Cloud and Google Drive offer rich smart search components that can help users easily find anything specific Google Photos has an advantage in terms of accuracy and ease of use due to its refined photograph recognition program and the capability to search for specific items.

Photo compression

Does Prime compress photos? Let’s see:

  • While Amazon delivers endless full-resolution image storage for Prime members, it might compress photos if you opt to store them in "High Quality" mode.
  • "High Quality" mode compresses images to preserve space, but in most cases, the compression does not quite impact the quality of the photographs.
  • Amazon delivers a feature called "Auto-Save" that can compress pictures to preserve space on your device before uploading them to the cloud.

As far as Google goes:

  • Provides people with free endless storage for quality photos. However, if you decide to store them in "High Quality" mode, the service may compress your photos to save space.
  • "High Quality" mode compresses images to preserve space, but in most cases, the compression does not significantly affect the quality of the pictures.
  • Google Photos presents a component called "Smart Storage" that can compress photos and clear them up from your gadget to clear up some space.

Overall, both Google Drive vs Amazon Cloud can compress images to preserve space, but the compression does not significantly impact the resolution of the photographs in most cases. If you want to ensure that your photos are stored in their original quality, you can choose to store them in "Original Quality" mode, but this may count against your storage quota.


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Amazon Photos:

  • Offers basic organization features such as albums, tags, and search.
  • It provides the automatic classification of images by date and location, along with facial distinction technology that can pinpoint individuals in photos.
  • Enables manual photo tagging and organization.

Google Photos:

  • Presents progressive organization components such as AI-powered computerized classification by people, places, and things, as well as custom albums and tags.
  • Includes powerful search capabilities, including the ability to search for specific objects or text within photos.
  • Facilitates effortless sharing of photo collections and individual photographs with loved ones and acquaintances.

Generally, Google Photos presents more progressive organization features thanks to its powerful AI-driven algorithms, while Amazon Photos provides a more basic, manual approach to organization. However, both services are effective at helping users manage and find their photos, and which one is the best fit for you will depend on your specific needs.

Amazon Drive vs Amazon Photos: editing

Amazon Photos:

  • Provides fundamental editing features, including crop, rotate, and auto-enhance.
  • Limited filters and effects: Amazon Photos has a limited selection of filters and effects compared to Google.
  • Amazon lacks advanced editing tools such as selective adjustment or object removal.

Google Photos:

  • Provides a variety of advanced editing features including selective adjustment, object removal, and color adjustment.
  • Wide selection of filters and effects: Google Photos has a wide selection of filters and effects, including some created by professional photographers.
  • Google Photos integrates engine learning algorithms to suggest and apply edits automatically.

Overall, Google Photos submits more refined and comprehensive editing features compared to Amazon Photos. Nonetheless, Amazon may be sufficient for users who only require basic editing features.

Google Photos vs Prime Photos


Amazon Photos:

  • 24/7 customer support via phone or chat for Prime members.
  • Online help center with articles and FAQs.

Google Photos:

  • Online help center with articles and FAQs.
  • A community forum where users can ask questions and receive support from other users.

Overall, both Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Drive suggest online help centers with articles and FAQs, but Amazon Photos has an advantage in terms of customer support with 24/7 phone or chat support specifically working for Prime members. Although Google Photos' community forum can be beneficial for users seeking help, it may not offer the same level of effectiveness as direct customer support.


Can I use Amazon Photos or Google Photos on different devices?

Both of them are cloud-based services, permitting people to get their images from numerous gadgets with an internet connection.

How secure are my photographs on Amazon Photos and Google Photos?

Both services implement encryption and other security measures to safeguard your photos, but it's important to read their privacy policies and do whatever is necessary to guard your private information.

Can I use Amazon Photos or Google Photos to back up my images from my gadget automatically?

Yes, both services present automated backup features that can back up your photos from your phone to the cloud.

Can I erase my photos from Amazon Photos or Google Photos?

Certainly, both services allow you to delete your photos and videos from the cloud if you no longer need them.


Both platforms offer comparable features and benefits, however, they vary in pricing, storage capacity, organization capabilities, privacy policies, and overall performance, as concluded from the comparison.

We encourage you to carefully evaluate both services and their respective features to determine which one is the best fit for you.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Howly team for support.

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June 15, 2023
👀 Does anyone know if Amazon Photos offers any advanced editing tools?
RiRi Red
June 13, 2023
Thank you for bringing up the compression issue in Amazon Drive - I wasn't aware of this before.
June 09, 2023
Google Photos does compress photos over 16MP, but not as much as Amazon Photos.
June 09, 2023
Amazon Photos has made it so much easier to share my photos with friends and family.
Logan Martinez
June 04, 2023
iCloud Photo Library is a good option for those who don't want their photos compressed.
Nora Thompson
June 01, 2023
Amazon Photos has unlimited photo storage for Prime members!
May 29, 2023
I've had a great experience using Amazon Photos - easy to use and access my photos from any device.
May 26, 2023
🤷‍♀️ I'm still undecided which service to use for my photos.
May 23, 2023
😞 I wish Amazon Photos didn't compress photos.
Audrey Evans
May 20, 2023
👀 Can someone recommend a photo storage service that doesn't compress photos?
Eve B.
May 16, 2023
What about iCloud?
May 14, 2023
I like how Google Photos uses facial recognition to automatically group photos by people. It saves me a lot of time when searching for specific photos.
Levi Patel
May 11, 2023
I like how Google Photos automatically backs up my photos from my phone and syncs them across all my devices👏
May 07, 2023
I recently switched to Amazon Photos because I'm an Amazon Prime member and the unlimited full-resolution photo storage is a great perk.
May 04, 2023
I prefer Google because of its unlimited free high-resolution photo storage. It's a great way to backup all my photos without worrying about storage limits. 😀

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