iPad can’t see the network

Updated: January 6, 2023

If your iPad says “No Network“, there may be a problem with your tablet. The iPad is one of the most reliable electronic devices from Apple, and yet there are difficulties with this device, one of which is the faulty operation of the network. There may be several reasons why the device gives an error, constantly looking for a connection and not finding it.

Common malfunctions

First of all, if you have problems with the network or Bluetooth, check the SIM card, which should be active. Then you need to check it for defects. If another tablet is available, you need to insert the card into it to find out if the problem is in it or your device.

There may be a problem with the tablet if Airplane mode is activated. This can be changed by disabling this mode. Look for the cause of the problem by checking that the APN and network data transfer settings are correct.

Therefore, the main causes of iPad malfunctioning are usually as follows:

  • software setup problems;
  • SIM card failure;
  • mechanical damage to the device;
  • moisture entering the tablet.

Sometimes it happens that the iPad says “No Network” not because of a problem in the software but due to mechanical damage it fails to connect. If the iPad is dropped or affected by moisture, this can lead to the breakage of the cable and to the fact that the buttons do not turn on. Thus the network connection does not start.

Restoring the device operation on your own

Before you go to a technician with a network problem, you can try to connect and fix the situation yourself. There are methods that can help if there is a failure in the system of the device or no contact with the SIM card.

If your iPad says there is a problem with the network, or if it keeps searching for it and not finding it, follow these steps:

  • If the tablet does not see the SIM card, ensure there is network coverage where you are. Then check the network connection in the settings. In case you are abroad, you need to connect to roaming.
  • Reboot the tablet when it gives an error and can’t see the SIM card. See if there are any updates. Remove and reinsert the SIM card, and check the slot.
  • Check the card on another device if your tablet does not see the network connection.
  • Perform a network reset if there are failures in the device’s operation. Go to the “Reset” tab in the settings, and click “Reset network settings”. This will also reset the wireless network settings and codes.

  • Update iOS.

If this does not help, you must perform a factory reset:

  1. This requires you to connect your tablet to your PC and open the iTunes program. 
  2. Once the tablet is selected, press the “Restore” key. This program will install an update on your tablet and reset the settings. Then you should re-set the settings and check the device.

Seeking help from specialists

If the above methods do not help and the tablet still can’t connect to the network, use Howly service. Our experts will 

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