How to eject disc from PS4

Updated: April 19, 2023
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How to eject disc from PS4
by Oleksandra Melnychuk
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People used to press an eject button to release the disk from a system. In some cases, these buttons are difficult to find. Furthermore, the controls can break. If it happens to you, get through this article to learn how to take the disc out of PS4.

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Let’s get down to the topic.

Physical buttons

Every PlayStation console has a unique layout for where the power button is located in relation to the PS4 disk eject button. Moreover, these buttons are tiny. It’s really easy to confuse them. Here are some examples of where the buttons for each are located according to the model.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro model

How to eject disc from PS4
What should I do if my PS4 randomly ejects discs?

On the front of your device, the buttons are all on the same bar. The power button is on the left part of the console. The eject disc button and vice versa on the right side.

Slim PlayStation 4 model

What should I do if my PS4 randomly ejects discs?

The buttons are so close together that it's difficult to distinguish between them. So it's important to keep in mind that the power button is rectangular in shape and is larger, whereas the eject button is circular and smaller.

banner 3

PlayStation 4 Standard Edition model

How to eject disc from PS4

The power button is at the top of the front panel, and the PS4 disk eject button is at the bottom.

Overall, these buttons must work. Suppose they don’t; proceed to the next section.

Disc ejection from a menu selection

Hitting the eject buttons is not the only measure to get your disc back. You may use in-menu navigation. When the disc has been inserted into your PlayStation, do as follows:

  1. Hover over the option to play and pick the Options button.
  2. Move to the Eject option from the pop-up menu and hit it.

Here is your disc.

Using controller

banner 6

Using your controller buttons is an alternative way to eject a disc from PS4. Move your cursor over the icon, pick the Options button, and then confirm Eject.

It must help. Otherwise, your drive may be broken or dirty. The same concerns Sony customer service. They will tell you how to have it repaired.


How can I eject a disc if the button isn’t working?

Use a screwdriver. Insert it into a small hole next to the disc drive. The inner spring will be activated and release the door.

Can I use a controller to eject CD from PS4?

Hold the Options button on your controller and choose the Eject title from the on-screen list. The disk will go out.

What should I do if my PS4 randomly ejects discs?

It could happen due to a faulty eject button or a problem with the disc drive. Clean the disc drive manually and try again.


Since the power and eject buttons on the PS4 are similar, there might be some problems distinguishing them. However, buttons are not the only way to eject a disk from PS4. Use alternatives like your remote controls and in-menu options.

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I owe you, really. It was so embarrassing to dismantle the drive every time
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You’ve helped a lot. I've tried resetting my PS4 to fix the disc ejecting issue, but it didn't work. I guess I'll have to get it repaired.
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I liked the article. Thank you.
Litty R
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My PS4 makes a weird noise sometimes when ejecting a disc. Should I be worried?
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Thanks for the tips! I'm always afraid I'm going to break something when trying to eject a disc manually.
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I've never had any issues with my PS4 ejecting discs randomly. Maybe I'm lucky?
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I've found that blowing air into the disc drive can help if my PS4 is having trouble ejecting a disc.
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Thanks! You’ve saved my life. I disable the eject button and use my controller instead!
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Invalid Date
I've had to replace my PS4's disc drive twice now. Not sure if it's a common issue or if I'm just unlucky.
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I accidentally hit the eject button while playing a game and it took forever to load back up. Ugh.
Andrew G
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Nice info! Thanks!
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I didn't know you could eject a disc using the controller. That's so convenient!
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My PS4 ejects discs randomly all the time. It's so frustrating! Thank you for the tips.
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I always use a screwdriver tool to eject the disk. I didn’t know other options. Thanks for the reminder!

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