Updated: March 07, 2023
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My Philips sonocare toothbrush ultraviolet light is not working and the filament in the bulb is not broken

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Could you tell me when your problem occurs first?

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I have a Philips sonocare toothbrush
and the ultraviolet light is not working and the filament of the bulb is not broken. How do I fix it?


Could you tell me when your problem occurs? After you charged it?

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I does not work when I open toothbrush holder door Ann push on button?

Could I ask you to plug your toothbrush into the charger for 5 min and tell me if you see a light?

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it is plugged in and has been for at least 24 hours and I have plugged and unplugged many times.

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Thank you for your answer, *****!
Could you, please follow the instructions I am going to send you, and let me know if any of the steps are not quite clear?
I'll be happy to clarify them to you!

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What’s the fix

  1. Put the handle on the plugged-in charger.
  2. Press and hold the power on/off button while the handle remains on the charger.
  3. Keep the power on/off button pressed until you hear a series of two short beeps with no handle on the charger the toothbrush sits on the apparatus to charge the only on is the button to turn on the light.

Could you follow the instructions above with this light button, please?
This light button is the power button.

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No on off switch. I trie your suggestion above and no change I’ve never heard a beep from the apparatus before.
It just turned on. Thanks for help.

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