Fitbit won't charge: what can you do?

Updated: May 27, 2023
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Fitbit won't charge: what can you do?
by Jolene Haston
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Fitbit is the modern way to track the rhythm of your life and maintain the desirable activity level. People were less addicted to devices like Fitbit fitness watches several years ago. As soon as the devices appeared on the market, the increasing demand made them well-sold and popular among users. Fitbit-compatible devices like all other systems have the tendency to break from time to time.

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What to do if Fitbit won't charge?

The most spread problem with Fitbit fitness trackers is about charging. That’s why lots of people wonder: “Why won't my Fitbit turn on”? After it has happened, try to calm down and check what has happened. If your Fitbit Sense won't charge, it means you have to check the battery charging process.

The newest Fitbit devices charge for a long period of time. Maybe you have turned off the charging device before the charging was completed. In particular, there are many problems, which can appear during charging. It is worth mentioning Fitbit won't charge until you find the reason for the problem.

Pay attention to the main reasons why problems with Fitbit charge occur:

  • dirty charging contacts;
  • wet Fitbit model;
  • USB ports or chargers are out of order;
  • the pins aren't aligned properly.

1. The charging contacts are dirty

The most typical problems which cause charging problems are dirty connection contacts. Check the color of the charging port in your band. Is it gold or shiny? If not, Fitbit charge won’t charge.

To clean the port use the toothbrush and rubbing alcohol. After it, dry it with the cloth and wait for a minute. It is recommended to keep under control the state of the ports and maintain them in a good clean state, especially after outdoor training.

2. The wet Fitbit Sense won’t charge

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Whether by chance or by design your Fitbit not charging after the swimming pool training or other water sports, try to dry it. The wet device will never charge in a normal way. More than that, it is dangerous to charge the wet device, as the electricity can harm the user.

3. Your USB port or charger might not be working

When you connect the charger to the USB port and Fitbit versa not charging, the problem can be in the USB port rather than the plug. What to do in this case?

  • Check whether the USB port is working. Try to charge the other device using the same USB port. If it works, go to the next step.
  • Reboot the computer. Sometimes the Fitbit charge won’t turn on when it has some misconnections with the computer or the device you use to insert the USB port.
  • Messy charger. If you ensure the USB works properly, clean the charger from the mess and dry it.

Following the steps above, you will fix the issue yourself. In the other way, you have to change the charger.

4. The pins aren't aligned properly

Sometimes in a rush users can put the devices on charge and go away. After returning they notice the device is not charged at all. Does it mean the Fitbit Sense charger not working?

Just try to remove the charger and turn it on again. The connections will be renewed and pins aligned.

5. Restart Fitbit to charge it

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In case the above-mentioned methods are not effective in your situation, try to reboot the device. Fitbit has a similar design to other devices and works on the same schemes and operations. With that in mind, sometimes rebooting can resolve the problem without additional actions, but only by pressing a single button.

For instance, software failure can be the reason for the Fitbit Luxe not charging. Reboot the device with one of the possible ways. It depends on the type of the model you use.


Why isn't my Fitbit charging?

To know it, check the charger, USB port and the device state. All processes take up to five minutes.

Can you fix Fitbit charging problems in your own way?

It is possible with the steps described in the article. When you get no result, the problem can be more serious and the master’s advice would be essential.

How often can Fitbit fail to charge?

The frequency with which the Fitbit sense will not charge is individual. It all depends on the accuracy and accountability of usage, which is more personal rather than general.


To sum up, Fitbit is an essential part of the user’s daily activities. The developer has made the system effective and resistant even to water. However, sometimes you may face incorrect charging, which can be caused by different reasons and solved in a quick way. In each case, you may connect with the UNKNOWN TAG — ins experts and ask for their assistance. The well-qualified specialists with great experience will reach you to solve the problem.

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