Awesome calculator tricks to surprise your friends

Updated: June 02, 2023
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Awesome calculator tricks to surprise your friends
by Oliver Maslou
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If you love to surprise your friends in the most unconventional ways, then you will definitely like this article. Here are six of the best calculator hacks that will not only help you make a show but also help you use your calculator more effectively.

Before we start

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6 best fun calculator tricks you need to try

Swipe to remove the error

If during a long calculation, you accidentally make a mistake, don't worry. You don't have to delete absolutely everything and start calculations all over again. In fact, you only need to know this calculator trick. You need to swipe the number display with your finger. You have to do it horizontally, following the direction from right to left. This way, you can delete only the last digit you entered, without throwing off the whole chain of calculations.

Tip: You can swipe your finger repeatedly across the number display so that you can alternately delete the digits you have entered, starting with the last one.

Reduce the calculation time

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This calculator magic trick will be very useful for those who need to make combing daily and in large quantities. For example schoolchildren, students, accountants, bankers, entrepreneurs, etc. With this hack, you can save a lot of time. If you need to add or multiply several identical numbers in a row (e.g. 14x12х17х20) you do not need to do multiplications in order. You can press the original number (in our case 14) and press and hold down the multiplication sign (x). While holding down the button, type the numbers you want to multiply by without releasing your finger on the multiplication sign. This way, all the numbers you have dialed are multiplied by each other and when you release your finger, you will get the result.

Copy the result of the calculations

Among all cool calculator tricks, this is one of the most useful and effective. It is ideal for those who do a lot of calculations and are afraid to make a mistake. For example, if you are an accountant who makes calculations in spreadsheets or a student who needs to pass an electronic test. It is not many people know, but on the iPhone, it is possible to copy the number you have as a result of calculations. You have to press your finger on the number and hold it for a few seconds. In front of you will appear the function "Copy", click on it and the result will be saved in the clipboard. Now you can paste it into your document, test, or table.

Listen to the numbers on the calculator

Yes, yes, your calculator can speak the numbers on the screen out loud. This is great if you are in a company and want to show your calculations to everyone at once. It would be inconvenient to do it on the phone screen because not everyone will be able to see the number. Use this trick on a calculator to make the results of your calculations audible. Here are instructions to help you set up the voice-over feature:

  1. In the iPhone menu, go to Settings and scroll down to the Accessibility tab.
  2. Here you need to select the Spoken Content tab and open it.
  3. At the very top, you will see the Speak Selection function. You will need to activate it.

After making the settings, you can go to the calculator. You see and hold your finger on the numbers. At the top, you will see several functions, one of which is Speak. Press it to listen to the sound.

Give your friends a magic show!

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Yes, even with a calculator, you can blow your friends' minds. And it's very easy to do so. You only need to know this calculator joke. Now you'll find out.

  1. Put an iPhone in your friend's hands and ask him to enter a number twice. Emphasize the fact that the number must be three digits.
  2. Now your friend has to divide the number by 11 right on the calculator. To make the trick look magical, don't peek at the phone screen, but only give directions to your friend.
  3. Now for the fun part. Your friends must divide the result by the number they originally riddled. And their result will definitely come out to be 7. For the trick to work, tell everyone the result without peeking. That way, your friends will think you can read minds.

Create funny words on a calculator

You can create cool and funny words using a calculator (either the built-in calculator on your phone or an ordinary stationary calculator will do). You need to type the right combinations of numbers and then flip the display. The combinations of digits will make a word. For example, typing 707 and turning it over, you will get the word LOL. And if you type 379009 you get one of the most famous companies in the world, Google. And the last cool trick: type the key combination 0.1134 and flip the display. This is where your calculator greets you and says Hello.

Awesome calculator tricks


What is the 80085 calculator trick?

This is a very funny joke "for adults" with a calculator. Type this combination on the calculator and then turn the display upside down. Here you will see the word Boobs.

How to hack a calculator?

There are many ways to hack your calculator. For example, you can type combinations of numbers that look like funny words when you turn them over. You can also use the copying and dubbing of numbers on your iPhone for convenience.

What cool calculator program can I use?

You can use absolutely any calculator to test the tricks on them. Great for the built-in iPhone app, Xcool-calculator, etc.


That's it! Now you're an expert in all the cool tricks and jokes you can do with your calculator. Try each tip of our list to surprise and brainwash your friends. Using these hacks, you will definitely become the soul on the company. So keep this article for yourself, so you can have it handy at any time.

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