How to overlay music on an iPhone video

Updated: April 20, 2023
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How to overlay music on an iPhone video
by Viktoriia Yushkevych
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You can add musical accompaniment to the video in a full-featured video editor, as well as in simpler applications that are even better suited for this purpose.

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How to overlay music on an iPhone video in iMovie

Apple's proprietary video editing application also allows you to overlay audio. At the same time, iMovie is available for free, does not contain ads, and does not add watermarks.

  1. Launch the app, select "Movie," then specify the video you want and tap "Create Movie".
  2. Tap the "plus" icon, and then tap "Audio."
  3. Tap on "My Music" and search for the song you want, for example.
  4. Click the plus sign next to the selected track. Trim it in the editor, if necessary, and then tap "Done".
  5. On the Projects screen, tap Share, and then Save Video. It will take some time to process, and then the clip with the music will appear in the default gallery.

How to overlay music on an iPhone video in VN

 How to overlay music on an iPhone video

The capabilities of the popular video editor VN are in many ways superior to iMovie, and among them, of course, is the function of adding an audio track. The application has a paid version, but for our purposes, the free version is quite suitable, which, by the way, does not spoil the picture with watermarks.

  1. Open the editor, click on the plus sign, and select New Project.
  2. Find the desired video and tap the blue arrow. After that, click the Add Audio Track icon and select Music.
  3. You can add an audio file via a link from iTunes, transfer it via AirDrop, or import it from the Files app. The latter option can be used: go to My MusicMore → Import from File App and select the desired track.
  4. VN will prompt you to add the song to one of the albums. Instead, create a new one by tapping New Album and opening it.
  5. Now select the track you want, tap Use, and then trim the track if necessary. Adjust the volume and confirm the action.
  6. When everything is ready, tap Share, select automatic or manual settings, and tap Export. After processing, the video will appear in the iPhone gallery.

How to overlay music on an iPhone video online

 How to overlay music on an iPhone video

And this option comes in handy if you don't want to install anything. With the Clideo online service, you can do things with your video files, including adding music. It's free, but it adds a little static watermark in the corner of the screen.

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  1. Click the link and select your video, for example, from the default gallery. In addition to adding local files from your media library, Dropbox and Google Drive are also supported.
  2. If necessary, trim the clip and tap "Select." Next, click "Add Audio."
  3. Select a track from the Files app or one of the supported clouds. Specify the output video format, such as Keep format, so that the video is not recompressed, and then tap Export.
  4. Next, download the video to your iPhone, and when the process is complete, go to "Downloads."
  5. Open the clip and select "Save Video" to put the file in the default gallery.
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🙏 Thank you for sharing this! Saved me so much time! 🕰️🎶
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Yes, you can overlay multiple tracks of music on one video using this method, but you will need to repeat the steps for each track and adjust the volume levels accordingly.
Jackson Chen
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Can you overlay multiple tracks of music on one video using this method?
Olivia Greene
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Not helpful for non-iPhone users 💔
Maya Patel
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While the tutorial is helpful, it only covers the basics of overlaying music on a video. It would be beneficial to have more advanced techniques and tips.
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🎧 Easy to follow steps, thanks! 👍

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